May 7, 2018

Over the weekend, Marvel’s movie “Avengers: Infinity War” set new box office records, making over $112 million in its second weekend and topping $450 million in the US in just nine days and $1 billion worldwide in 11 days. It seems to be in every movie theater, where they’re showing it on every flat surface, including the bathroom walls.

Now, I admit I haven’t seen it yet (I keep up with superheroes just enough so that my grandchildren won’t think I’m a total cultural illiterate.) And I assume that if you wanted to see it, you’ve probably already seen it at least five times already. But I waited a week before pointing to this article that came out last week from Jim Treacher. It brings up a point that none of the other countless reviews and comments I’ve seen anywhere else noticed. But I warn you: it contains MAJOR plot spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it yet and plan to, then don’t click. I’ll just give you the basic idea:

The premise of the movie is that an intergalactic super villain named Thanos is trying to collect a bunch of magical rocks that together will give him god-like powers. He’s doing this because he thinks the universe is too overpopulated, and he wants to bring the space environment back into balance by wiping out half of all the life in it with a wave of his hand.

Treacher’s question: Why does Hollywood consider this guy a villain and not a hero, since he’s “basically Al Gore with a better workout routine” and the movie’s plot could make it a sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth”?

As Treacher notes, many of the movie's cast members, such as Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, are very outspoken liberal/environmental activists. They believe that the world is doomed because there are too many people. They support Planned Parenthood, which is in the business of keeping the population down by indiscriminately and dispassionately wiping out innocent lives. So why aren’t they rooting for Thanos to win? He’s their kind of guy!

Of course, as Treacher points out, there are no real stakes in a comic book movie. Superheroes die and come back from the dead all the time, through one plot gimmick or another. Unborn children wiped out by abortion mills don’t have that option. You have to marvel that so many people in Hollywood can’t spot the cruel hypocrisy in making movies that call characters who wipe out countless innocent lives without remorse “super villains,” then sharing the immense profits from those movies with Planned Parenthood.

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May 4th was “Star Wars Day” (as in “May the Fourth be with you…” Get it?) So a handful of social justice Jedi knights took their plastic light sabers to Washington to wave them about dramatically (or comically) in defense of Obamacare. I’m assuming they especially support the mental health coverage portion.

A reporter from the Daily Caller took a microphone and camera to find out how much they actually knew about Obamacare. The results were about as encouraging as Jar-Jar Binks’ SAT results. In fact, it seems that the interviewer not only knew more than the protesters did about Obamacare, he also knew more about “Star Wars.”

The story is at the link, along with a link to the video. Depending on your point of view, you might find it either hilarious (“May the farce be with you!”) or depressing. Note: the woman’s green hat is meant to represent Yoda’s ears. It’s not one of those pink hats that leftist protesters like to wear, only with some unfortunate fungus.


More news to sadden the left: Michelle Obama announced that she will not run for President in 2020. I guess the duties of being the Forever First Lady must be too great a burden to take on another office. But don’t feel bad, Mrs. Obama, there are worthwhile things you can do besides being President. I’m certainly glad of that!

I suggest reading her full comments because they reveal so much of what’s wrong with the whole mindset of current “progressive” identity politics, from the notion that people should vote for candidates based on their race or gender (the left used to call that “racism” and “sexism”) to the idea that America needs to be “fundamentally transformed;” from the claim that Hillary Clinton was held to an “impossible standard” that no man would face (tell it to Michael Flynn, who lost his house for allegedly being less than truthful to FBI investigators, which it later turned out he wasn’t) to Mrs. Obama chastising women for not voting for Hillary because she was a woman and “the most qualified person running” (I could spend the rest of this post just listing arguments to refute that.)

Why do liberals condescendingly assume that women who disagreed that Hillary was the most qualified candidate were themselves not qualified to cast a carefully-considered vote for the candidate of their choice? The argument that women can’t be trusted to vote for the “right” candidate was discarded back in 1920, when America passed the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. Resurrecting it in 2018 doesn’t seem very “progressive” to me.

