January 25, 2020

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  • Amelia Little

    01/25/2020 05:29 PM

    It continues to blow my mind that there are people, the parvo guy and politicians, msm who continue to speak like President Trump is the ONLY President in HISTORY who has made his own choice of ambassadors, replacing the previous administration's choices. Funny, though, the number who were reported to have packed their bags IN ANTICIPATION of being replaced--because that is the norm when a new Administration comes on board. Then, of course, a few who were boo-hooing, although they admitted they were behind obama's wants and desires. I don't suppose even Yovanovitch thought a lot about being replaced--until someone(s) decided to push the conspiracy against her garbage.

    And we still are waiting for any of these yahoos to admit the President did not act any different in dispersing the money to Ukraine than any other Presidents previously. They won't even acknowledge that the aid was given without any investigation started, nor that the aid was so much more than obama was stingily providing.

    And, again--they are accusing the President of quid pro quo or bribery or whatever the flavor of the day is, but STILL maintain that biden, as VP, did NOTHING, NOTHING, I tell you--even though he is on tape TELLING the world, bragging, actually about what a tough guy he was in getting his way--threatening to withhold aid.

    And, I have fb friends who are still drinking the kookaide, swearing that the democrats have PROVEN their case, the defense should just throw in the towel and the Senate should vote for impeachment. just smh.

    And, I'm betting the defense isn't going to have to take the full 24 hours--they can make their case as they have started out today--showing the lies the "managers" spent 3 days spewing. And, since they don't have to continually repeat the lies once they have proven them to be lies, it will wrap up in much less time.