June 23, 2019

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  • Amelia Little

    06/25/2019 09:03 AM

    I can't remember the last Presidential debate I watched--of either party. IMO, pertinent questions about current issues, and what each candidate proposes for each issue didn't seem to be addressed. I did start to watch the 2016 Republican debate--because what I had seen of Megyn Kelly in prior years, I thought she would keep the debate on real issues. I was so disgusted that she was concentrating not on what candidates had been saying about issues, but about who had said what about other candidates or other people in politics. I don't know if she ever got around to ask about stances on issues, because I was so disgusted with the first-grade behaviour she was trying to get out of the candidates that I just changed the channel. From what has been reported about democrat wanna-be's, I don't want to listen to their debates (I'm sure some will find it amusing entertainment--I'd rather watch Homicide Hunter.) Thanks for the "been there, done that" overview of the process.

  • Carol Hall

    06/24/2019 10:26 PM

    Few can match a man whose God is the Lord and who speaks with insightful clarity, integrity and humor! You Sir are such a one. God continue to make His way for you!

  • richard van bueren

    06/24/2019 05:47 PM

    great advice for both parties..debate???what dabate

  • Sheryl Barnes

    06/24/2019 05:05 PM

    We saw this on your show Saturday. Love your show and newsletters. Tell Sarah we will miss her at the press conferences. She is the best. Keep up the good work.

  • rodney burke

    06/24/2019 01:27 PM

    Double POW! Mike you were brilliant and spoke from experience. Yes! that change needs to be made. Especially since all but Fox are NOT fair and balanced and make no pretext to be such.
    I suggest the forum be held outside the beltway and let all local TV and newspaper people be the questioners. Exclude the "media" from having any say in the situation at all. a 5 minute monologue was more inciteful than I have heard in DECADES. I hope the dems are listening. If not, their loss, like you say.

  • Geraldine Tinnin

    06/24/2019 12:11 PM

    Great Advice! Shared with my Family and Friends.

  • Carol Mitchell

    06/24/2019 11:26 AM

    WAY TO GO, MIKE!! It's about time these "debates" were cleaned up. I am tired of the questions being longer than the answers. I am tired of the preening, posturing and politicizing (of certain groups).....wish more people would stand up and clean up this political mess!

  • Bernadette Dillon

    06/24/2019 10:51 AM

    Great Job :)

  • Action Aire Trading John McCracken

    06/24/2019 10:48 AM

    True that"s the way I hope things will turn out, instead of dog eat dog, and no more name calling


    06/24/2019 09:34 AM

    Dead on !!!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    06/24/2019 09:24 AM

    This is funny! Don't plan on watching the "dog and pony show" they call "debates. Complete waste of time. Now, just WHAT makes you think ANY of the jackasses would listen to you. YOU are wasting your breath!!!

  • Albert D. Brown

    06/24/2019 06:41 AM

    Very Good. I never thought of it like this but it should be done.

  • Donna Brendle-Parrish

    06/24/2019 05:32 AM

    Thank YOU...Very well said...Shared to Twitter!!!
    #TrumpPence2020 #PromisesMadePromisesKept

  • Ronnie Inskeep

    06/24/2019 03:46 AM

    There he goes making sense again. Love Gov Mike. Best idea I've heard yet. Stop the showboating. Keep up the good work.

  • Kenna Maccalum

    06/24/2019 02:20 AM

    I agree wholeheartedly!

  • G.K. Epperson

    06/24/2019 01:31 AM

    Gov. Huckabee I am in total agreement with your friendly advice to the presidential candidates video message. The debates are indeed dictated by the media...and should not be. Everything you said is "right on"! I don't think anyone could have worded it any better than you did. I hope what you said will help them realize that there needs to be change in the way debates are handled....not just for this election but for the ones to come in the future.

  • Karin McClelland

    06/24/2019 12:54 AM

    You give the best advice & I admire your quick whit & subtle sarcasm!!

  • Carl Smith

    06/24/2019 12:49 AM

    Walter Lippman in person " Self Importance has Ruined more good journalist Than bad Liquor" Problem is CNN & MSLSD have no GOOD journalist just opinion people looking for camera time!

    Your right ! Quit giving the Dim Wits Advice and lets get on with the Clown Show.

  • Joe Kunkle

    06/24/2019 12:26 AM

    I love your sensible and concise recommendations to the Democrat candidates! It will be interesting to see if they take it to heart and mind, and do it! Honestly, I have had a hard time watching the campaign "debates" in the past for the very disgusting reasons you have mentioned! The unfairness and rudeness the candidates must endure defeats the purpose of the event. The candidates and viewers deserve better!

  • Peggy Holder

    06/23/2019 09:50 PM

    Great advice, Mike. I have the utmost respect for you and your opinion. We will see if any of the debates turn out to be more than a circus.

  • Jerry Korba

    06/23/2019 09:33 PM

    I watched the Advice video to the Dems. a very good public service attempt to make the (debate) watchable I will be working a kids FP game however if I get home in time I may tune in to catch the folly they no doubt will bring to the stage. I do not expect to hear any substance just the same old crap how do we destroy America and the Presidency. Most of the Left's education has been to bring down what makes America great someone will write the candidates a word and they try to use it in a sentence they rehearse for a few days and they all become parrots remember the the words Collusion, Manufactured, Conspiracy, Racist, Bigot, Treason, Hitler, you get the picture, same Old Crap slim chance any of them will come up with a solution to our Nations problems they will create new ones that the DEM. way. Waste of time and resources when i see that losing bunch and the donations to the candidates I say to myself what about Childrens Hospital St. Judes, Wounded Warriors, 911 victims so many good places for good money to do great things and they donate to bad Dems. who are trying to destroy the Country what a waste.

  • Judy Ogren

    06/23/2019 09:30 PM

    Huckabee is spot on, as usual !

  • Susan Zitella

    06/23/2019 09:25 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I see how your daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders acquired so much common sense. Excellent advice to the Democratic candidates & for both parties’ future debates. It would be great if they followed this advice.

  • Patricia J. Hemric

    06/23/2019 09:07 PM

    Great advice, we'll see if it's followed!

  • Victoria DeLacy

    06/23/2019 09:03 PM

    Excellent advice, Mike!