October 27, 2018

Settle in tonight for another brand new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN!  My guests will include Brian Kolfage, the triple-amputee US military hero whose new battle is a David-vs-Goliath legal showdown with Facebook for banning his conservative news site with no warning or explanation.  Multi-award-winning Christian music superstar Russ Taff and his wife Tori will give us a sneak preview of a riveting new documentary, “Russ Taff: I Still Believe.” Bestselling author Eric Metaxas is back to share his hilarious new children’s book for kids and adults, “Donald Drains The Swamp.” I’ll have commentaries on current events, some strange and hilarious news “In Case You Missed It,” and you’ll learn about a unique veterans’ aid group that I support called “Heroes to Heroes.”  We’ll cap it all off with music from one of the greatest gospel groups of all time, the Imperials.  Now that’s a show! 

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With the Florida man who allegedly sent pipe bombs to prominent Democrats already in custody, authorities are on the lookout in case there might still be some in the mail, and continuing to investigate to find out if anyone else was involved.  At the White House, President Trump congratulated law enforcement agencies for “an incredible, incredible job.”

He also declared that “these terrorizing acts are despicable and have no place in our country — no place." He said that he’s “instructed authorities to spare no resource or expense in finding those responsible and bringing them to swift and certain justice” and vowed a prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.  Trump said, “We must never allow political violence to take root in America” and he is “committed to doing everything in my power as President to stop it and stop it now.”  Finally, he added that America “must show the world that we are united together in peace and love and harmony as fellow American citizens.”

There, I hope that was all clear enough for CNN to report that he did indeed denounce domestic terrorism.


Incidentally, Trump made the comments while giving a White House tour to a group of young black conservatives from Turning Point USA, who were in DC for a leadership conference.  The African-American college students gave Trump a rousing welcome, which he returned, telling them that he hopes to see a future black Republican President one day. 

I added that part because I’m pretty certain you’re not going to hear it reported on most media outlets.



NeverTrump diehards point to the guilty pleas that the Mueller investigation has managed to obtain (none of them having anything to do with “Russian collusion in the 2016 election” – remember that?) and say, “A-ha! Nobody who did nothing wrong would plead guilty!”  They overlook the fact that when faced with a prosecutor who has an unlimited budget and a mandate to hunt for any crime with no limits, his targets might accept a deal just because defending themselves is bankrupting them (it cost Ret. Gen. Mike Flynn his house.)

As time has gone by, and the politicization and corruption of the Mueller investigation has become apparent, that “But what about the guilty pleas?” argument might be the next domino to fall.  For instance, former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos cut a plea deal a year ago on a minor charge of making false statements, and he has already been sentenced to just 14 days.  But he now believes he can prove he was framed through government misconduct and is considering trying to pulling out of the deal. 

Details at the link, for those keeping track of the slow, public unraveling of this mess of an investigation.





Probably the scariest words in politics at this moment in history are “As California goes, so goes the nation.” 

California is often held up as the shining example of how “progressive” liberal policies will help the poor and middle class and eliminate income equality, while Republicans only help the rich and loot from the poor and middle class. With California voters looking at the very real, suicidal possibility of making the former mayor of San Francisco their next Governor, and voters across the country being told the key to future happiness is to be more like California, what exactly would that future look like?

In fact, if California is a laboratory for the progressive experiment, then the experiment went horribly wrong, and it’s time for the villagers to tear the lab down before the monster it created eats them all.  As Matt Margolis at PJ Media points out, while Republican policies under Trump are finally bringing jobs, tax relief and rising incomes to the poor and middle class, California is one of the worst states for income inequality and, when the sky-high cost of living is factored in, is now the poorest state in the US.


While “progressives” claim that only their socialist-inspired policies can help the poor and middle class, California proves those policies are an abject failure that hurt and drive out the poor and middle class, creating a sharply-divided society of super-rich tech and Hollywood feudal lords and impoverished serfs.

The numbers don’t lie:  19% of Californians are below the poverty line, and despite having only 12% of the US population, the state is home to one-third of all Americans on welfare.  California ranks #3 in money spent on welfare, but those programs aren’t helping because the state’s leftist policies make living there ever more difficult and expensive.  For instance, largely due to high taxes and “green” initiatives, monthly rents are 43% higher than the national average, and electricity costs from 2011 to 2017 grew 500% faster than the national average (not to mention the costs of everything that it takes electricity to create – i.e, everything.) Despite all the compassionate yak-yak from California politicians about how much they care about the homeless, the state’s street population increased by 17% in 2017 alone, and that was during the post-Obama economic boom.   

