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  • Todd Belanger

    07/25/2019 09:25 AM

    Those responsible for Bob Mueller's testimony (Demonrats) should be held accountable for abuse of the elderly. He was in no condition to be there answering questions he knew nothing about and they knew it. This just shows the level of Evil that runs through the Democrat party. Nadler should be removed from the chair for allowing the injustice to happen to this man. The job of the government is to protect the American People and that includes men like Bob Mueller who served his country with distinction. The Democrat party and anyone who supports these evil human beings should be held accountable. This was pathetic. I am ashamed that this man was put through 6 hours of what should be termed as nothing less than mental and emotional torture. We as Americans are better than this but apparently Democrats will stoop to any level to remove a duly elected President.

  • donald olivier

    07/25/2019 09:09 AM

    trump is a true leader