June 8, 2020

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  • Edward Michelson

    07/08/2020 09:16 AM

    Wow! That was GREAT. Thank you for bringing it to me (and thousands of others).

  • Dan R Elswick

    06/15/2020 11:08 AM

    Great points and interview.
    However, at the 4:45 mark, why does Mr Brewer make the statement that “70% of fatherless homes in not a just black male issue but a Mike Huckabee issue”? How/why is that?

  • Dan Elswick

    06/12/2020 03:15 PM

    Great interview and comments from Mr. Brewer.
    Can the comment at the 4:45 mark be explained - the 70% of fatherless children is not the responsibility of just black men like me but Mike Huckabee and other white leaders.” How/why?

  • Nancy G Sanchez

    06/10/2020 09:32 AM

    Well said. Love

  • Janet Elsea

    06/08/2020 01:23 PM

    I want to read the article.