January 2, 2018

As 2017 ended, there were a lot of articles assessing President Trump’s accomplishments, and even some of his most staunch critics grudgingly admitted that things were better off than they’d predicted.  Instead of a never-ending stock crash and a worldwide depression, the Dow gained 5,000 points in one year for the first time ever, and the economy is booming.  Unemployment is way down, including black and Hispanic unemployment rates; hiring and business expansion are up; and there are no internment camps for immigrants, only deportations of criminal illegal aliens, which is what laws passed years ago by bipartisan Congresses require.  Overseas, ISIS is still a threat as a shadowy terrorist group, but its dreams of an expansive caliphate have been crushed as they were driven from the territory they grabbed over the past eight years, and the people there celebrated no longer being tortured, beaten, raped and murdered.   And instead of kowtowing to dictators, as we have for years, standing up to them has emboldened reformers in Iran and Saudi Arabia and forced China to step up in trying to rein in North Korea. 

While Congress failed to enact much of Trump’s agenda, they finished the year by passing a tax bill that critics said would never happen.  Polls show it’s unpopular now, but that’s because Democrats, with the amplifier of a compliant media, have endlessly repeated their ridiculous lies about how it’s going to harm the poor and middle class and be a “giveaway to the rich” (because letting people keep some of their own money is a “gift” from the government.)   Early on, even the Washington Post fact-checker admitted that the Democratic leadership’s hyperbolic attacks on the tax bill were false, but that was seldom mentioned again as the press continued repeating them unquestioningly. 

This has liberals dreaming of a blue wave election in 2018, based on generic preference polls taken 10 months before the election and several months before voters will start seeing bigger paychecks and expanded hiring and GDP growth and start to realize how they’ve been hornswaggled (“Wait, you mean 1% growth isn’t ‘the new normal’ and we DON’T have to just get used to that?”)   As for claims that the tax cuts will reverse after 10 years: at any time during that 10 years, Congress can retool the tax laws.  In other words, if you like your tax cut, you can keep your tax cut.  As long as you aren’t foolish enough to give Congress back to the Democrats; they aren’t well-known for keeping promises like that. 

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Congressional Republicans didn’t give Trump the Obamacare repeal and replace he asked for (and that they repeatedly promised voters), but the tax bill did repeal the onerous (and sorry, SCOTUS, but also unconstitutional) insurance purchase mandate.  That’s being misrepresented as “nine million Americans losing health care,” which actually means about nine million Americans are expected voluntarily to stop buying overpriced, under-performing insurance policies they don’t want.  How come the people who keep telling us that Americans love Obamacare now are so terrified it will collapse if the government stops forcing people to buy it? 

Finally, one of Trump’s biggest accomplishments, which has gotten almost no coverage: either due to deliberate policy choices or just sending bureaucrats into fits of impotent pique, Trump has managed to cut (or drive out) hundreds of federal workers, and he apparently has no intention of replacing them.  When you hear talk about the tax cuts increasing the deficit, remember that that’s based on the notion that government will inevitably keep growing bigger and spending more.  The idea that it might shrink and spend less is a shocking new concept to those inside the Beltway, but the shrinking is already happening.  Another shocking new concept that the businessman President is dropping on federal bureaucrats, as quoted in this linked WaPo story: accountability (“Many chafed as supervisors laid down new rules they said are aimed at holding poor performers and problem workers to account.”  Oh, the horror!)




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  • Leonard Diamond

    01/26/2018 05:37 PM

    Did you ever receive a CD I sent you a while ago? Please let me know .The song on the CD" Together We Stand" is original .It sung by Anika Noni Rose before she was well known I believe you would like it and I would be pleased for you to use it however you wish. Whether you use it or not you are free to keep it .If you did not receive it I would be happy to send you another.Hoping for a response ,Leonard Diamond,M.D.

  • Bonnie Willis Bennett

    01/10/2018 08:35 AM

    I am so thankful for a Godly man to stand up for America. With everyone having so many different opinions it's hard to know what the truth is. I know that we can trust you and your commentaries make the difference. Keep them coming. I'm proud of Sarah too.

