September 28, 2018

With no physical evidence or corroboration --- indeed, witnesses who contradict her story about their presence at a party at which she says she was assaulted --- Christine Blasey Ford’s case comes down to the truth of her recollections.  Not what she recalls, because she could be wrong, but the accuracy and specificity of those memories as they relate to Brett Kavanaugh.  Not “her” truth –- THE truth.  In the end, that is all that matters.  So let’s take a look at the science of memory.

Dr. Ford is a research psychologist and psychology professor, so it’s not surprising that she would have responded to questions about her memory in neuroscientific jargon.  When asked how she could be sure Kavanaugh was her attacker, this was her answer:  “Just basic memory functions.  And also, just the level of norepinephrine and epinephrine in the brain that sort of, you know, encodes –- that neurotransmitter encodes memories into the hippocampus.  And so the trauma-related experience is then sort of locked there.  Whereas other details kind of drift.”

She says that’s why she can’t remember key details such as the location, how she got there and how she got home.  But she rejected even the possibility of mistaken identity, saying she was 100 percent sure that her attacker was Kavanaugh.  Still, it’s crucial to note that just because a memory is “indelible in the hippocampus” doesn’t mean it’s of something that actually happened.  There are other ways it could have been planted there, whether it happened or not.

And the “drifty” parts don’t make sense.  A 15-year-old girl who doesn’t drive goes to a party seven miles or so from her house and is there with her close girlfriend.  How did they get there?  The girls may or may not have gotten there before the two boys but she knows the boys had been drinking before they got to the house.  How did she know that?  After the assault, and she leaves the house, does she realize her good friend is still there, left behind as the only girl in a houseful of drunken boys?  Wouldn’t that make this quite a memorable party for the other girl, who somehow had to fend off the drunken boys and get home?

And wouldn’t the other girl wonder what happened to her friend?  (After all, she wasn’t the one who was assaulted and would conceivably have had a clearer head.)  Wouldn’t she call Christine later that night or the next morning to ask, “Are you okay?  You just disappeared –- where did you go?”  And, of course, there’s still the mystery of when and how either of them got home to their respective houses.

After watching Kavanaugh’s sincere, impassioned and at times gut-wrenching denial on Thursday afternoon, it was virtually impossible to consider him capable of committing this crime (and, yes, it is a crime, with no statute of limitations in Maryland).  As for evidence, he was the only one who produced anything tangible:  a calendar from the summer in question that showed how busy he was with other activities in other locations.  No party.  And no one else placed by Dr. Ford at the party can recall being there.

And yet Dr. Ford seemed thoroughly genuine –- with real, lasting emotional pain –- despite the vagueness of many of her answers.  Some of her wording did seem coached, however; I could be wrong, but if memory serves, it wasn’t until the hearing that she qualified her description of fearing Kavanaugh might kill her, adding the word “accidentally.”  That sounds like a lawyerly tweak.  She also had no idea who was paying for what in her legal defense, and I have a strong suspicion her lawyers are deliberately keeping her ignorant of that so she won’t reveal too many details on the stand.  We already knew that both attorneys are working pro bono.  One is Andrew McCabe’s lawyer; the other is a Trump “resister” whose firm happens to have represented one of the other Kavanaugh accusers in a different case.  Dr. Ford insisted she is “no one’s pawn,” but rest assured, she is.

As for evidence, she had nothing except the results of a polygraph that had measured responses to just two very general questions.  Of course, if she BELIEVED what she had put into her statement, regardless of its accuracy, she would have passed with flying colors, even if Kavanaugh is completely innocent.

Perhaps the only way to reconcile Kavanaugh’s raw believability with Dr. Ford’s clear emotional damage is through the probability of mistaken identity.  (If not that, then perhaps an especially vivid dream that got “embedded in her hippocampus”?)  Dr. Ford insists it is not mistaken identify, but how sure can she be?  If her specialty as a psychologist were criminology, she would surely know how common it is.  Consider The Innocence Project, which has brought about the release of 362 (at last count) of wrongly convicted inmates by arranging and paying for DNA tests for men serving long sentences for sexual and other violent crimes.  They say that 70 percent of those who are exonerated were convicted on the basis of wrong identifications.

