June 3, 2020

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  • Sherry belt

    06/03/2020 11:57 PM

    Thank you Senator. This rioting that involves hurting others and properties must stop. These actions are not helping the cause! It makes the people doing destroying property, which is not theirs to destroy, look like thugs. Our Government needs to stop the bickering and even if you do not like President Trump, be respectful to the position he holds. President Trump has my vote and I am proud of the job he has done. I am angry at so many if the Democrats for the way they have treated the president of the United States. Also the media! I did not like President Obama, but I was not disrespectful of his position. I prayed for him just like I do President Trump. Jesus Christ is real and I totally trust Him. If I'm wrong, I have lost nothing.

    Shame on the media, the comedians, and the Trump haters for direspecting the authority of the POTUS!