January 21, 2020

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  • Annette Harvey

    01/21/2020 04:18 PM

    I pray that Gods Will, will be done as we enter this phase of the impeachment of our President today and the days that follow.. I have voiced some of these concerns in the past, and I apologize for repeating myself in some instances. I am, honestly, only trying to understand how and why things got this ugly.
    Donald Trump, unexpectedly and surprisingly won the 2016 election, to be our President. I think we were in desperate need of a President who would be a leader, here in the US, and in the world. Obviously, most of us wanted such a leader. Granted, Trump was and is like no other President, ever. He isn't a "presidential" kind of guy. He was and is an exceptional business man. Having studied psychology, its easy to see that Trump IS a type "A" personality. He often times has the personality of a bully, as did Teddy Rosevelt, so some don't like the bully, but he is the man God created him to be, bully and all. He is not a perfect man. Just as no man is perfect. He has made mistakes just as all men have. Like it or not, he isn't a hand stamped politician, he is only and simply a man who loves his country. He made a difficult decision and decided to run for the office of the US President because he thought maybe he could make America Great Again. He tweets!! OMG, he tweets!! Why should that be a problem? Everyone tweets, and it enables him to be transparent with the American citizens. If I remember correctly, non- transparency was a big problem! Because of Trumps tweets, we are informed, daily. How can that be wrong? He is not a perfect man, and perhaps he has made some bad, maybe wrong choices in his endeavors to do what's right, but I ask you, honestly, wouldn't that be a true fact for every single one of us? Do you really think proceeding Presidents, before Trump, were perfect men, making perfect decisions? I see a man, in Trump, who is honestly, only trying to make America Great Again. He has not committed any crimes that would cause harm to our democracy. Instead, I see the other side doing that.
    I use to lean towards being a democrat, and when Obama ran for President, I was thrilled. I am a white woman, and thought it was a great thing to have a black President. It was time. However, it wasn't long into his first four years before I was seriously and deeply concerned at his many faults. Many of us felt the same way. We were stunned at some of the many things he said and did, in his goal to "fundementally change America." So, we prayed! Many of us prayed and waited for the next election so, possibly, things could change for the best. That's the way its been, through out our history, as Americans, we have a say in who we elect. If we don't like someone, we vote differently, the next time around. Simple!
    President Trump wins the election. For many of us, it was a great, wonderful change, and for many, it was a reason to begin impeachment. In their opinion, the wrong person was elected. So, this imperfect man won, and set out to "Make America Great Again." He didn't mouth out political lies and coverups, he made promises and fulfilled them. The proof is in the pudding, today, America is much Greater Again. Trump is getting things done that politicians were unable to get done, ever, and he continues to do what's best for America!
    Why can't people do what we have done for years, if we don't like him, vote him out? Why do we have to hate him and or hate those who hate him? Why do we have to let this decide our America? Why do we have to let this hatred effect our young people and their futures?
    I have struggled, in my thinking, trying, honestly, to figure out all the "why's???" where trump is concerned. Why are politicians, our leaders, lieing and slandering the man that the American citizens voted for?? Sadly, in my opinion, there is only one conclusion and that is that the dems have a whole new agenda for the United States. Its been planned for many years and Obama was their man to begin the fundemental change of America. Hillary was their chosen one to finally bring it all about... BUT, people had been praying and God was listening and to everyone s surprise, God gave America Trump, an imperfect man, A man who's simple desire was to Make America Great Again! The dems agenda is no longer a big surprise, their goal is to make America a socialist government. Its as simple and scary as that. I am only an old, pretty much uneducated woman, and yet I can see clearly, that their agenda would be the beginning of the end of our Great and Wonderful United States of America. I could go on and on, but history speaks loud and clear if we would only pay attention. Socialism does not work. It never has.
    I will keep praying, and I know countless others will do the same. I pray that people will pull off their blinders and seek the truth in prayer. I pray that people will put aside their hatred and seek God for our direction. I pray that people will get out and vote, this coming November. Stop hating and start voting! Thank you for your time.
    Annette Harvey

  • Annmarie Scottson

    01/21/2020 03:34 PM

    I'm horrified by this travesty of government. We need to pray for our nation.