These mistakes typically occur during lineups or photo IDs, which present different challenges than do cases such as this one, but, in general, witness IDs are notoriously unreliable.  In fact, many of those victims whose testimony puts innocent men away for decades claim to be “100 percent sure.”

The thing is, Senate Democrats are “100 percent prepared not to care” if Kavanaugh is innocent.  They are desperate to keep him off the Court and will do whatever it takes.  Anyone who gets hurt in the process  is just collateral damage.



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  • Lynn Batterman

    10/01/2018 12:17 PM

    My theory is she actually had a "crush" on Kavanaugh, and wished they could have had an "affair" or some "fun". She was a horny teenager, and just perhaps she imagined it was HIM rather than who it actually was.

  • Ali Cain

    10/01/2018 11:04 AM

    Dr. Ford is a fraud. She protested with the women who wore 'pink vagina hats". She's a Trump hater, and does not want Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Her father Ralph Blasey, Jr. is a CIA operative. She's involved with the CIA. And I'm pretty sure George Soros is paying. She should be investigated!!!!!!!

  • bigjohnsez

    09/30/2018 09:24 PM

    Seriously...why do you spend so much time trying to create plausible scenarios for Kavanaugh?

  • sharon ruetz

    09/30/2018 04:38 PM

    It is highly possible in my opinion, that as an impressionable 15 yr old girl who drank beer, Dr. Ford could easily have dreamed this assault and upon awaking thought it had really happened. Most of us have had dreams that left us wondering, "did that really happen? or did I just dream it?" This idea would explain why there are not details about time, date, place, transportation, etc. Those things are not specified in dreams, yet dreams can be very vivid.

    Thank you for your insights, Mr. Huckabee.

  • Diana "Lynn" Tritch

    09/30/2018 11:01 AM

    Dear Mike Huckabee ...

    I have not realized that I could ever write you. I am SOOO busy at 71 years of age yet (15 hour days of work yet!) that I guess I do not ever get enough time to see what all is available to me. THANK YOU, BEYOND WORDS, FOR SHARING THE INFO YOU HAVE/DO, ON THE KAVANAUGH HEARINGS! I posted a long post on my FB page today, along with the article you have. I fully ACHE for this man and his family! PLEASE keep doing what you are posting! We are living in wretched days of unbelievable political cruelty and crucifixion! I just wanted to take this moment to Thank you personally! This means so much! Please keep up the good work!


  • Ann Sherrod

    09/30/2018 09:03 AM

    I am appalled Judge Kavanaugh has had to defend himself against a seemingly unbalanced woman who is being used by democrats to stop the process of appointing judges who are more than qualified to take the position. It's a harmful thing the democrats are doing and they should be PUNISHED for their misuse of funds to hunt down people who can smear Trump or anyone he appoints. I know a "good" democrats who have left the party because of these kinds of things. They say the democratic party has changed and does not fit them any longer. They are shamed deep within because those good democrats know the difference from right and wrong and they know a lie when they hear it too. The Diane Feinsteins and her counterparts of the world only produce and encourage lies and their tactics are out there for ALL to see. Their downfall will be their own undoing. Too bad the party doesn't know how risky their behavior is...people all over are watching and taking notes. I, as a woman, Judge Kavanaugh, am behind your appointment 100% and after watching the hearing am convinced this woman is as evil as the rest of them. How dare she make claims that are false with no backing in facts!!!! Disgusting and her day will come when she stands before God and tries to explain why she did what she did. I don't care that she was fifteen, she had no business going to a party of that sort at 15!!!! You can't even drive legally and all that crap about the hippocampus is made up nonsense. I think she convinced herself this happened because she is such a Trump hater. What goes around comes around Dr. Ford

  • Georgia Smith

    09/30/2018 07:51 AM

    I am physciacally sick. I blame all the republicans for losing our country. They could have called for the vote lobg before now. Why don’t they support the people who voted them in???? Senator Lindsey is the inky true American three

  • Michael S Evancho

    09/29/2018 09:01 PM

    I love your story. It is a shame that democrats are doing anything they can to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the bench.They must not be christians.

