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  • Brenda Rich

    04/12/2020 03:36 PM

    Next attack will be the US electrical grid with an EMP attack. The US needs to harden our grid across America NOW. Take WHO money and put it toward grid also moneys for infrastructure projects should go to harden our electrical grid. We won't need to bridges or highways if we get hit with an EMP attack unprepared . Just saying...

  • Thomas Smith

    04/12/2020 12:44 PM

    I'm like President Trump.
    We need to distance our Country from WHO and The United Nations. The UN and The WHO are trying to control our country. As a Veteran I am totally against both world organizations.

  • RONNIE Johnson

    04/11/2020 02:15 PM

    President Trump is doing a great job during epidemic and as far as i am concerned WHO is useless and could car less about the United States and the American people.