  • Linda Janet Harder

    01/09/2018 05:44 PM

    I so appreciate your comments, Mike, and your practical solutions, wisdom and insight. Please keep 'em coming:-)

  • Sherry Wright

    01/05/2018 07:16 PM

    4/12/2012 An article from 2012:
    Each of us should continuously study Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and remain on our toes in recognizing Alinsky-like strategies when we see them. The Saul Alinsky book, following are some of the key Community Organizing tactics you need to be aware of (since the democrats are using these in full-force as we speak):
    1. “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”
    2. “Never go outside the expertise of your people. When an action or tactic is outside the experience of the people, the result is confusion, fear and retreat…. [and] the collapse of communication.
    3. “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy. Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty. (This happens all the time. Watch how many organizations under attack are blind-sided by seemingly irrelevant arguments that they are then forced to address.)
    4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”
    5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”
    6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
    7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Man can sustain militant interest in any issue for only a limited time….”
    8. “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”
    9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
    10. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.”
    11. “If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside… every positive has its negative.”
    12. “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
    13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and ‘frozen.’…any target can always say, ‘Why do you center on me when there are others to blame as well?’ When you ‘freeze the target,’ you disregard these [rational but distracting] arguments…. Then, as you zero in and freeze your target and carry out your attack, all the ‘others’ come out of the woodwork very soon. They become visible by their support of the target…’
    “One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other.” (pps.127-134)
    To summarize, here are my own basic rules for dealing with Alinsky-like tactics.
    Conservative Rule #1: Remember always that Progressives DO NOT PLAY BY ANY “RULES” WE GREW UP WITH!
    They believe this is a war to end capitalism and Republicanism and every ‘ism’ we believe in–so fighting fair doesn’t apply to them. They will lie, cheat and/or steal to get their message across. Alinsky himself wrote, “Some of these tactics are ruthless but they work” and according to a Rules for Radicals website, Alinsky’s second chapter, called Of Means and Ends, “craftily poses many difficult moral dilemmas, and his ‘tenth rule of the ethics of means and ends’ is: ‘you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral arguments.’ He doesn’t ignore traditional moral standards or dismiss them as unnecessary. He is much more devious; he teaches his followers that ‘Moral rationalization is indispensable at all times of action whether to justify the selection or the use of ends or means.’…”

  • Bonita B Peterson

    01/04/2018 04:16 PM

    The Trump cabinet weekly Bible study and prayer meeting. God’s blessings will lead to a successful presidency! And God bless you and your family, Mike Huckabee.

  • Mary Euler

    01/04/2018 03:11 PM

    Hey Mike - you nor are any of the others mentioning the new laws in Obama Care that are taking effect January 1 that are not taken care of by the section they put in the Tax Law that was passed. These laws are going to cause the premiums to go even higher than they did last year because of the "taxes" that the health providers are having to execute. I need to go back and look at what Casey Hendrickson on 95.3 radio said yesterday. He comes on here after Rush's show. So far he is the only one that has brought it up. The new tax bill made it so we don't have to take insurance if we don't want it but it doesn't undo these laws that take effect this month to keep the insurance companies from jacking up their rates even higher because of them. They are taxes that effect them if I understood Casey correctly which in turn effect us financially. Is there any way to stop this from taking place?

  • John Parker

    01/04/2018 02:40 PM

    Watching Sarah squirm over Wolf book is delightful.

  • Faye Gamstetter

    01/04/2018 09:01 AM

    I would like to share these facts with our small, local rural paper (some what liberal) which needs some facts about the president's success in his first year. Do I have your permission?

  • Martha E Clawson

    01/04/2018 03:15 AM

    Dear Mike:

    I am beyond happy with President Trump's first year. He is doing an amazing job, especially with all the fake news and opposition from the Dems and liberals. What a joy it would be if the naysayers would support this President...think of all the good things that would happen then. Aren't we all Americans? I want this country to be all that it can be, and for the first time in years, I feel it can be.

  • Kathy

    01/03/2018 12:54 PM

    Funny how I listened to the other side talk about how the new tax laws were going to hurt the lower class and help the rich like in the past. That was not the conversation at my house on Christmas eve, no less. My son shared with his daughter and his niece all the benefits they would now get because of the families they had. They were listening to what he said and I agreed with him on the topic.
    I have actually voted for you the last three elections, I know penciled you in Govenor Huckabee. I love you daughter Sara some strengths she has and is great at her job and baking that pie.
    For my family we think Trump is doing a great job and support him in all ways. Let's hope for more progress in 2018, and less fake news about what is actually happening to our country. California is there any hope for them? I have a daughter that lives in Orange county and the idea of CA being sanctuary really bothers me about her safety, with two small children.

