May 3, 2018

I’ve written before about how the Democrats and the Republicans have fundamentally different electoral strategies. Republicans try to convince over 50% of voters that their solutions work and they should get together to support them. Democrats adopt a “divide and conquer” strategy, dividing voters up into many warring identity groups and telling each they’re getting a raw deal that only the Democrats can fix, in hopes of piecing together enough smaller groups to add up to over 50%. The problem with that is that it inevitably tears the country apart by fostering rivalries and resentments between groups, corrodes national unity and harms America as a whole.

It also means the Democrats are constantly hustling to keep each of their separate groups happy, like jugglers on the “Ed Sullivan Show,” rushing from one spinning plate on a stick to another to try to keep them from crashing down. But there are signs that some of the plates are wobbling. I already told you about the Reuters poll that found Millennials, especially young white males, were drifting away from the Democrats. Another new poll found, possibly due to listening to Kanye West and seeing how he was pilloried for expressing independent thought, support for Trump among blacks has risen and among black men, it’s doubled to 22% in just one week. READ MORE

But the party had better beware because there is another crack in its foundation that’s even more ominous and could threaten to split the party apart, particularly with the “progressive” left taking such an in-your-face leadership role. David French at National Review calls it the Democrats’ “God Gap.”

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A new Pew Research Center survey found that only 5% of Republicans, white or non-white, don’t believe in God. Among Democrats, non-whites are much like Republicans: only 5% don’t believe in God, and nearly two-thirds believe in the God of the Bible. Meanwhile, 21% of white Democrats are atheists, and less than one-third believe in the God of the Bible (the rest believe in some “higher power or spiritual force,” possibly a la "Star Wars.")

The upshot is that many black Democrats are regular churchgoers, while many white Democrats, particularly in positions of power and leadership, are becoming more bold in their hostility to anyone of faith (forcing nuns to pay for abortion drugs, suing Christian bakers into bankruptcy for declining to make same-sex wedding cakes, obstructing Trump's nominees for being Christian or pro-life, even trying to ban Chick-Fil-A from New York City, etc.)

Kanye West has started a national dialogue among African-Americans on why they should think it’s required of them to vote Democrat even when nothing gets better for them under Democratic governance. With the party’s leadership becoming increasingly aggressive in its hostility to traditional morality and people of faith, black Democrats might also start questioning why they continue to support a party whose policies are directly opposed to their sacred beliefs.

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Liberals like to ask, “What’s the matter with Kansas?,” that is, why do Middle Americans “vote against their own interests” (making the dubious assumption that activist big government is in the average citizen's interests.) The Democrats will be in big trouble if black voters start looking at what the party’s done for them, and its growing open hostility to their faith, and start asking themselves the same question. But as French notes, it’s up to Republicans to reach out to black voters, try to see things from their point of view, and make the case for why conservative principles are in their interests as well.




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  • Norman Hughes

    05/06/2018 12:56 PM

    I chair Michigan Conservative Union, Michigan's most significant conservative grass roots entity formed in 1975. We stand for faith, philosophy, principles and responsible politics towards conservative governance. We wrote the Tax Limitation Amendment, ran the Reagan campaigns (I served in three senior policy positions for Reagan) and we ran the grass roots Freedom To Work campaign putting TRTW into laws. We are the guardian of Russell Kirk's strategies and his wife Annette hosted our annual Board meeting. We have an annual MICPAC conference each spring, and often a fall MiCPAC rally. We would love to have you address the group and rally the troops. Any interest? NRH 810-678-3678 land; 248-496-0524 cell.

  • Bob Travis

    05/04/2018 11:54 PM

    A much more descriptive and accurate name for them is GASP - Godless Amoral Socialist Party

  • Fred Hinderer

    05/04/2018 05:30 PM

    I started reading a commentary from you concerning black voters, the Democratic party record and people of faith. The story disappeared. Did FB take the story down ?

  • Cindy Vernon

    05/04/2018 02:59 PM

    GREAT NEWS letter. Look forward to them...oh I think Sarah ROCKS.


    05/04/2018 02:09 PM

    Love receiving your newsletters..............
    Did you know that here in California Jerry Brown is trying to "ban the bible", true AB2943 has passed through the house and is headed to the California Senate..................can you imagine, sales of bibles, bible studies, can't say "bible" or God! We knew Jerry was mixed up, but this really takes and shows how much of a communist he has turned into. Goes along with your note on "God" and politics.
    So sad.............I want to leave California!
    Carmen Price

  • Robert McFate

    05/04/2018 01:16 PM

    The left has made many promises for a very long time to try and win the vote of minorities which have been rarely kept. Now some of the idol of the minority have awoke and began to question those unkempt promises and are pointing it out to others who have ventured to disbelieve the left really ever had their interests in mind and were only making a bid for power. A new awakening is happening and is scares the hell out of the left as they are bound to lose their power because of it. 2016 began to show that the crack was forming and the left was loosing control!

  • Jane Tilton

    05/04/2018 01:07 PM

    Excellent article. I do find it interesting to remember back before the 1960s when the majority of black votes were Republicans--that was the party of Lincoln, whom they respected for the Emancipation Proclamation and for "freeing the slaves." It wasn't until the activists of the 60s that the tide changed, brought about partly by perceived benefits of emerging government welfare programs. Dr. Ben Carson addresses the danage done to the black community by those programs very well in his book.

  • Kimberly Bauer

    05/03/2018 10:01 PM

    If black rappers could start making patriotic songs and singing positive reasons why we should love this country and follow our President in making it a better place for ALL of us. Instead of singing about cop killing and drug dealing that is destroying the fabric of our country, including their own lives and families. Positives need to be projected, because ALL of the negative stuff is NOT working. Doing the same things over and over again, while expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity. If Kanye has any influence with them and I feel confident that he does. People need to realize that like a self-fulfilling prophesy, if you speak death, that is what will come. Speak life and watch things turn around for the better. Negativity is NOT part of FAITH, but positive and hope are. We ALL want life, liberty and happiness, but death, hatred and negativity have nothing to do with peace, love and joy. Thank You for your time and attention sir.

  • Robert W. Brunner, M.D.

    05/03/2018 03:57 PM

    Hello to Mike,
    I had to write to you after having finished reading the item about Mr. Caputo, who had helped with the Trump campaign for a while!! He said, in commentary, and I heard him this morning on Fox News.......that he believes that it is going to be harder and harder to find Republicans to help other Republicans running for the presidency and other Republican offices because it is going to become harder and harder to remain FREE of legal distress in the future!! I wanted to share with you my commentary because I AM A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN, and I believe that he is "right on" in his belief about this being more and more of a problem as time goes on! I fully agree with him that as time goes on and as more and more of Democrats become atheists and agnostics.......there will be more and more of antagonism against Republicans who have the pleasure and benefit of winning elections and "running in a democratic manner the government in an appropriate manner!" Why will "good people" want this risk as they go through life? Isn't living a "good" life difficult enough in this world known to be "tempted" enough each and every day by the "flesh?!"
    PS: I wanted also to tell you, Mike, that my heart "reached out" to your wonderfully talented presidential press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the way she was MALTREATED at the Washington Press Corps' dinner a few days ago in Washington D.C.!! She would have needed our Lord to provide her with all the strength He could give her to have been able to stand up to the humiliation and abuse that was sent her way during the so called comedian's rants against her and other innocent people of conservative leaning that night!! I know she is a very "strong" individual or she would NOT be able to stand up to the DAILY ABUSE that she receives by the White House Press!!..........Robert (Dr. Bob) W. Brunner, M.D. in Urbana, Illinois