May 18, 2020

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  • Jerry Brown

    05/20/2020 03:06 PM

    Great coverage Mike, glad to see it. They should all be on trial for treason.

  • Linda Jolly

    05/19/2020 04:35 PM

    I hope this plays out all the way this country has been hurt enough by the democrats and so has our President and family and all the people that have lost there lives over this its time for pay back

  • Janice L Reed

    05/19/2020 01:05 PM

    I agree with you Mike, they should be in Gitmo now!

  • Ted Schlueter

    05/19/2020 09:44 AM

    I agree with you 100%! I only hope the wheels of justice begin to turn soon, I'm losing faith in our government.

  • Pamela A Richardson

    05/18/2020 07:09 PM

    Love this video! You are so right; I am so happy we have President Trump in office now. We need to keep him in 4 more years. We also need to expose all the rotten apples in Washington!

  • Myra Glee T Richardson

    05/18/2020 03:55 PM

    Very important. Thank you.

  • Janice R Nowsk

    05/18/2020 03:55 PM

    Preach it Governor !!! Thank you for speaking truths, for being a Patriot, and for standing up for righteousness, honesty, patriotism and mist importantly, JUSTICE!!

  • Margaret Dennison

    05/18/2020 03:55 PM

    So tired of all the lies they all need to pay for what they have done including Obama

  • Wesley Evans

    05/18/2020 03:34 PM

    According to AG Barr he didn't see anything criminal coming for Obama or Biden, That was today 05/18/2020, I'm really disappointed about that.