January 4, 2018

I haven’t read Michael Wolffe’s new book on the 2016 Trump Presidential campaign (it's not officially out yet), but one look at the long excerpt printed in NEW YORK magazine tells me it’s quite an imaginative work of fiction. A number of people closely associated with the campaign and in the best position to know have already said as much, strongly denying statements they’re quoted as saying.


Just by paying attention to the tone of the writing, one can easily see that this is a contrived narrative dripping with negativity and cynicism, especially the theme of Trump assuming all along that he would lose. Notice how much of it is hyperbolic rhetoric, much like an attorney’s colorful summation, which as we know can be any old observation he wants to throw in with no evidence whatsoever required to back it up. Here’s just one example of the writing: “Few people who knew Trump had illusions about him. That was his appeal: he was what he was. Twinkle in his eye, larceny in his soul.”

Mercy. It goes on from there, and get worse. In fact, it’s so over-the-top, I suspect that large portions may have been ghostwritten by the team of Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. This sure brings out the skeptic in me, and I’m betting it does the same for you. Anyone with half a brain will have loads of questions, such as: How is it possible to verify any conversation that was purportedly had with Roger Ailes, who very conveniently happens to be dead?

The book even claims that Melania Trump was in tears (“and not of joy”) on election night, because she had never wanted her husband to win and was filled with dread. She has put out a statement strongly denying that.


The quotes attributed to former (he was fired) campaign aide Steve Bannon –- the ones capturing the most media attention –- must be viewed in that light. Just to cite one example, if he actually told the author that Donald Trump, Jr., would be “cracked like an egg” by investigators and had committed treason by agreeing to take a meeting with someone he thought might have dirt (commonly called “opposition research”) on Hillary, keep in mind that he has previously claimed there was absolutely nothing to the Russian collusion narrative. Funny how someone who’s been described as an unstable far-right nut is suddenly an impeccable source for truth, only because he’s now serving up a tasty treat that anti-Trumpers will eat with a spoon.

Bannon may be persona non grata at the White House now, but if he sticks to his story, he might end up with a steady gig at MSNBC.

If there’s any speck of truth buried within this pile of taint, it’s so thoroughly covered by the taint that it can’t even be discerned. Much will be thoroughly debunked in the coming days. In the meantime, we should get back to business, as Trump already has. After tweeting, of course...


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  • Janis Tobin

    01/09/2018 12:38 PM

    Don't know if this is true...but wikileaks pirated Wolfe's book and they have it online to read for free. Guess that will cut into the profits.

  • Elizabeth G Honaker

    01/06/2018 09:23 PM

    Why would I read ANYTHING written by a person who, as soon as he was "published," became the darling -- nay, the actual "king" -- of the liberal media? I have no inclination whatsoever to read garbage from him, or any other traitorous jerks!

  • Adele Lee

    01/06/2018 07:14 PM

    Thank you Gov Huckabee for doing research for the truth. I appreciate your comments and your daughter's straightforward answers to media mafia.Happy New Year.

  • Joanne Sgrignoli

    01/06/2018 11:31 AM

    Thank you for sharing your opinion about Wolff's book, Mr. Huckabee. It's in line with others I've read.

    An understanding of Wolff's objective in writing this book ("money, money, money") and his level of integrity are a must for anyone not wishing to help him achieve his first objective and not reading what is tantamount to a lot of misinformation and lies.

    A look back over Wolff's career shows a consistent lack of credibility & integrity. He was quoted as saying his purpose was to make "money, money, money." 'Brill's Content criticized Wolff for "apparent factual errors" and said that 13 people, including subjects he mentioned, complained that Wolff had "invented or changed quotes".' (Wikipedia)

    I wouldn't knowingly read anything written by someone who has been dishonest in past writing, is not respectable and has little, if any, integrity. In my opinion, Wolff falls into all of those categories. Shameful.

  • Memory Brogden

    01/06/2018 12:34 AM

    I am retired. So have time to Listen to all media. The MSM is just totally against President. So anti American, so unpatriotic. So calling President stupid is unrealistic as he has high IQ. And MSM saying narcissistic. Ok what person who would vie for presidency would not have a huge ego thinking they might have huge influence on world. All of our presidents had huge egos. How could one run for President without somewhat of an ego ? But that is different from narcissistic personality disorder, where it is all about oneself. Trump is about country, not about himself

  • Ethel L. Cenkner

    01/06/2018 12:13 AM

    Trump should ignore the book and go about real business. His supporters won't buy it --maybe Liberals will--and they will believe it as gospel. We never trusted or liked Bannon from the start. Bannon hung himself---no respect
    left for him.

