June 11, 2019

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  • Regina Hargreaves

    06/11/2019 09:12 AM

    Where are the rest of the Republicans why are they not fighting for our President...the True Americans are watching...stop the Democrates we are sick of what they are doing.

  • Virginia latino

    06/11/2019 09:07 AM

    Unacceptable ! Why is it taking so long to release documents related to scam investigation started by Obama and others? This needs to be revealed to put a stop to Dems plans to destroy president Trump. Lindsey Graham, Trey Gowdy, and other prominent republicans have all information, evidence and the truth about conspiracy to destroy this presidency. I was a dem for 30 years! Democratic Party is no longer what it was. Liberals are making changes every day to support everything JFK and previous Dems did to support government. Now Dems are focused on taking over America’s taxpayers. The number of multimillionaires based on a salary of 174,000 is proof that taxpayers money is being dispersed to senators and congressmen who become millionaires

  • Wendy Levan

    06/11/2019 09:04 AM

    When Sen Graham points, he has three fingers pointing back to himself. He has not always supported Trump as he should. Patriots will remember that when he is up for re-election. We need brighter people in our congress.