September 29, 2019

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  • Luella Bandstra-Johnson

    10/25/2019 08:59 PM

    We know the Devil and his demons are hard at work on these crooked Democrats.
    I pray for President Trump and Vp Pence. I am happy to hear they are starting investigations into these people because they seem to be rotten to the core.
    I cannot constantly give money to all that ask me to because aaai live on 1200 a month but I can make up for it by sending messages on Facebook and through prayer.
    Thank you for all you do to help.

  • Ruthie and Don Schultz

    10/19/2019 05:21 PM

    I feel as if I know you... Don does too! I read all your newsy emails and I thank you for your efforts to reach out to conservatives. Your updates help when we're out of town!! Some days I feel as if we are a mile away from sanity, and other days I feel comfortable that we're on the right path. Between you and the President of the United States, Donald J Trump, we feel blessed and thankful for you two! Oh, and we're grateful for your daughter - she's the conservative party's darling! And what about Sean Hannity? The funny business would be swept under the rug if it wasn't for him night after night!
    p.s. We're going to attend the next rally that's near South Carolina. We hope to see you there....
    p.s.p.s. We pray every day for our president's safety!!
    Fondly, Ruthie, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
    26 Bridgetown Road, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928

  • Jennifer Gillis

    10/04/2019 05:28 PM

    Awesome commentary - as usual!

  • Margaret Hicks

    10/03/2019 06:21 PM

    Thank you for saying the truth, got some laughs, Thousands of babies are aborted every year but Progressive'/Socialists would't kill a snake if it was chewing off their leg

  • Bernadine Medved

    10/02/2019 05:57 PM

    Enjoying your daily commentary! So many of us out here appreciate knowing that we are far from alone in our convictions! Where can we sign up for a trip to Israel with you?!?!

  • Alice Atkinson

    10/01/2019 11:43 PM

    I think the democrat legislators should not be paid their salary because they are not doing the job they were elected to do!

  • Shirley Taylor

    10/01/2019 06:37 PM

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, what else can you say after that magnificent monologue. I love you Mike Huckabee and I can only imagine what we would be today if you had won the race for president.

  • Nancy D Willprecht

    10/01/2019 04:13 PM

    Good to hear. Keep giving us the rest of the story.

  • Jane Faatz Mitchell

    10/01/2019 12:01 PM

    The Congress has been obstructing the President the entire time he has been in the White House. It makes me sad and frustrated. When will things change?
    And the Climate Change people are horrible! There is a difference between a conversationalist and an environmentalist. Thanks, Mr. Huckabee for talking about this difference!

  • Mayra Aguirre Scherrer.

    10/01/2019 03:22 AM

    Dear Gov. Mike Huckabee. I hope you are ok. I am sorry for being late with you. I missed your Show on tv on the weekend. I saw President Trump on Video. And I was happy to hear that he is not going to take Social Security out. Also on this side I am being challengeed. It is not enough to live like this. But God will find a way; Where there is no way. Also, I am being concern about my Neighbors children. I do not understand why they are being upset. What is butter me the most. And I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. But, some of our Citizens needs to do what is right too. Well, the reason I am telling you this. Is that some of the blacks and some whites are doing Drugs and drinking. It makes me get up very late. As a matter of fact. I need to get up early tomorrow. And I fall asleep for 6 hours. I live in a very big storage building. And the walls are very thing. And the Apartments are closer to another it affects me very much. Because I do not drink and do Drugs. Also, this evening, while I was trying to wake up and go to the kitchen to prepare my Meal. I heard a Lady arguing with the children by the corner of my Apartment. And I thought, should I go out and see what happened? Or should I stayed inside.? But then, I realized No I do not want anything happened to them. And one of the kids was screaming! And saying I think that they did not do nothing! Then I told them I going to call the Police and they said call them and I did. And they helped as always. After talking with the Ladies. I came outside I think of my Apartment. And told the Lady, that the kids were not doing nothing. But she said that they did.! And then I said. I don't know, because I did not see it. I also told her, that her Son, comes around my Unit and hung around with the people on 220 B. They drink, etc. which is not right.! And now she is finding fault on the Kids. I do not think is right.! Then she started me accusing me on things I do not do. And what is butter me the most, is that she said that the Manager was going to give the Kids an iviction which is not right.! You see! I always trying to mind my own business in this place. And little things little things like this, always happening to me.

  • Joanne Catherine Schmidt

    09/30/2019 08:33 PM

    Are Fox and AON the only news outlets that reported how three Democrat Senators, including Patrick Leahey, threatened to withhold money from the Ukraine if it did not get dirt on Donald Trump? That's above and beyond the Joe and Hunter Biden scandal. Yet we hear nothing from the rest of the media because the Dems own them. We all know George Soros is behind much of this as he seeks to turn the U.S. into a socialist country through his command of the media. The Dems don't need to "prove" anything against Trump; the three-year drumbeat in the press is bound to cause confusion and doubts.

