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  • Steven Szeman Sheung

    05/30/2020 06:16 PM

    There is no 1st Amendment rights to lie. Lie is a form of speech and therefore still free speech.

  • Veva Villinger

    05/28/2020 09:54 AM

    Absentee voting is safer than what the democratics want to do. Absentee voting is proving who you are and that you are a true registered voter. What the dems want is to send them out to everyone , where it can be exposed to fraud big time. AND YOU KNOW THIS. What the dems want to do is wrong.

  • Barbara A Moore

    05/28/2020 09:37 AM

    Yeah, Mike, Donna Brazile was brutal on the Twitter issue. Sure you probably feel disgraced that Fox uses Brazile as a contributor with her very checkered past. Ashamed of Fox for doing this.