February 20, 2020

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  • Amelia Little

    02/21/2020 10:39 AM

    I think mayor pete must have written his own bible? Actually the scripture he thinks he has read would include--if you don't agree with ME---you are not a Christian.

    As for the farmer idiocy little mike spouts. At first I thought his "farming" experience must have come from watching his mom plant herbs in a window sill planter. But, actually, it would more likely be watching the family cook do it. That being said, I am seeing the farming memes showing up at the same rate as the nursing ones when the clueless senator (from WA? OR?) who decided that night nurses, at least, sit around their full shift playing cards. Maybe they should consult with people in those fields before they spout off the top of their heads. And, perhaps little mike has NO IDEA that farming is a YEAR ROUND career. Does he cancel a flight or maybe a speech or dinner party because the weather is kind of nasty? Try being a farmer/rancher during the worst snow/ice storms, the hottest weather--they have to get out, tend to cattle, tend to crops, make sure everything is running as smoothly as they can. And, I'm pretty sure the majority of politicians enjoy their steak (or other meat) dinners, whether just at home, or a lavish dinner party. Of course,I am sure there are those who honestly believe we don't need farmers/rancher--we can just go to the grocery store and buy what we need/want to eat!!! Or, that farmers aren't necessary in the production of clothings, etc. little mike also disparaged the industrial worker (in the same speech from several years ago) and their contribution to our world. I guess he thinks all the techno-gurus will just be able to develop the 3D components to build all the electric cars. Perhaps they will also 3D all the wind turbines and stuff to make this a fossil-fuel free world. And, are these same people going to actually go out into the world to set up the turbines, etc? Or, will their imagining them on computers magically put them where they would be used?