September 3, 2019

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  • Alan Doud

    09/14/2019 07:35 AM

    I have tried to get both sides to realize that the only thing name calling and degradation only accomplishes a defensive reaction.

  • Raymond D Babcock

    09/09/2019 12:46 AM

    Even God will give up on a person.

  • Ron Gabler

    09/07/2019 01:40 PM

    " Silence in the Face of EVIL IS EVIL ...God will Not hold us Guiltless" Rev.Dietrich Bonhoffer. Martyred for Christian Faith by Nazis April 1944

  • Helen Tritt

    09/07/2019 11:28 AM

    I used to have a best friend of 60 years who happens to be a democrat and she says she hates talking about "politics and religion" so refuses to have any mention of those topics by her refusal to say anything by immediately changing the subject to instantly talking about the birds and squirrels in her yard. Honestly, I do not like politics either because of the MASSIVE CORRUPTION THAT HAS BEEN TAKING PLACE FOR DECADES. Fortunately, President Trump is the ONLY PRESIDENT TO HAVE THE COURAGE OF EXPOSING JUST HOW DEEP IT RUNS, AND I AM VERY GRATEFUL. Corruption, which the democrats/socialists refuse to talk about is nothing more than the onset of socialism/communism and they do not seem to understand the dangers. TOTALLY INSANE!! Thank you again, Governor for your TRUTHFUL SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY. God Bless You.

  • Oscar Williams

    09/07/2019 07:55 AM

    It WORKS! Many times, just listening will convince the "opposition" that their point of view is baseless. That their premise is FALSE. Most of the time, young "liberals" are merely expressing emotion. They've heard the liberal message that "Conservatives are responsible for all things bad", and want someone to blame for their "miserable lives". After the feathers have settled, I ask, "How is your life miserable? And "What did President Trump DO to make your life miserable?" And I listen to the crickets.

  • Phil Cohn

    09/07/2019 07:52 AM

    This is a great conversation we all need to have. Especially when referring to. Jesus words which brings a new perspective to people who haven’t heard them before. There is a movement to take Jesus words to every home in America. called Check it out to see how you can participate.

  • Phil Cohn

    09/07/2019 07:20 AM

    Mike, This is exactly right. We’ve started a movement to take Jesus words, LOVE YOUR ENEMY” to every home in America. Thousands of churches have joined since starting last year. See what’s happening at
    In Jesus Name!
    Phil Cohn

  • John Erts

    09/07/2019 05:58 AM

    Great ideas

  • Marshall Goldman

    09/06/2019 07:51 PM

    Great interview, Governor, with Arthur C. Brooks. I'm going to read his book. I think President Trump might be wise to read it as well. Thanks for all Your Common Sense.

  • James Harrison

    09/06/2019 07:36 PM

    Yes there is a fix and the family is the key brother. We have a moral and a leadership issue in American and the homes, specifically the fathers in them, are not doing their job. What you and Arthur discussed today is a result of that , a symptom. If you want to fix what is wrong in America you must first fix the family - end of story. www,

  • Lawrence Hoya

    09/06/2019 07:15 PM

    Loved this interview with Arthur C. Brooks you did Mike Huckabee. I never looked at that point of view before. It woke me up and made a lot of sense also.

  • Anne Amato

    09/06/2019 07:10 PM

    DOLLIE are correct! I to am retired after working all my life...and now living "paycheck to paycheck".... barely making it anymore. Trouble is really multi-fold:
    1) Our generation is the last of the really big generations....and more money is required due to numbers. We are really viewed by many as "expendable".
    They forget....when we were younger and working, the statistics were about 17 people working for each person receiving Social Security. Now...there are about two.
    2) During Vietnam, when the government decided to dip into the Social Security funds, that created a shortage. (When we were young....and Social Security became a reality, it was "billed" as a "guaranteed retirement program". And....working to make a living, there was very little left over for savings or other "retirement programs"... and company sponsored programs did not even come onto the scene until well into our work life span. And...even now it seems that the fund is utilized for many programs other than Social Security.

    3) Many other programs to help those who do not qualify for Social Security or other types of aid...are now also the expense of a raise in Social Security. Yes...programs are needed....but at whose expense?