  • Carl McDaniel

    09/29/2018 07:07 PM

    Much concern. One issue that pesters me is her account see PJ at the store. If this was so traumatic, why did she approached oach him and say hi. I would have expected complete avoidance, scared, and especially with her mother there. She doesent/ didn't appear to be a confronter.

  • Judy Desjardin

    09/29/2018 06:43 PM

    She is a Never Trumper. I think she has decided to do this because she is full of hate for Pres. Trump. Her attorneys
    are way to the left. The Democratic play book is to lie. When a person keeps telling a lie, after a while they believe
    the lie is true. I don't believe Sen Feinstein. It appears Kevin De Leon will win the Senate race in California. This
    has upset me. I pray for Judge Kavanaugh and family everyday. I know God is on the Throne. I don't understand how
    the dems can be so evil. They have no shame. We need a two party system. I would be ashamed to be a democrate.

  • Shirley A. Nona

    09/29/2018 03:33 PM

    It upsets me so much that the Democrats have become so vicious as to want to convict Judge Kavanaugh with absolutely no evidence. Aren't some of them lawyers?
    I saw an email that said Dr. Ford works at the same university as Diane Feinstein husband.
    I saw another email that had a picture of her with Bill Clinton and another picture with her and George Soros. Can these be accurate?

  • Mike Horst

    09/29/2018 02:01 PM

    Mike...I just read your article on Judge Kavanaugh. I can tell you researched this well. The only thing I can add is that it is incredible that if Brett really did this and all the other things that all these victims claim he did...He is as slick as they come. How in the world was not ONE of these occurrences reported to the police or law enforcement? Why can no one to this point creditably collaborate these accusations? How after 6 FBI investigations...They have never found any of this type of behavior. Sexual predators do not suddenly change their ways!! That is why they EVENTUALLY get caught!! Brett Kavanaugh has been in public service for 26 years...12 years on the DC Court of Appeals! All the public service he has done and now all the sudden at the 11th hour when he is going to be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court the Leftist Democrats suddenly paint this man as a sexual predator. Then they get indignant when Judge Kavanaugh calls them out in anger for falsely assassinating his good name and ruining his reputation in his community in front of the whole country! I wouldn't respect him if he didn't! This isn't the first time these vicious Democrats have done this. They did it to Justice Clarence Thomas and to Robert Bork. Mike, I'm just not drinking the "Kool Aid"! It adds up to the Democrats doing another character assignation when you do the math and common sense! We must as good Patriotic Americans stand up against this unfair vicious behavior by the leftist Democrats..Its dead WRONG! One last thing...To me this is not really about Judge Kavanaugh it is about the end game. This is a tactic to get peoples attention off of the real reason. They do not want constitutional originalist conservatives on the United States Supreme Court! They want activist justices who will legislate from the bench in their favor to get what they couldn't get through the normal legislative process. They want to do an end run around what right and decent. It must be stopped! Getting Brett Kavanaugh on the US Supreme Court will be one of the single most important things we as conservative, God fearing Americans ever do!

  • Patricia Samodell

    09/29/2018 01:49 PM

    Thank you for the research on Mistaken Identity, I totally agree with this article and hope and pray that it comes to light very quickly through this FBI SERIES. We do not need this to be overlooked as its just common sense. We have to win this one in order to turn around the ugly facts that are fake as heck here. The victims will just esculate if its not put to rest once and for all. I thank God for seeing this result from just my own opinion listening to the live stream statements. Thank you Jesus and Thank you Mike Hucklebee for your efforts on the on going evils that keep rearing their ugly heads.

  • Sarah Johnson

    09/29/2018 01:47 PM

    Why hasn’t a specialists in psychology or psychiatry been brought in to discuss the possibility that Dr. Ford has an implanted memory of this alleged accusation by her therapist? In this case, she appears to truly believe that she was assaulted.
    I have a cousin that through therapy believed her father sexually molested her during childhood that her younger sister infatically says that never happened as well as the father’s brother. I knew this man very well and can’t imagine him ever doing anything like this. He was crushed and her family ostercized her. She’s always been very “Me” oriented.


