May 20, 2020

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  • Joan Aloisio

    05/22/2020 11:41 AM

    It doesn't surprise me at all that Susan Rice would throw Comey under the bus. Saving herself is her primary concern and the Obama Admin.

  • Leland Earl Whitehouse

    05/20/2020 09:37 PM

    Susan Rice got her hand caught in the cookie jar. Just like a little tearful kid she said, Mommy, I did it by the book. Mommy replied, Susan ! Go to your room.

  • Joe Ownbey

    05/20/2020 04:36 PM

    Kellyanne Conway is one of the most astute and articulate women publicly speaking anywhere in America today. As I told my good friend former FEMA director Joe Allbaugh some time ago - if I were in a prominent political position I would want HER on my team. She cuts through the bullshit and gets to the point and is not reluctant to say exactly what needs to be said. She is also one of the fiercest defender of Donald Trump that I have seen ever since his election.