  • Carol Lawson

    01/03/2018 12:09 PM

    My comment did not go thru. Thought I was a robot. If it can be retrieved I will not write it again. If not retrieved I will write it again. Please let me know. Thank y

  • Donald L. Page

    01/03/2018 10:58 AM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for you informative comments. I am 88 and still active in my business. The freedoms I have lost from local. state and federal agencies are barely tolerable, but we in business are pretty much forced to pass it on to the over burdened consumer. Keep up your valuable work, we can't afford to lose your voice.
    Thanks again
    Don Page

  • Patsy Baker

    01/02/2018 11:39 PM

    It's looking good from where I'm sitting and I'm looking forward to the next 4 year term with Trump and the Republicans in charge. i also am looking forward to someone ousting Obama and his OFA organization. Doesn't he realize that he is out of office. He absolutely has no class.

  • RG Wright

    01/02/2018 08:42 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    As a veteran and a small business owner...I am proud to say my sales were over 300 % from last December sales. Darn proud of that and darn proud of what President Trump has done for our economy and the VETERAN'S!

  • Nora Clark

    01/02/2018 08:33 PM

    President Trump has done a wonderful job. I am so thankful that God allowed him to be our president. Without God, he never would have been elected. The next morning I found out he had won, I was just praising and thanking God. No he is not perfect but nor are we. God only knows what this country would be like if Hillary Clinton had won. I pray for President Trump and his family everyday that God would put a hedge of protection around them and cover them with the blood of Jesus, and Vice President Pence and his family too. God knows America was headed down the wrong road for eight years but thanks to prayer warriors we are getting back to making America great again.

  • Amy Syrell

    01/02/2018 08:32 PM

    In any wrap up of the year, that told the truth, was a wonderful tale of good news and positive statistics for the year of 2017. During the year, you'd never have guessed that would be the case from the most numerous news stories and print articles. Finally the truth of the massive successes of President Trump, and the obstructionism of both Houses of Congress, were out in the public venue. I'm not saying that the public actually believes the positive words about President Trump coming out now. If they were anti-Trump in the past, some positive year-end reports wouldn't change their minds. Those of us who admire and trust President Trump, however, were thrilled that some of the truth was finally being seen and read. Thank you for your version of events!!

  • syndi perry

    01/02/2018 07:41 PM

    i did vote for trump. and i am not sorry i did. i think trump has done great. but congress has disappointed me. especially the republicans. ie mccain. he is no friend of this country. and graham hasnt helped either. sessions hasnt done a darn thing to make a difference. but trump keeps going. passing orders and getting rid of obama left overs. thank God for a president that has a back bone and intergity. i am very proud of President Trump.

  • robert luther

    01/02/2018 06:54 PM

    Hi Mike, 2 days prior to the last election, I fasted for 2 days praying for the future of our country. I believe God placed him hear for a reason. The evil alternative is much more dangerous than any of us know. My question to you is: How can we expect to win in 2018 with all the media negativity and the influence of the Clintons and Soros. I believe they have an extensive ground game to register illegals and steal elections. BUT please know this, I will be fasting again and praying that God will expose and arrest numerous people for corruption, treason and anarchy. We love Sarah.

  • Sherry Carothers

    01/02/2018 06:40 PM

    Thank you Mike Huckabee for clearly stating the facts. We are so tired of the democrats, Hollywood libs and biased media lying to the public and people who don't keep up with things believing their lies.

  • Alice

    01/02/2018 06:40 PM

    Keep up the good work telling the truth about what we are going through. GOD Bless.

  • marvin w kruger

    01/02/2018 06:37 PM

    You are such a breath of fresh air! Thank you for clearing up so many issues the "mainstream" news programs like to muddy up. God bless you. Keep up the good work!

  • Christina Austin

    01/02/2018 06:35 PM

    First I want to say I admire you so much and your strong and lovely daughter. You are the examples of goodness, wisdom and American strength. With this President I have hope once again. I had almost believed America was lost. I believed we were on a fast track to full socialist country. I believed America as we knew it would fall. I worried our borders would be opened to people that wish to harm us or worse no borders at all. I believe our President is working hard. Now we just need to have Republicans get behind him. I agree with you if Democrats can get seats they will try to put a stop to his agenda and even try to impeach him. We can't let that happen. For that reason we must all vote. This is our part. God bless You. God Bless our President. I pray for America and God's wisdom and safety for our President every day. MAGA!

