April 25, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Bernie guarantees government jobs for all -- McCabe told FBI to "stand down" on Hillary...TWICE? -- DNC lawsuit invites critique of their cybersecurity -- Pray for Alfie  -- Survey results  -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Bernie Sanders is back in the news, and just when we needed a good laugh! He’s giving us a preview of what’s in store if the Democrats do take back Congress: they’ll start fundamentally transforming America into the old Soviet East Germany that Bernie apparently misses.

During the 2016 campaign, Bernie ran on a platform of free college, expanding Social Security, “investing” billions in green energy and providing “Medicaid for All,” without ever explaining exactly how any of it would be paid for. Now, the new Democratic platform is emerging, and in addition to the predictable items (more immigration, higher taxes, etc.), there are fresh new ideas for giving away other people's money (reparations for slavery; a “guaranteed minimum income,” or free government money every month) and Bernie’s latest socialist-inspired brainstorm: guaranteed government jobs for all!


Mike Huckabee

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McCabe told FBI to "stand down" on Hillary...TWICE?

By Mike Huckabee

Suspicions that “the fix was in” at the DOJ and FBI regarding Hillary’s email case seem even more plausible now that more allegations have surfaced about then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. He is said to have ordered a “stand-down” in 2015 after the New York Times first ran a story about Hillary “possibly” (ha) breaking rules by using a personal email account for State Department business.

Remember when the story of Hillary’s personal server used for State Department business broke in March of 2015? Hillary claimed she’d had no classified email at all going through that server, but lots of chummy email about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding and talks back and forth with Bill (who, it was noted at the time, didn’t use email). Then some of it was classified but not marked classified. Then some of it was marked classified, but it was impossible to know how much since 33,000 emails were deleted (even after being subpoenaed) in ways that almost ensured they would be unrecoverable, and phones were physically destroyed. Then Hillary’s enablers got immunity. Then Hillary herself wasn’t indicted because then-FBI Director James Comey said she didn’t intend to break the law, when he knew good and well that intention has nothing to do with that law.



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DNC lawsuit invites critique of their cybersecurity

By Mike Huckabee

In relating an example of insanely lax cybersecurity on the part of the DNC and Hillary’s 2016 campaign --- the “iPhone left in the ladies’ room” incident --- I mentioned that the breach of security by the mysterious Awan family from Pakistan was a story unto itself. So let’s take a fresh look at it today, because it may be the biggest head-scratcher of them all. The whole thing just doesn’t make sense.

Now, class, what do we assume when something makes no sense? Answer: that there’s at least one very important piece of the puzzle still missing. If that’s where your mind goes whenever something doesn’t make logical sense, you get an “A.”

Recall that in February of last year, the House Inspector General’s office notified several House offices of a criminal probe into the activities of five members of the Awan family, who had been working as IT staffers for 40 (!) Democratic Congressional offices. These people had reportedly been subjected to no background checks whatsoever, which is hard to fathom considering all the emails and confidential files they had access to. In fact, two of the brothers had criminal records. Since 2009, the family has netted $4 million for their work for the Democrats, having been paid salaries three times what the average House IT staffer makes. As I’ve mentioned before, they were able to log in with usernames and passwords of members of Congress, even to access the servers of those for whom they didn’t work. This included members of highly sensitive committees, and would certainly have captured the files of Republicans, too. (A spy might kill for access like that, and not just on TV.)



Pray for Alfie

By Mike Huckabee

Update on Alfie Evans, the 23-month-old British child removed from life support by government health service doctors over the objections of his parents, who are being blocked from taking him to a hospital in the Vatican to try alternative treatment. At this writing, Alfie is still breathing on his own (which his omnipotent doctors were not expecting.) A High Court Justice who agreed to hear the parent’s appeal Tuesday again rejected them, but they have been granted a full court appeals hearing today. And a new twist: having granted Alfie Italian citizenship, Italy is warning that they might press murder charges against the hospital for killing an Italian citizen

This case has tragically devolved into an ideological battle between desperate parents who should have the right to make whatever choice they want to try to save their son, and bullheaded health service bureaucrats and judges who apparently can’t even comprehend the evil they’re committing or how horrible they appear to the rest of the world in their desperate attempts to assert government power where it doesn’t belong. I hope you’ll continue to pray for this poor child’s life, for his parents, and even for the judges, that their eyes and their hearts will finally be opened.



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Survey results

By Mike Huckabee

With over 14,000 votes cast, for this question: Nancy Pelosi wants the tax cuts to expire. Should they be made permanent this Congress?


91% YES


2% NO


POLL: Should President Trump withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by President Obama? VOTE HERE


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