    4) The "poverty level" NEVER goes of us....are a few bucks over...and do not qualify for any breaks....such as heating aid or whatever.

    5) and prices continue to rise....and....more and more people coming into our country....and "sanctuary cities"... and they are cared for.....and we are not.

    If this President really wants to bring out this voting generation, maybe give a measly 4-5 percent raise in Social Security monthly benefits.....WITHOUT having that raise automatically go to raises in Medicare premiums!
    As far as this video goes, I agree....and find myself in situations where I am the only Conservative. I do say what I think, however (calmly)....if the subject arises...and I do keep myself fully informed (from multiple sources) on issues that tend to arise.

    I agree with the view that we should love one our pleasant to each other. But...sometimes we need to stand up and stand firm for what we believe to be the truth. Let God guide our words. Let those to whom we are speaking, be willing to listen and think about them.

    Have found lately that if somebody disagrees with me about any political issue, and they do not have an informed response, they attack me on the basis of my religion with....."What would Jesus think of that--what would Jesus do?" I usually have a thoughtful response...but....when people do not have any answer, they sometimes try "throwing your religion back in your face".

  • Richard Bourgeois

    09/06/2019 06:35 PM

    In November, President Trump, all Republican Senators and Representatives will earn from hundred thousands to an expected one hundred thousand of votes for pushing an idea in their campaign. I tried to share with any established Republican, no one listen to an 84 year oldster. IDEA: Increased the muster out pay for all retiring soldier by $35 to cover one year membership in The American Legion or VFW so they can adjust to civilian life among other Veterans that experienced that first year. President Trump could have a monthly article in The Legion's monthly magazine mailed to Veterans everywhere to update progress aimed for Veterans...all for $35!
    You would assist The Legion & VFW to get younger members to join, and bring fresh ideas into our Veterans Club!

  • Richard Fein

    09/06/2019 05:16 PM

    I listen to your interview with Arthur C. Brooks and I was overjoyed to hear you identify a lack of God and His teachings as the cause of all our divisions and hate in America today.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  • Joseph

    09/06/2019 05:11 PM

    I see the love an forgiveness thing is what got us here in the first place. I believe that spare the rod an spoil the child is the beginning of the decline of Society. When all you do is forgive you give others the power over you and this is why the Democrat party has morphed into the party of hate because not enough people over the years cared enough to stand up for the right things . Some people only respond to strength and see kindness as weakness. You don't need to be violent but you can't be afraid to be stern either. Being afraid of labels is why there are so many being used today. If someone doesn't have the mindset to debate you are just wasting your time an energy as there are plenty of others who will debate and they have the ability to accept at least some of what you have to say and that makes both sides winners.

  • Anne Hill

    09/06/2019 05:00 PM

    Dear Mr.Huckabee,As an eightyfive year old woman who raised six children,I feel sorry for the kids growing up today.They seem to have no boundaries,can do whatever they like,and there is no punishment for bad deeds.If the parents try to correct bad behavior,they become the villain.Family life has gone done the drain.This is the result of the idea that we stunt their growth by making rules and holding them to it.This liberal crap has ruined the younger generations who think that everything is owed to them and can say and do whatever they feel like.We had all better pray that President Trump is reelected,or the end of the U.S.A. is at hand.Thank you for your excellent program.I watch it every day on my P.C. I think the biggest mistake the American voters make is to only to vote for one party no matter what their ideals are.I have always voted for the candidate not the party.

  • Jim Brookins

    09/06/2019 04:56 PM

    What an uplifting video and an inspirational viewpoint that is highly needed. Just the other day I was thinking along those same lines. Why is there some much animosity? I wanted to move on Gilligans Island and remove everyone just so I could talk to myself without any fear of someone hating me. Every comment even on the simplest things like a Pinterest recipe is getting slammed. Thank you, Mike and thank-you Arthur for spreading more of God's good news. Teaching people LOVE!

  • Joan Detherow

    09/06/2019 04:09 PM

    I just experienced this on Facebook when I made a comment on Mayor Pete's campaign speech about Christianity. Because I said he sounded to me like a hypocrite when he said he knew more about Christian behavior than the people criticizing him. I was called every name in the book and a lot that weren't even after I said it was my opinion and I did not want to fight. Everything you and Arthur Brooks just discussed was on full display. Sometimes I think all the social media websites should be closed but it is probably too late.