  • Randall Garrett

    01/02/2018 06:32 PM

    Thank you for your honest reporting.

  • Rick Lewis

    01/02/2018 05:48 PM

    You still are my #1 pick for president. Please don't ever give up the fight for America!

  • Keith Harter

    01/02/2018 05:44 PM

    It's good to get your comments and believe that this is the real thing.

  • Don Endicott

    01/02/2018 05:30 PM

    Your comments are always accepted and very accurate as to what is really happening not the distortion of the facts put out by most of the media.

  • Betty Marvin

    01/02/2018 05:16 PM

    Thanks, Mike. Ohhh the horror of being accountable for our work ethic and performance! What a change in economics and atmosphere in the last year! Let's pray it continues for (at least) 7 more years, and that he is grooming another of like mind and capabilities as we progress.

  • Sharon Goldston

    01/02/2018 04:53 PM

    My husband and I have been very worried about the direction of the country for years now. I kept telling him that sometimes you have to let things happen so that the lemmings and steeple start to wake it up. I think that is happening more each day.

    We are fortunate as Conservatives to have had a number of qualified and honorable people who would have made good presidents, but i believe DJT was uniquely the man for the times--not beholding to anyone but the people who helped elect him. He has and will continue bringing us back to prosperity while returning us to the respected world leader that we have always been! #MAGA

    My final comment is that you have one heck of a great daughter in Sarah! WOW does she keep those LSM knuckleheads in line or what? She obviously had terrific parents!

  • Cynthia Pacheco

    01/02/2018 04:45 PM

    I voted for Mr. Trump but didn't expect much. I am surprised and happy he has done so much that is positive. Maybe he will drain the swamp!

  • Angie Alvis

    01/02/2018 04:21 PM

    It is always so refreshing to read your articles!! I agree with you 100%! God had a plan when he made sure Donald Trump would be the President and we’ve seen the success all of 2017. God Bless you, Mr. Huckabee and God Bless President Trump!!

  • Joan Leibert

    01/02/2018 04:20 PM

    Governor Huckabee, thanks for your update. You gave me more arsenal for my debates with liberal friends. I often think about our trip to Israel last Feb. 11-21, especially when I watched your show on TBN where you interviewed Benjamin Netanyahu. It was a very good show! Happy New Year to you and Janet! Wish you were in the Senate now, but wherever you are, you make a huge impact on all who listen to you. You make us feel like we count by validating our opinions.

  • Nellie Williams

    01/02/2018 04:11 PM

    Thank You Mr Huckabee for all of your fact based newsletters. You are now my primary pick for truthful political news. I just cannot stomach any more of the lies and fake news from mainstream political news. I now realize they are not our friends but our enemies. God Bless You and Yours Today and Forever.

  • Vince Wood

    01/02/2018 04:04 PM

    I love his quote "How come the people who keep telling us that Americans love Obamacare now are so terrified it will collapse if the government stops forcing people to buy it" EXACTLY!!!!! Thank you Mr. Huckabee you are a very wise man and I can see your daughter is a lot like you. Keep up the great work.

  • Charlotte A Locke

    01/02/2018 03:55 PM

    Don't be fooled by the msm, I am a 73 year old christian, I talk to other Christians, pastor, 78 year old Sunday school teacher who was a science professor and many other Christians and non-christians as well. They are all happy with President Donald Trump in the White House and his family. People are appalled by media and what Obama and Clinton and DOJ did to our country. Pray for another 4 years after this term is over, maybe things can be righted again. I live in Pa. a previous blue state..we luv him

  • Nellie Williams

    01/02/2018 03:44 PM

    Thank you for the hard work that you are doing. I just want you to know that you, President Trump, Mike Pence and Sara are in our prayers. I know that God answers prayers. I will try to contribute to help you carry on this work in the near future. I do read your newsletter's and will try to leave you comments more often. Thank you, may you have a blessed New Year.

  • Dee Darrow

    01/02/2018 03:36 PM

    This president has been more honoring, more presidential that most of the presidents in most recent decades. He has also been amazing at getting things done, in spite of the resistance from all sides. I am glad we have Mr. Trump as our president and hope for another 4 years after this.

