December 17, 2019

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  • Roy Stauffer

    12/18/2019 02:48 PM

    why can't the DOJ get involved in this issue why are the american citizens being treated as second class citizens and no one will do anything to these democrats

  • beverly schultz

    12/18/2019 09:33 AM

    Just another way to get a vote

  • david parsons

    12/18/2019 08:58 AM

    Only reason this was done is because Democrats realize they can not beat trump the LEAGAL WAY!!

  • Irene Zamarron

    12/18/2019 06:00 AM

    To deport illegals I say yes and no. If should be a case by case basis. The United States Government and USA businesses have either not protected its border or encouraged illegal immigration. Some illegals have been here 20-30 years and to deport them now would be inhumane especially with birth right citizenship children. It's Congresses fault. However there are solutions for everything given a little compromise. All illegal immigrants miss their country. Make exceptions and legalize them without possibility to become citizens. Let them travel to their country. Deport criminals and anyone
    here after 2008 (4 e.g.) Seal up the borders! North and South.

  • Paulette

    12/17/2019 07:27 PM

    Voter Fraud is going to happen from these illegals that's why they're giving them Drivers license stop this we need voter ID in a form of a credit card or something. God Bless you and President Trump

  • Amelia Little

    12/17/2019 07:25 PM

    Does the law demand that those getting licenses have to be able to read English (assuming they have to not only take the test, but go out with DMV to SHOW they can drive.) About a year ago, while waiting to renew my license, a woman was at the counter, there was a man interpreting for her about the eye test, answering those questions. Then, he was allowed to go with her to take the written test!!! Not too long after, there was a woman who looked much like her sitting in the center of where 6 streets converge. Although there were arrows above the lights on all the streets, directing what lane to be in. Stopped traffic for 2 light cycles. So, safer since they have a license? Not necessarily. Will be interesting to see if they follow the law about insurance, too.

    Another concern to me would be--now they have their photo ID---bet there will be whatever number of illegals they can round up to vote. Unless there is a designation on the license that shows you are a citizen. There has been voter fraud for a long time, but there are those who say, well, it's just a few, we'd be wasting too much money to track fraud, to deal with it. Then, especially in 2018 voter fraud was exposed at a much greater number (so one would wonder how bad it was previously, with a cover up) so I'd be concerned about those in charge of voting to check on citizenship.

  • Paulette

    12/17/2019 07:23 PM

    This is allowing illegals to vote in our election the exact thing they're accusing the President of. Foreign interference with the 2020 election these people broke our laws and their not American citizen. We need a form of Voter ID ASAP not by Drivers license this is not good for America. God Bless you and President Yrump.

  • Julie Hays

    12/17/2019 07:10 PM

    This must stop !!!! BUILD THE WALL!!!! DEPORT!!!!!

  • Stephen Smith

    12/17/2019 06:50 PM

    Why are they issuing drivers licenses to illegals? Talk about voter fraud!!! I guess that's the Democrats interference in the election.

  • ROGER Chandler VOSS

    12/17/2019 06:47 PM