February 11, 2020
- February 12, 2020

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  • Judy Barnett

    02/12/2020 01:25 PM

    The Democrats actually believe the only reason President Trump won the election is because of his money. This is why they want to hype up Bloomberg. Talk about being out of touch, i.e. touched in the brain.

  • Barbara lehner

    02/12/2020 12:37 PM

    Bloomberg will be the one to win for the democrats. I betting he is going to announce that he will either have Hillary or (more likely) Obama as his vice president. This will be what gets the democrats to vote for him. I don't understand why no one else thought of this. I have felt this in my bones the day he announced he was running.

  • Teresa Hiatt

    02/12/2020 12:05 PM

    There's a handful of poor Democratic candidates. You say time to panic. I think you may have meant "past-time to pray,!!". Time to stay in prayer! Every choice carries grave consequences. Of course that's how the Dems feel toward Republicans. Pray and hope, keep faith. Stay kind yet speak truth in love.

  • Doug Smith

    02/12/2020 11:38 AM

    No surprise with the amount of $ that Bloomer's been spending in Texas and other states ahead of Super Tuesday. Using Soros tactics, he intends to buy his way into the Dem nomination. The voters should be ready for every lie in the book to be thrown at President Trump, but also used to cover up Bloomer's past. It worked when they covered up Obama's gay, drug-filled past. Why not use the same tactics for Bloomberg? The liberal media will be co-conspirators in this campaign just like they were for Obama.