    09/29/2018 01:44 PM

    JUDGE KAVANAUGH should be confirmed, as he obviously is a fine man with a fine family .BLESSINGS TO KAVANAUGH FAMILY.

    I see no credibility in Dr. Ford


  • William Schlumpf

    09/29/2018 01:12 PM

    Not that my opinion means much but I am certain this is not a case of mistaken identity. I am also confident the truth will emerge eventually hopefully not too late for soon to be Justice Kavanaugh. Even after he assumes his place in the Court if he is not totally vindicated the ramifications of this unsubstantiated but widely believed claim could be quite severe. So I welcome the FBI supplemental background check as it will eliminate one of the contentious claims in this era of political hysteria. But I would like to see a more in depth investigation into who put her up to this and how extensive the network of co-conspirators, if any, exists. It appears to me she was extensively coached especially to keep her claims about time and place intentionally vague so as not to be caught in perjury. The testimony appears to be carefully crafted to make untruthful claims in a way which avoids exposing oneself to prosecution for perjury. Beyond what i believe is intentional vagueness of time, location, witnesses, there is also the matter of her claim the party participants, holding a party in a home none of their families owned, had gone swimming earlier which is the reason she claims she was wearing a bathing suit under her clothing. Wearing a bathing suit under clothing is not unusual prior to swimming but after? There is no need of it plus it is wet. Other implausibilities in her testimony are numerous and need to be properly explored.
    I am confident ultimately one of her friends or acquaintances will expose this scam but in the meantime i fear for Judge Kavanaugh and his family.

  • Muriel Reid

    09/29/2018 12:29 PM

    I am very sad over this horrendous assault that the Senate Democrats have contrived about Judge Kavanaugh.
    This whole deception produced by the Democrats will result in their loss, and certainly to the overall detriment of those members directly involved. We as fellow Christian believers, pray that these detractors will accept the truth and seek repentance, before judgement comes on them.
    As for Judge Kavanaugh, you, your family, your colleagues, and the administration you represent, our prayers abound for you and your future success and greatness. As found in the words taken from the Book of Deuteronomy 31:6 "Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the Lord your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you."
    As Paul the apostle said he was "struck down, but not destroyed". As found in the words of Isaiah on God's care for His own: Isaiah 43:1-3, "But now, thus says the Lord, your Creator, O Jacob, and He who formed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine! When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, nor will the flame burn you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior."
    Thank you Judge Kavanaugh for being an outstanding example of integrity, goodness, perseverance and endurance, throughout this ongoing trial. By God's power you will overcome these and all difficulties.
    Proverbs 28:4 "Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep the law resist them."
    God Bless you always,

  • Cynthia Hill

    09/29/2018 12:11 PM

    I wanted to hear Ford speak, but before she even got the first sentence out of her mouth, I was irritated and put it on mute. I'm not going to listen to someone who uses an infantile voice. I then just tried to read her body language, but in less than five minutes, I was too aggravated by her infantile behavior (I kept looking for her blankie and binkie) that I turned off the TV. I find this type of voice and behavior to be manipulative where the person is looking for a White Knight to come "save" them. I expected a woman with her credentials to sound and behave like an adult woman, not a baby. I still think that she believes her truth, but I do not believe her. She is not the only one with a neuroscience background and her excuse for not remembering certain details do not ring true for me. I was a virgin and was violently raped at the age of 19, 40 years ago. Trauma and memory is different - how one handles trauma, and how the brain responds is an individual process. I believe being a Christian made all the difference in how I was able to overcome, forgive my attacker, and move on with my life. It wasn't over night, it did take a year to fully let go of hate/revenge but we have a good God, and a great God, and ALL his promises are yes, and amen. Watching Ford, it did hit home how grateful I am to the Lord for His healing! I could be her, filled with vengeance and a desire to destroy - be it a man, his family, the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice process, the country - scorched earth. I could easily have held onto that hate for 40 years and be willing to do anything to anyone in the name of justice. My perception is that a great deal of this country is holding onto destructive feelings and are taking it out on this country as a whole and the ones in power are conniving enough to capitalize on it. The Democrats have already convinced half the country that Republicans have no heart so that our Republican leaders cave at every turn, bending over backwards in an attempt to prove otherwise. I keep hoping that Republican members of the House and Senate will demonstrate a backbone - kuddos to Lindsey Graham for defending Kavanaugh!!! - and shame on Flake for not being strong enough to resist being manipulated. If he can't stand up to someone screaming at him, how in the world will he stand up for this country with world leaders? I pity this country if he gets elected as the Republican candidate in 2020. I see a difference in meekness and weakness. I do not respect weak leaders and neither does the world.

