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  • Joann Torvik

    01/18/2020 05:05 PM

    Nancy has to give up drinking before she hold a press conference. She is totally unstable, needs to leave off because mental illness. Pens with her signature on them and giving out to people is totally unacceptable. Crazy as bat S--T.

  • cliff Bartz

    01/18/2020 02:29 PM

    why would she call him that? he hasen't done anything yet. i don't see any democartes in hand cuffs. he needs to get off his ass and do something.

  • Terry Sullivan

    01/18/2020 02:18 PM

    She is a mental patient. And has a under lying agenda (probably for CLINTON) to charge everyone and anyone is Russia Collusion! To protect Joking Biden.

  • Susan Ratliff

    01/18/2020 01:02 PM

    This is so very sad. Nancy Pelosi is a trouble maker and does not want our country to be stable; this is so very obvious. She has done nothing these past three years but lie and deceive. She is an embarrassment and I wish she would just step down. She just stirs the pot and puts misinformation into peoples’s heads. She is not the President and never will be in charge of this country; no matter how much she lies and manipulates. That is all she does. She should be ashamed of herself. Along with Adam Schiff, Jerry Nader and Chuck Schumer. Together , they are tearing us up. I no longer view them as loyal Americans. They are pouting because Hillary Clinton did not, thankfully, win the election.

  • Naomi Smith

    01/18/2020 10:28 AM

    As usual, Nancy Pelosi is spewing meaningless hot air.

  • Wanda Segars

    01/18/2020 10:11 AM

    This whole impeachment is a hoax to take eyes off all the laws the Democrats have broken and all the illegal laws they are trying to pass

  • Wendy G Harring

    01/18/2020 02:06 AM

    Why can't anybody stop these people from lying through this?

  • Robert Kuch

    01/17/2020 11:41 PM

    Seems to me that the AG's investigation is uncovering destructive evidence against those on the left. This may further destroy any confidence anyone has for those on the left. Makes one wonder how involved Pelosi and others are.

  • Bob Grace

    01/17/2020 10:32 PM

    You tell em Trey.

  • Julie harris

    01/17/2020 05:15 PM

    Better watch out Nancy you barking up the wrong tree! Your Son and yourself are in a little trouble!