  • Judi Fey

    01/05/2018 10:29 PM

    And every fake news outlet is gleefully presenting the book as fact and promoting it's sale.

  • Amy M. Meads

    01/05/2018 08:54 PM

    In my opinion, this is some kind of under-handed, attention-getting stunt. There is something very strange I'm seeing in this Michael Wolfe. He appears to not be in his right mind or he's on some type of drug. I keep wanting to say, "Who are you really?"

  • Dianne Moncur

    01/05/2018 07:10 PM

    I am a Trump supporter and have been since he announced that he would run. I don't care if he cusses on occasions, grabbed a few kisses in his pass or any other "terrible" things people talk about and make money on with things like this trash book. The fact of this matter is that Donald Trump is our President and people should either move on or get out of the way. I love your writings and stand in awe of your daughter. Keep up the great work. We are under so much evil doings in this country that I pray for them safety of the Trump family. It is time the people against him look around them. The FBI knows that there are terroristic training camps in the states right now. We have two close by. They are "watching" them. I'm hoping that President Trump takes them out!

  • George Curl

    01/05/2018 05:56 PM

    Democrats and writers are working hard to stay relevant. This is just another example. BTW Mike, have you noticed the lack of international news on MSM? Seems to me reported in this country are more interested in whether or not tears were shed and by whom when Trump was elected.

  • Robert Shuck

    01/05/2018 04:56 PM

    It seems Mike H. has made the only public opinion that much of the garbage in this book was probably "Ghostwritten" = Media input and
    moreso large sums of funds or grants to the "AUTHOR" for attacking President Trump and his Family with all possible insults & lies !
    It might total as much as $5,000,000. for the unknown author & friend of Bannon > who apparently never reviewed the entire book #
    Robert Shuck (aka "FactCheckerBob")......Does anyone know if the White House staff member who gave author access was fired ?

  • John Johnson

    01/05/2018 04:45 PM

    President Trump needs to replace Jeff Sessions. He needs an AG to activly lead the DOJ. Jeff Sessions is a fine man with excellent moral character and good intentions, but does not have leadership qualities.

  • Just Thinjking

    01/05/2018 02:16 PM

    It should be sub-titled "Everything I'm telling you is a LIE"

  • Glenda Kee

    01/05/2018 01:29 PM

    Thank You Mr Huckabee for this article on Bannon"s book. I agree with you on every word written. Thank you for keeping us posted for no way will I read this trash. All I can possibly say is their imagination has run away with them and hopefully they will also.
    God Bless You and Yours Today and Forever

  • Mark Wallach

    01/05/2018 01:04 PM

    How can you, in good conscience, condemn a book without having read it? Your decision that it must be "fiction" because you don't like what you have heard of it is the worst kind of prejudice, or prejudging. Your so-called Christian principles are obviously not as important to you as your career, and that of your daughter, the mouthpiece for our immoral, immature and autocratic President. You need to return to the search for truth--not the defense of evil.

  • Michelle Plummer

    01/05/2018 12:56 PM

    Mike I believe it's all BS but the ones opposed to our President Trump will eat it up I just get sick to my stomach that they still want to discredit our President Trump and he's only done great things for our country

  • Michelle Plummer

    01/05/2018 12:56 PM

    Mike I believe it's all BS but the ones opposed to our President Trump will eat it up I just get sick to my stomach that they still want to discredit our President Trump and he's only done great things for our country

  • Carol Wisniewski

    01/05/2018 12:43 PM

    It frustrates and saddens me that the left can’t give the President a break. This has been going on since Nov 9, 2016. I dislike watching the news, any news. Even Fox gets to be unwatchable by the end of the day.

  • grace bryson

    01/05/2018 12:40 PM

    my opinion - it was you, rudy,newt,bannon,miller, and a few others that made the final push over the finish line due to your experiences and knowledge. I listen to breitbart callers everyday & those listeners pretty much made up much of trumps agenda. i hope u will speak to pres and tell him not to fight a man that helped his campaign but has been on the trail everyday bringing president's trump's message to more people. pres should be busy fighting publicly with those in dnc and rinos that want to kill his agenda, Pres should hear and listen to freedom caucus, dobbs, hannity, chafiz, and so many others including his supporters who SEE AND WANT SWAMP SESSIONS OUT NOW AND REPLACED WITH A NONSWAMP DWELLER WHO WILL CLEAN OUT CORRUTION IN DOJ AND FBI. UNTIL THEN IT SHOWS AMERICANS THAT CORRUPTION PAYS ON THE LEFT AND WE HAVE A BANANA REPUBLIC. IT ALSO SHOWS DC ELITES THERE ARE NO RULES FOR THEM. I HOPE YOU CAN GET THIS TO OUR PRES - WHO ALSO IS NOT SERVED BY THE DOJ BUT RATHER BY JUDICIAL WATCH(THEY SHOULD BE IN THE DOJ0