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But then, neither does resurrecting the same idiotic Marxist economic system that started Russia down the road to oppression, tyranny, starvation and ultimate collapse back in 1917. Yet just last week, the New York Times was wishing Karl Marx a happy birthday and declaring “You were right.” Michael Moore, who at last estimate had a net worth of $50 million, retweeted that article along with a few more “thoughts” on why socialism is so much better than capitalism (tell it to the Venezuelans.)

Note to young Bernie Sanders supporters: making the same dumb mistake over and over isn’t “progress.” It’s Einstein’s definition of “insanity.”

Incidentally, if you think I’m being too mean, just imagine what I could have done with Michael Moore’s quotes about rich people who take too big a slice of the pie.


Get your week off to a good start with a refreshing and hilarious blast of common sense: Andrew Klaven at PJ Media gives a giant Bronx cheer to all the online bullies and snowflakes who are outraged and offended by “cultural appropriation,” defined by them as everything from a pretty girl in a Chinese-themed prom dress to Asian fusion cuisine to comedians telling jokes. In other words, everything that makes America a great multi-cultural culture that people from other, oppressive cultures want to join.

By the way, even though I am a Southerner, I claim the right to appropriate the cultural practice of giving Bronx cheers to leftist “social justice warriors.” Don’t like it, sue me.

Robert Mueller’s team is discovering that the old adage about being able to indict a ham sandwich doesn’t mean that when you get to court, the judge is going to swallow it.

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Congratulations to the owners of Justify, winner of the Kentucky Derby. And to this fellow, who won the fashion crown with an outfit that trumps all the ladies’ best Derby hats.


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  • jerald bishop

    05/10/2018 02:17 PM

    The Lefts is now talking about torture and waterboarding as if it is a bad thing! What about what an unborn child goes through during an abortion. Not mention what the mother goes through years later!How can they talk Morals with their Ideals?

  • Maryjane Schambach

    05/08/2018 06:58 PM

    I have admired you since the first time you threw your hat into the presidential ring, wish you had become your show, we watch it every Saturday night. Keep up the good fight, and please tell your amazing daughter she is much admired for her grit, strength, poise, wit, and endurance, and especially for her resilience in bearing the ignorance, rudeness and stupidity of the White House Press Corps.

  • Carla Warnock

    05/08/2018 02:41 PM

    We love you and your Huckabee Show on Saturdays. Would you please have Scotty McCreery, country singer, perform on one of your shows? He won first place a few years ago on American Idol, is an extremely excellent singer, and is a strong Christian. He's fantastic!! Thank you. Jerry and Carla Warnock, Orlando, Florida

  • Lois Lacoste

    05/08/2018 09:59 AM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,

    I absolutely adore you and greatly appreciate your views and comments of "common sense" and "just doing the right thing". I always tune in anytime you are a guest on any of the Fox News slots. Your opinions are always right on. And, by the way, your daughter, is a "chip off the ole block". She is brilliant, knows how to take the heat, and can certainly hold her own against the Fake Media. We, and President Trump, are blessed to have her as our White House Spokesperson. Good job (to you and to Sarah)! "Thank you" for all that you do for us and God Bless you and your family.

  • Becky Aheren

    05/08/2018 08:48 AM

    I enjoyed your article, very much. Would not have thought about the villian in the movie, being like Gore, and the abortionists. But it really makes sense. Thank you, for a new depth of thinking.

  • Jody Maas

    05/08/2018 02:43 AM

    Wanted to compliment the organizer of the newsletter. Like that there is one publication daily allowing the choice to read in depth what is interesting to each individual. Also, posting previous days at the end of the current day is brilliant.

  • Jean Bales

    05/07/2018 09:26 PM

    Thank you for showing up the crazy haters in your funny sassy but polite way.