Read the entire article, but the juxtaposition of just these two facts makes the situation starkly clear:  Facebook founder “Mark Zuckerberg is worth $70 billion while San Franciscans have an app that helps them track human feces on the sidewalk.”

Not mentioned in the article, but worth adding: Despite having some of America’s highest gas prices due to taxes that supposedly fund roads, 62% of the state’s roads are rated poor or mediocre (while billions are being poured into a poorly-conceived, liberal dream “bullet train” boondoggle.) Even as the state faces unsustainable pension obligations, politicians are pushing for government-paid health care for all that would cost more than twice the current state budget.

Between 2007 and 2016, California experienced a net loss of 1 million residents.  Those leaving were largely younger, poor and middle class, mostly fleeing to red states such as Texas and Arizona.  Those moving in were older, high-income people, mostly from other blue states such as Illinois or New Jersey, who are used to being taxed to death.  This continues the growing income inequality of the Golden State, a nickname that now means you need a pot of gold just to afford a one-bedroom apartment in Silicon Valley.    

When you go to vote, remember that California gives you a chilling preview of what could be coming to your state if you fall for the false promises of “progressivism” or “Democratic socialism” on a national scale.  Let’s hope the concept of California spreading westward will be limited to all the poor and middle class Cali residents fleeing to red states to enjoy better lives. 

May I speak for the residents of all red states when I say: “Welcome…but please don’t vote to plague us with the same leftist policies that you left your blue states to escape!”





Posters have been appearing on the sides of trash cans in New York City, branding Christian Trump supporters as unwanted “trash.”  Sanitation Department officials say the posters were plastered there without permission by a radical UC-Berkeley design graduate who claims it’s street art to protest how Trump reflects “a lot of hate and ideologies that exist in the population.”  You mean, like the kneejerk prejudice of leftists who depict Christians and Republicans they've never met and know nothing about as “trash”? 

He’s been hit with a cease-and-desist order by the City of Manhattan, proving that it is actually possible to be a big enough leftwing jerk that not even New York City wants you.




When undercover filmmakers released videos allegedly exposing Planned Parenthood clinics engaging in the illegal sale of fetal body parts, the organization denied the accusations and tried to sue the filmmakers into silence.  That may be proving to be a very bad move on their part.  The filmmakers didn’t roll over; they’re fighting Planned Parenthood in court.  And with the legal power of discovery on their side, they’re slowly unearthing documents that PP has been trying very hard to keep the public – and especially Congress – from seeing.




An immigration expert reminded Americans that there is a solution to the Central American caravan problem, one that’s been proven to work in keeping large groups of illegal immigrants from crossing the border en masse. A lot of people won’t like hearing this, but that solution was a wall.  And it’s in California.




Tweet of the Day: Ben Shapiro responds to Democrats trying to blame Republicans for the actions of a crazy man in Florida.





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  • Stephen Russell

    10/29/2018 11:01 AM

    Syoc is a Leftist, Dems division continues. Media lies hes a Republican.
    Super job Syoc for silencing Leftist Media since 1-17.
    Make known on your show & guest on FNC

  • Syma Gapski

    10/28/2018 06:33 PM

    It occurs to me that perhaps one way to stop the caravan trying to reach our borders is to stop those who supply food, clothing and transportation to the immigrants by arresting the suppliers and confiscating the food, clothing & transportation. That might at least prevent violence or slow the caravan down. I am concerned for the men, women & children being used as pawns by those who really don't care about them.

  • Stephen Russell

    10/28/2018 12:32 PM

    4.5M CA voted for Trump in 2016, number may rise now vs due to Judge K hearing etc, & caravan.
    We did VOTE Red in Nov.
    See our FB Page Trumps Republican Party. & CA for Trump.

  • Jerry Korba

    10/28/2018 08:43 AM

    Mike I have written before that America has so many good people than bad here; so why do we have to listen to people like Al Sharpton Obama try to hold Black Americans tied to Government Assistance Programs I watched a bit of President Trump trying to build Black youth to take a leadership role in the community to get away from handouts and a low income lifestyle. I believe a lot of Americans have been broke at one or two times in their lives and need a little help at times not all the time now is the time to make the move get off govt. Assistance and we need the young to lead, we need people like Sharpton Obama and all the people who hate our freedoms to become like the dinosaur, those years have to be over, we love people with an American love of( I can do ) attitude. Continue to rise up Young Americans our old population need you to carry our country forward continue to want to be the best!!!! If we don't what country will??