  • Jack L. Nichols

    01/02/2018 02:56 PM

    Hoorah! for the successes, esp. in the face of such astounding antagonism, hostility, and blatant bias. Congratulations.

  • Wanda Boraten

    01/02/2018 02:54 PM

    Is it just my imagination or has the fake news started to tone down their anti-trump rhetoric an ity bit since the big ball dropped in Times Square? I seldom peek under the rock at MSMBC or CNN anymore, but decided to this morning just out of curiosity. Low and behold, they finally started reporting on the Iran protests which only took them what? 3 days? They repeated Mr. Trump's tweets but didn't seem to be criticizing him ad nauseam. Ok I admit....I'm an eternal optimist....but just maybe our phenomenal God chosen president is starting to ware them down - in a good way -

  • Jim Hager

    01/02/2018 02:45 PM

    Hi, Mike - Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate you sharing your opinions. They are a great source of info and encouragement to me. Please keep them coming! Jim

  • Amy Schonfeld Logan

    01/02/2018 02:44 PM

    Just want to say thank you for being a refreshing source of morality & news that I can trust.

  • Harold Martin

    01/02/2018 02:40 PM

    I think Trump did a Great Job considering he had to fight the Dems and most of the GOP to get anything done. I also see we have Muslim " NO GO ZONES " in America and Training Camps for Terrorist. If this is so, why hasn't Trump put a stop to this ?? Even Fox News reports nothing on this issue.

  • Anna (Analia) Anderson

    01/02/2018 02:35 PM

    God bless your 2018! Hopefully we can cruise with you this year if God wills. Thank you for all you do! :)

  • Sharon Hickey

    01/02/2018 02:34 PM

    President Trump has had an amazing year despite all of the distractions. More than any President I can remember, he has tried his best to fulfill his campaign promises. However, one thing that I think is frustrating to the average American is the fact that none of the big players in the previous administration have be arrested. Everyday we read about their crimes, but they just seem to laugh in our face, because obviously we have a two tier justice system. Jeff Sessions needs to go. By the way your daughter is totally awesome. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all.

  • Patricia Purdy

    01/02/2018 02:32 PM

    Love everything that you write because you are cogent, analytical and informative. Thank you. Oh, and you are humorous.

  • John Lafollette

    01/02/2018 02:31 PM

    We think The Donald is bringing debts and deficits down stealth. Mike nobody is talking about bringing the deficit and spending down. Instead they worry it's out of control. But we have a different take. Trump, the executive businessman, hates to waste a dollar. Despite being a billionaire, he can't stand wasting money. First was the Boeing jet expenses reduced. Hundreds of costly regulations slashed. Hundreds or thousands of employees not replaced. Enemy nations being cut off from USA financial aid. Many other examples. I think Trump is quietly bringing debts down without even doing anything special, just being Trump.

  • Kathleen Bowings

    01/02/2018 02:19 PM

    After reading this, my one question is...when are the democrats and others going to quit badmouthing the President and get something done?

  • Jim Spaulding

    01/02/2018 02:10 PM

    Governor, as per usual you are right on the doh re mi. I would like to see, in addition to his already to do list, a rapid redo of the veteran's administration as regarding the medical care of our vets. A rapid redo. Give Pete Hegseth the authority and and a paddy wagon to clean out and haul off the peeps!

  • Kenneth Nicholson

    01/02/2018 02:08 PM

    I am disappointed that Obama care was not repealed. I love keeping my money. I love conservative judges being installed.
    I hope the new judges can bring sanity back to courts. I have often wondered, if sexual orientation of pedophiles will be included in nondiscrimination in 1st amendment. It just appears to be next step in this insanity.

  • Donna Marie King

    01/02/2018 02:05 PM

    Most every time I read your newsletters, I pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. I am so thankful for strong and wise people in government that will bring back honest appropriation of taxes. I look forward to the day we hear that our elected officials don't continue to give themselves raises and 'milk us' till they die. We may have some bumps, but by the grace of God we are going to see better times for all. Even those who end up going to prison may sleep better realizing justice is being served. I pray so. God bless and keep up the good work.

  • Wanda Sessoms

    01/02/2018 02:03 PM

    I wanted to tell you how much I love, LOVE your daughter she is absolutely amazing! The way she handles the press is nothing short of fantastic, please convey to her that she is admired, beautiful and well loved by many people. Forget the haters, they are full of jealousy/crap!