  • Rob Harris

    09/29/2018 12:10 PM

    Poor Brett Kavanaugh. Imagine going through life with a name one immediately associates with sleaze and debauchery.
    How much better if he had a name Democrats would associate with a high moral tone and uprightness. Something like 'Kennedy' or 'Clinton'.

  • Dennis THOMAS

    09/29/2018 11:37 AM

    Quite frankly, I don't know what to make of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. If I didn't know the story the media had put out and nothing about the allegations or that she was a highly educated psychology professor at a University, I would have described her a a "lost soul". She seemed rather child-like, emotionally fragile, and relied heavily on her two lawyers to position her mike, turn it on or off when necessary, or search for particular documents she'd brought with her among several file folders. She struck me as someone who was laboring under a mental impairment of some type. She, herself, said she was "terrified" being there. Whatever it was, it was riveting TV.

  • Michele Miller

    09/29/2018 11:27 AM

    Governor Huckabee,

    Once again, thank you for your insight. Your informed, thoughtful, and wise words are very much appreciated. I have only recently discovered your website, and have been very encouraged and inspired by your posts.

    A value added bonus is that you provide a means for readers to share their responses and thoughts. I think it's pretty marvelous that you take the time to read them. The links you provide in your posts are excellent as well.

    I believe that this, as well as your program on TBN (also recently discovered), are truly ministering to each one of your readers and viewers. For such a time as this! Thank you and God bless you.



    p.s.: Like many of your readers have commented, I too am a fan of your daughter, Sarah. She's an inspirational and courageous young lady. I know that you are very proud of her. : )

  • Aladin Mariano

    09/29/2018 11:23 AM

    Excellent summation I put in my Facebook for others to read in its entirety.

  • Linda Black

    09/29/2018 11:09 AM

    Democrats have said they will do anything in their power to keep him off the Supreme Court. My worry is - if all else fails their ultimate tool would be his death. From all I've seen of democrats in action these last weeks I have no doubt there are those who would stoop to the lowest level of human depravity and find a willing assassin. Prayer that the plans of Satan to destroy Kavanaugh are thwarted are in order.

  • John M. Kurilla

    09/29/2018 10:13 AM

    I watched, with great attention, the testimony of both Dr. Gold and Judge Kavanaugh.

    This is the first time in 61 years that I am making the following public.

    I was molested by an uncle when I was 11 years old. I remember everything and I am 72 now. When and where it was first done and subsequent occurances after that. This went on for about 2 years when I left to go to school out of state to get away from him. The next time I saw him I was 22 years old and he tried to do it again but this time I told him that if he touches me again that I will knock him on his a**.

    How can she not remember what really happened and she was 15? I still vividly remember after 61 years and I will carry all of this to my grave.

  • Barbara Marvel

    09/29/2018 09:37 AM

    The hearing was on radio and before I watched any proceedings on TV later in the day, I listened to Dr. Ford's comments and line of questioning on radio. She sounded like a milennial aged woman, growler voice, with Like, Like Like as a favorite word, NOT a PhD in ANY field. Now, not everyone can sound professional, I suppose no matter the degrees. You pay for a lot of those degrees, am I right? However, upon then watching the proceedings, my believability scale dropped by only watching her. Look professional, please. Wash off your glasses lenses, sweep your hair back off your eyes . These are pithy statements I will admit. Just stating the obvious because I live in Realville. There is no end to his type of behavior from a population of women who have learned to hate men for being men, but want so much to be one.