    09/06/2019 03:25 PM

    I have not read the book but will try too. He is right I got angry this morning, it seems that no one cares about the elderly. I am a trump fan all the job numbers do not help the elderly. We are old and can't work jobs for more income. The last few years it is terrible at the increase in basic things we need. I was in Dollar general this morning. The fiber I take daily has been $13 monthly for 17.9 ounces (Clearlax) now it only comes in 8.3oz and the price is $8.50. That is and increase of $4.00 and you are getting less. It is like that everytime I go to the store. It is and elderly thing. I am a Trump fan but why dont He really do something about price increase. I know as well as you do God will supply when you trust him and he certainly has for me.
    But I am not seeing happy people. This fiber is like medication for me and now $4.00 more a month. So i dont feel like loving my enemy right now. I feel like a snake is in my chicken house(my monthly income) and I want him out.

  • Cindy Zapotocky

    09/06/2019 03:06 PM

    I get it both of you, but here is the problem in Spokane and flyover America....we are having Drag Queens marching into our town and libraries saying...."We're here to love on children!" At that point, the average Christian activist hair starts on fire and you say to yourself, "Not in my neighborhood library!! Put up the barricades!!" I know it is an issue of self control, but I was there at the South Hill Library this summer, and let me tell you, it was very, very dangerous. The first thing I saw as I walked up to the library to protest their takeover, after I was told by an officer that "my place" was across the street, was police with rifles on the roof calibrating them on us where we were herded away from our library Drag Queens who had gotten a police line around the property. Sheesh. Hard to laugh. They will be back next year. Advice? Those public officials on our side are really struggling, trying to be civil.

  • Paul T. Riemar

    09/06/2019 03:00 PM

    I listened to your conversation with Arthur C. Brooks while in Tahiti. I enjoyed it immensely and thought it was very incisive. That is even though I listened to it 3 days later. Love your tv show. Keep up the good conservative work.

    and tv

  • Norman

    09/06/2019 02:50 PM

    Jesus is perfect, the rest of us are not. Following His teachings help us in many ways.
    That being said, you ask how do we reverse this trend of fighting each other all the time. Most of it, I think, has to do with education. Not the kind of education that makes you elite and arrogant but the kind that helps you understand the true meaning of words so that we understand their multiple meanings. This way we can apply our understanding to relate or disagree based on the truth. Emotional excitement out of ignorance is the root problem I feel. This is due to the communist and socialist intentions of taking over our nation's school's and keeping young people ignorant so they can be shaped in bad ways. This includes the gangster culture that promotes four letter words in public by teens that see no reason to stop it.
    Almost every word in the dictionary has multiple meanings. Talking about a rooster by different names can infuriate the ignorant pure. Another example might be when you get hit in the head for calling someone a "homo sapien." It has to stop and a good education can even help humorous people from getting hurt. After all, it is humor that gives life meaning. If humor and words are taken out of context, life has no meaning.

  • Peggy Rendleman

    09/06/2019 02:50 PM

    Excellent perspective.

  • judith jakub

    09/06/2019 02:43 PM

    My last brother, battling cancer, has not spoken, emailed or facebooked me since 2016 when Trump was running. I was a democrat, at that time, but I could NOT, in good conscience, vote for Clinton, knowing her anti-American hatred and her incessant greed of power while selling us out to the Taliban and Muslims. I friended him, again, 2 weeks ago, it's still a "no go". He refuses to acknowledge me in ANY way and it saddens me, totally. He refuses to communicate with me just because I am a Trump supporter. He doesn't know this, but I have officially changed my affiliation to Republican, but that's me, I'm not asking him or anyone to change their affiliation, it's a personal matter. Sadly, he and i are the only ones left from 5 siblings and I am, now, recuperating from lung cancer. I am 78 and he is 64.

  • Kathy Hallmark

    09/06/2019 02:40 PM

    Thank you for this video. I agree with what was said.
    As far as restoring humor to the late night shows, stop watching all of them until they quit being mean and hateful.