  • Linda Mahan

    01/05/2018 12:11 PM

    It would seem to me if this is such a work of lies, Wolff should be held responsible for the contents as liable. More than Pres. Trumpo should be having their lawyers p an letters of disgust. If more would hold these lies up to the light just maybe the truth would flicker and get this bologna to end.

  • Arthur R Krohnert

    01/05/2018 12:10 PM

    The character of Trump is that he keeps his word of what he has promised to do and what he was elected for! What could be bad about that?

    Defiling Books and negative comments cannot not bring such a great man down uplifted by the Truth! But, all the swamp is sinking and in their death throws and madness their comments of fakeness wiggle them deeper and, we will look for them in there places not hearing their annoying retoric of ego falseness and not find them, for they have sunk deep to their grave to join the people of the bog!

  • LouiseCA

    01/05/2018 11:53 AM

    Thank you, Mike. Appreciate your commentary.

    The only thing I can't get is why Steve Bannon would have anything whatsoever to do with a sleaze like Michael Wolf. And why would he cause this ruckus and bring President Trump more trouble? What has gotten into him?

    I had the misfortune of foolishly wasting about ten minutes of my time this morning watching the interview by Savannah Guthrie and Michael Wolf on the Today Show. I honestly have to say I to not believe that one word of truth ushered from that man's mouth. He actually said that 100% of the people around President Trump believe he is childish, a moron, incapable of performing the job, repeats himself constantly to the point of embarrassment for those around him, and other nonsense. It struck me that the description he was giving Trump most likely fit fit Mr. Wolf himself. Watching him made my skin crawl.

    I would like to know how this man gained access to government buildings? He's a proven liar and clearly of questionable character.

    This "book" is on the level of the Dime Novels of yesteryear. Something you purchase to fill a couple of hours while waiting in an airport. I would be ashamed if anyone I knew saw me purchasing or reading this trash. I won't. I don't consume garbage in any of it's forms. Those at the Today Show should be ashamed of themselves giving this man the time of day.

    Wolf puts the label of "childish moron" onto a successful businessman and billionaire, President, and family man, while he makes a living peddling smut. Anyone who does purchase such trash is part of the problem we have in this country, a society becoming increasingly unable to distinguish between truth and fiction, right and wrong, good and evil.

  • Lucy Hooker

    01/05/2018 11:35 AM

    Thank you for your insight on this book. I emailed your letter to my friends who were concerned and asking questions about the book. I found the excerpt that I read in the New York magazine very biased. There were obvious examples of revisionist history. Wolff described the first immigration executive order as being unprecedented in its inclusion of Muslim immigrants when, in fact, the same countries were listed by the intelligence agencies during the Obama administration. That is ‘revisionist’ history for those that weren’t paying close attention during the beginning of Trump’s presidency. Another obvious example of revisionist history was Wolff’s describing Trump’s motivation behind running for president as a ploy to further his brand and not to win. If that were the case, why would Trump have held SEVEN rallies on the day before the election and put in a seventeen hour work day? He, if he was in it for other reasons than to win, could have spent a much easier day before the election. The same holds true for the entire week before the election, when Trump worked tirelessly holding rallies and campaigning. Strange actions for a man who doesn’t really want to win since his ‘fame’ ,that Wolff alleges Trump was in it for, would have handily been established by that point in the campaign. Honestly, the bias and lies in this version of events are easy to identify. Thank you for your newsletter!

  • Mary Euler

    01/05/2018 11:35 AM

    The Russian Dossier is considered a work of fiction so now "they" had to draw up another "dossier" called a book but it also is a work of fiction. This needs to be investigated regarding the "source(s)" and debunked. We'll probably find Dems or Hillary behind the payment of getting it written. Unfortunately I guess we have to constantly "play" into the "swamp's" hands to do so and give it validation until it's investigated. I would just like to call it a work of FICTION and challenge the writers to prove it is nothing more than lies. Heck we can all write books of fiction and call them facts about all the "swamp" people and publish them. Isn't this considered slander? or doesn't Trump get that legal privilege because he is a public figure? When we get this debunked what will be the next "distraction" It's time we did some distracting regarding them!

