December 19, 2019

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  • Mauro Maietta

    12/20/2019 09:43 PM

    Mr. Governor
    Our president and his followers are so lucky to have you in our corner. First an advisery and now a true allie. And u kent us ur great dtr!!

  • Minerva Vicioso

    12/19/2019 07:58 PM

    My President will come out victorious from this

  • William Dalton

    12/19/2019 07:15 PM

    They cut thier own throats they will loose the house in 2020

  • Wm. L Patterson

    12/19/2019 06:58 PM

    Democrats are wasting millions of taxpayers money on this witch hunt that more than likely Obama and Soros are behind the whole thing

  • Walter Wigdzinski

    12/19/2019 06:54 PM

    do just the opposite of the dems follow all the rules and dont give in to the dems demands!!