  • eddie chicago

    10/28/2018 12:45 AM

    Thank you, Gov. for your insightful editions and service. California should change the state nickname to the "no choice state" as we have to choose between two democrats for offices of state senator and lt. gov. Love your show on TBN-take it to 90 min. Praying, voting and playing my '76 fretless P bass.

  • Patricia Garner

    10/27/2018 11:31 PM

    Regarding the invading army from the south. I'm curious to find out if anyone has followed the money to see who is [paying to feed this army of refugees? They sure don't look like they are carrying much of anything, let alone weeks and weeks of food. Not much in the way of back packs, carts, wagons, anything, they are all very crowded together with some not even carrying a backpack. If they really are refugees, they wouldn't have much of anything, especially money to even buy much food.

  • Barbara Gray

    10/27/2018 09:18 PM

    I have a question that has nothing to do with events of the last few days. I just want to know: Who pays the bill when the President takes Air Force One and travels to all these political rallies all over the US? Does the RNC? Is it tax payer monies? I love the fact that he is trying to help the Republican Party win the mid-terms (I vote Republican), but I know it takes a lot of money for him to travel what with extra security and standard expenses like jet fuel, maintenance, etc. I'm sure that if the Dems thought of it, they would complain if it is with tax payer funds.

  • Bill Dilworth

    10/27/2018 08:16 PM

    None of the so called bombs that I have seen pictures of show that the stamps have not been cancelled . Would you comment on this ?

  • Rafael A Salaz

    10/27/2018 07:29 PM

    The Migrants and every everyone else want all the good things we have in the United States . But I’m feed up with abled body people who will not work for their living. They won’t take just any Job. It has to fit a certain standard etc. These people stay on welfare and Goverment assistance , food stamps , health care all the time. The working tax payers pay through the nose for all these people and things , just because someone would be a bad guy . So now some churches are having protests against Trump . I’m tired of carrying the load for more over load .

  • Darlene F. Donston

    10/27/2018 07:27 PM

    Well, my comment is about California. As I have said before we moved here to TN in 2013 and had wanted to move years before that because the writing was on the wall already but we did not know where to go. There was always Henderson NV where my brother moved when the Real Estate crashed back in the late 80's (I think) but Howard did not like NV that well, then there was AZ, way too hot for me and we both have some relatives there, so we just stayed put until our Son had a chance to transfer with Costco and that was to TN. So we told him if he could move out of CA to GO and he did. So about 5 years later we followed and so did our Daughter and our Grand-daughters, so we are ALL here now, only they are 3 hours over to Franklin from here, but at least they are in TN! Now about why some don't and can't move out I think it is because in our case and being older and retired my friends there have family that can't move or maybe they just don't want to, others have friends they have had all their lives and don't want to leave them and I also have a friend with medical problems, so she would not want to leave her doctors. So I really do feel for them because if Gavin wins, they are likely to lose their Prop 13 and their taxes will be so high they will not be able to afford their homes anymore. So sad! I worry about them quite often because they are living there and it has changed so much from 1960 when I got brave enough to go out to Whittier and my Uncle got me a job, I was 20 years old and I thought it was so wonderful being in California. lol Little did I know that it would change so much with too many people and too much congestion. After I married in 1964, my parents and 2 sisters came out to live as my brother was already in CA by then, so again I had my whole family. But still glad we moved from Southern IL at that time! But to end my story, we are so THANKFUL to be living in TENNESSEE are HOPING AND PRAYING that it will all turn RED IN NOVEMBER WITH Marsha Blackburn and Bill Lee and of course Jimmie Matlock!

  • Scerita Dugas

    10/27/2018 07:02 PM

    What happened,to Judge Judy, why has she stepped down from the bench.
    I say a link on another site but when I tried to go to it I was denied had access.

  • Marilyn Mulligan-Fischer

    10/27/2018 06:36 PM

    I, and millions of fellow Americans, (ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS!!) so appreciate you!!! Your comments are valid responses to "True News", and they are well-thought out and "coherent" to each situation you relate! Your lovely daughter, Sarah, shows how excellently you and your wife raised her!! THANK GOD FOR THE HUCKABEES and SANDERS!!!