  • Audrey Skarness

    01/05/2018 11:31 AM

    The book probably mentions he uses the wrong brand of toilet paper also.

  • Dusty Hickey

    01/05/2018 11:18 AM

    WHY? Why was this man Wolff even allowed in the WH? WHO had him there and if Bannon WHY? Is this a set up per Bannon? He is PO per losing his job to run President Trump and now he is gone. So now Bannon picks on President Trumps kids what a gentleman . Is he Gov a drunk I see his red nose and his disheveled looks. Say that Wolff had better put up his tapes to prove what is said if true or not? Was Bannon out with this allowing this man in the WH to make him money? Scary today when you can take and write things that can tear down a family like is being done to President Trump now? Hardly anyone ever went after President Obamas kids until recently one in college. Very few ever went after Michelle like they have Melania. Say she was crying who filmed that evening bring out the tapes one who was there said not true she was super happy? She is a super First Lady a real lady . Gov. your lovely daughter is doing a super job and per this horrible take down media not easy. She is strong and smart and she is doing what she was hired to do speak for the President. Gov keep on with Fox love when you are back on to discuss this mess. Take care. God Bless

  • Paul McNutt

    01/05/2018 10:38 AM

    I agree with your insight. Thanks for your boldness!

  • John Reames

    01/05/2018 10:37 AM

    Conservatives will know the truth; Liberals will believe the lies. The media will make millions.

  • Terry L Cherry

    01/05/2018 09:59 AM

    You tend to look at only one side and ignore and make fun of the other. I am amazed at you and other Republicans who had nothing in common with D. Trump during the primaries. Republicans made fun of him, mocked him and now that he is president you can't praise him enough. Lost all respect for people like Orin Hatch and so many other Republicans. Party over country has destroyed many countries in the past. I hope this will not be true here. Please do not respond with comments from Ms. Clinton or President Obama. Please show me one Christ-like value, presidential order or law that the current president has executed. I believe you still are a follower of Christ. Would you please start by showing such in your comments and emails. Also please do not use abortion to support your christian thought. Jesus was more than a one topic leader.
    God's peace and understanding,

    Terry L. Cherry

  • Duane Lawton

    01/05/2018 09:31 AM

    Wolffe's book "Fire and Fury" should be subtitled "What Didn't Happen"

  • Sharol Backues

    01/05/2018 09:24 AM

    I unequivocally say AMEN to your line in your fifth paragraph down......."Funny how someone who's been described as an unstable
    far-right nut is suddenly an impeccable source for truth, only because he's now serving up a tasty treat that anti-Trumpers will eat with a spoon." And a very strong point that it is phony-bologne, is, if indeed, Joe Scarborough ,as a ghostwriter, had his sticky fingers in the pudding. It is difficult for me to accept anything, anytime from the mouth of Joe Scarborough. Bannon can easily work his way onto MSNBC, the whole staff would welcome him. He beats to their drum!

  • Lynda G. Dunaway

    01/05/2018 09:17 AM

    THANK YOU for your brief summation of this book, Mr. Huckabee. I trust your opinion. President Trump must be doing lots of things right for the main stream media and the Socialists to come after him so vehemently. The more they lie about him, they more they are showing their true colors. WAY TO GO, Mr. Trump!!!

  • Lynn Hoyt

    01/05/2018 09:17 AM

    Having a little trouble here finding the comment section for schools and religious freedom. I'm pretty old, so I have seen that phrase separation of church and state thrown around for all of my 72 yrs. But as I come from a time we actually learned something important in school, I have always known it was false. And I have NEVER understood why that was not countered with the truth everytime it came up. The Constitution is very, very clear on that. The freedom is to belong to any religion you want, and freely practice that any place you want. School included. We need to get the liberals out of schools and return to teaching just the facts.

  • Senaida Garcia

    01/05/2018 08:58 AM

    I would never buy that gossipy negative book. We support our President! 150%. Haters will hate and the demonrats will do anything to destroy this administration. We have to back him up, come hell or high water.

  • Lynn Kern

    01/05/2018 08:56 AM

    I appreciate your your thoughts on this mess with S Bannon, hope and pray our President will continue to keep his eye on what really matters in the US not on the bunk being spread about him and family. As J. Vernon McGee always closed his program with... God is still on the throne and Prayer changes things! Praying for y'all. ??