November 19, 2019

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  • Gail Paulson

    11/19/2019 07:15 PM

    Excellent opening and the truth Steve Hilton. These Democrats are showing their rank hatered for President Trump and for us Americans who voted for him and they can't win with ideas in the ballot box, they resort to this shameful false narratives, God help them????.
    Enjoy watching your show... learning something every time. Thank you for all you do to educate the us, the public and thank you for being a great American????????????????

  • Helen Dunnahoo

    11/19/2019 07:01 PM

    Thank you for what you said. I agree with all you said. My brother was in WWII & a prisoner of war in a German prison camp for several months. Trump is being compared to Hitler. Trump is no Hitler! All these impeachment procedures are a waste our time & money!