  • Wanda Smiglewski

    09/30/2019 07:04 PM

    I think all these Democratic impeachment’s and hearings would end if they had to pay for them out of their own pockets instead of sticking the bill to us...the taxpayers! They would think more than twice I imagine.

  • Dot Whitley

    09/30/2019 05:49 PM

    When this world is going to end is in Gods hands, and nobody will have the power to stop Him. I do know it is going to end one day, because the Bible tells us this is so. We need to think about this, and pray that we are prepared to meet Him when that day comes whether it ends for some of us by death, or whether we will be alive when it happens, it's definitely going to happen.
    The earth is going to be destroyed by fire, so this terrible heat should remind us that God is in control,and more than anything we don't want to go to hell. The next life is what we should be concerned about. This earth will never be a perfect place, because it's not suppose to be.
    Where are the parents of these young boy's and girl's? Correct your kids,by teaching them the truth, and stop listening to corrupt politicians. Dot Whitley

  • Sherri Dobbs

    09/30/2019 05:06 PM

    I agree Mike. The issue with me is that every since President Trump was elected and even before--everything that the Dems accused Trump of, they (the Dems have done themselves). Did you notice that in the runup to the election, the same thing happened in 2015-16. It is just to distract the voters in hopes we would be angry and vote for the Dems...Id Biden is the best the Dems have to offer, I see no way they could win anything. But then I haven't seen anyone or heard any platform from a single one of them that would garner my vote.

    I wish they're constituents would vote out every single one that's been there forever. We have some new Reps and Senators that might be acting for the American people. Most however, have done absolutely nothing for the past 12 years.

    I'll vote for Trump, period! He has more patriotism than I've seen in all my life. I'm 66 years old. I am very proud enough Americans woke up and got tired of the business as usual, and elected a businessman, instead of another politician. In my mind, politician equals crook!

    Thank you Governor for keeping your character and not bowing to the political left. We love you!! Love your show too!!

    God bless you and Mrs. Huckabee!!


  • Marcia Fraser

    09/30/2019 02:10 PM

    Next to going to church and Bible Study, YOU , Governor, are my biggest Feel Good Go To!


    09/30/2019 02:04 PM

    The demorats want Trump gone so they can finish ruining AMERICA.That will never happen. TRUMP 2020

  • louis Zachman

    09/30/2019 10:48 AM

    When does this end? These "duly elected" officials lie and stretch the true and the media just ignores all the law breaking (ie Biden using his office to keep his son from investigations) WHEN DOES IT END. We've even been through a president that pretty much hated America (Obama) and we still elect Muslims into our congress !!! When does it end? Are heading for a new civil war? Is that the only way to reclaim America?

  • Lucinda Frerich

    09/30/2019 09:59 AM

    How can we continue to pay these people to do a job that they are not doing? Their politics is a charade! There needs to be consequences in not just lying but disrespecting,and wasting tax payer money! They don't respect the hardworking American citizens who pay for their job that they don't do. Leave the President alone! He could get more done for us, than have to deal with socialistic Democratic charade! They have NO respect or good ethics for anyone!

  • Rudy Baker

    09/30/2019 09:26 AM

    Democrats have shown that their hate for President Trump is greater than their love for our country. Republicans must back our President and defeat this attempt to destroy our country.

  • Kay DeWitt

    09/30/2019 09:07 AM

    Wonderful message as usual! And, as one who is going to try and see IF God can use me to inspire the HE who is in Christians take a stand against the he who is in the Democrats and authoring their obsessive hatred of our President, it struck me as grievous that the passion that moved so many people to protest because of their love for that which God CREATED, has not moved Christians to protest against the mockery that has been made against the values of our CREATOR because of THEIR love for the CREATOR!

  • Steve Schneider

    09/30/2019 08:26 AM

    The Democrat party is now more corrupt than the Cuban government and many more times more dangerous to the internal workings of the United States. They must be stopped at all costs. This has to stop! We must hold Schiff, Pelocy, Nadler,and the entire Liberal Socialist Party accountable for the lies and treasonous acts that they are perpetrating on our country. I pledge my life to helping.

  • ken wingfield

    09/30/2019 08:25 AM

    thanks for your stand for the LORD!

  • April Allison-Garlow

    09/30/2019 12:46 AM

    I think the Democrats are using the playbook from the Spanish Inquisition for this impeachment. Reads the same, as far as I can tell--the players may have different names but the means, and end goals are the same.

  • Thomas Fast

    09/30/2019 12:06 AM

    There have been 41 “end of the world” predictions made since 1967. As you can see, none them happened. If you have been to Yosemite, you would know the valley was formed by glacial carving. How many years ago did that glacier melt? The current warming trend didn’t just start a couple of years ago. It’s been happening before any of us living were born.

  • Rallen Fontenot

    09/29/2019 11:53 PM

    Governor Huckabee, as always you make excellent points. Keep up the great work and thank you!