Saturday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the 71st anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in 1945 (it’s marked on different dates in different nations, for instance, Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel is in April). At the link, you’ll find a round-up, with photos and video, of how the day was commemorated around the world. I’ve visited the Nazi death camps and stood in the doorway of the ovens at Auschwitz on three separate occasions. Once you have felt the evil and horror and tragedy all around you, you can never forget it.

I notice that some of the news stories about the event tried to put a partisan spin on it, remarking that it was especially important because of the rise of the alt-right. While that might be a legitimate concern, many world leaders now citing it have been inexplicably quiet about the rise of radical Islam, which poses a greater threat to both individual Jews and the existence of Israel, as well as their own role in fostering its spread through silence and appeasement. The genocidal anti-Semitism of groups such as ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah is perfectly in line with the views of Nazis. In recent years, two e-book versions of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” have reached the top 20 in iTunes’ Politics and Current Events downloads section, and I don’t believe they’re all being read by skinheads and history researchers. Yet many Western leaders have willfully turned a blind eye to that threat.

The leaders of Israel don’t have that luxury. To them, the phrase “Never again” isn’t just a political slogan or a reference to the horrors of the past that killed six million Jews over half a century ago. It’s a personal pledge, both to their ancestors and their children and grandchildren, to remember always to be vigilant or else risk it happening again.

Israel’s determination that there will never again be such a Holocaust is why Israel was willing to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons, even if it meant standing alone in the face of the world’s condemnation. Thankfully, it appears that they won’t have to stand alone now.


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  • Janice Short

    01/30/2018 11:56 AM

    Why is it so difficult for average people to see the evil that stems from Islam? It is fine to have compassion for oppressed people, but Islam is not an oppressed people. They mostly preach hate & intolerance. If you don't believe their way then you are an infidel. Did not Hitler think pretty much the same way? Please, please wake up before another Holocaust happens. We should put Jesus first in our lives & let Him lead us to do the right thing. We should not put our trust in ANY man or woman. That is how we are led down the wrong path.

  • Jim sharpe

    01/30/2018 05:38 AM

    I am disappointed with you Mike. You are slamming historical events while ignoring the most vile current event of our time? Trump can not give the compromise on the issue he rode to victory! I like every duped conservative will bail-we have been LIED to AGAIN! What useless voting propaganda comes next? STOP!

  • Janet Elliott

    01/30/2018 03:06 AM

    In 1976 my husband, who was station in Germany, and I, went to Munich. We decided to go visit Dochou Concentration Camp. We, too, stood at the door of the building, where the ovens were. Thirty-one years after WWII, the smell of gas, and the smell of death still permeated the building. I have never forgotten, and I can still smell the stench when I think, or talk, about that visit.

  • Cherise Miller

    01/29/2018 09:58 PM

    When my husband was in the military, we went to Munich, Germany in December 1958 for a three-year tour. While there, we visited Dachau, which is just a few miles from Munich. This was long before it became commercialized. I agree that it was a very chilling sight to see the ovens and mass graves. How anyone could deny that the holocaust did not occur is beyond me. However, the older residents there evidently did not want to remember anything about it because when you talked to people about the smell, screams, etc., they would deny everything. So sad. Thank you for your involvement in bringing information to us that we do not get through the media, except FOX and OAN. So glad we have you, Trump, and Hannity to rely on. Have a Blessed Day.

  • Robert Emmerick

    01/29/2018 08:32 PM

    Most Americans a very unaware of The American Holocaust? How many legalized murders of the unborn have been committed??? The value of life is at all time Low. Americans learn to practice self-control, personal responsibility, and abstinence? Our country has opened the flood gates to sexual immorality with no accountability, and medical death boards, and drug despenseries popping up every where. Why is Islam and Sharia law being taught and introduced in this country it opposes foundation of the Constitution?