March 17, 2020

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  • Christine Patrick

    03/21/2020 12:08 AM

    We need to make our own drugs here at home in America this is ridiculous

  • Nancy Shankin

    03/18/2020 09:44 PM

    We should have NEVER let this happen from the beginning. It's been like this for years!!!! We do not know what we are getting from them!!!! They can't be trusted!!!!! Now look!!!!

  • Christy Click

    03/18/2020 07:57 AM

    There is absolutely no reason why we cannot produce our own. China does not have secret recipes

  • Donna Moody

    03/17/2020 10:12 PM

    WHY is the USA relieing on China for medical supplies? Why isn't the USA producing their own medical supplies?

  • James R Sharp

    03/17/2020 07:41 PM

    Just remember all after this is over and shut their economy down. Until then hold your on.

  • Judy Ingram

    03/17/2020 07:28 PM

    Fear of getting any drugs from China. They want to take over so they could try to wipe us off the map by using drugs. Can we develop our own drugs? The side affects in most drugs are worse than the cure now days anyway. some people need drugs to survive. We should research our own.