October 31, 2019

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  • Debra Nelson

    10/31/2019 05:42 PM

    The democratic/liberal party has really HURT us Americans beyond today for what they've done unto our President and this Country! The demo-RATS are just that.. as something really stinks bad! The positive is that the truth always wins in the end and once again our President will be shown innocent of any wrong doing and the demo-RATS once again will RUN or HIDE when they have too face the truth! I'd like too see the democratic party FIRED and made too pay us Americans back from their personal bank accounts! This is so disgusting what they've done!

  • Clara Hall

    10/31/2019 02:08 PM

    The President is right, this is nothing more than another witch hunt. The American people have your back Mr. President.

  • Patricia Yarber

    10/31/2019 01:01 PM

    Let me go on the record as saying.
    THAT IS NOT YOUR HOUSE NANCY. It is the house of the people of the United States of America.
    I'm Patricia Yarber and I want to let you Democrats in Congress, Senate, and all government branches.
    " We the people are a mixture of people that makes up all political parties. " We did not elect only Democrats to to run our government. It is not up to you to choose only Democrats to decide the truth. Most of you wouldn't know the truth if it walked up to you and knocked you down. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are not the ones in charge. It is "WE THE PEOPLE ".
    WE DEMAND that if you are going to do this, that it be done with equality of Democrats and Republicans with equal rights to all to ask questions call and subpoena witnesses. And no one riding rough shod over what can and can't be asked or answered. This concerns every individual one of us, and we will have equality or nothing at all.
    Futher more, you are to refrain from calling our sitting President derogatory names and placing a blight upon his name concerning something you have not proved. Futher more, you don't intend to give We the People the opportunity to prove innocence. This is not against Donald Trump, this is against the citizens of the United States. Now that ya'll have thought yourselves as God's, it is past time for ya'll to be replaced.

  • Willie Mooneyham

    10/31/2019 11:33 AM

    The impeachment vote is total BS .