June 13, 2019

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  • Dawn Crull

    06/13/2019 08:34 PM

    I have concerns, wondering if you are all missing the big picture...America is one of the last Bastions of Sovereign Nations...pick a topic any topic...BORDERS, Angela Merkle stated there would be no Sovereign Nations, The UN stated President Trump had to open the borders. Bilderberg has hand picked many of the World Leaders. ISLAM, is running unchecked in this Country and ALL Countries of the World are seeing a huge influx. And the UN position on Palestine making Israel the fall guy. Increase in antisemitism. ABORTION/All Countries... INFANTICIDE /who would have ever thought that possible /Worldwide. Driving SOCIALISM/only for governmental control. The GREEN new Deal/Climate Change/Control the money. LGBT, Transgender...HR.5...All to make bills to incarcerate their version of HATE SPEECH which will NEVER stop expanding. Open criticism of GOD and conservative beliefs/anything that has BOUNDRIES. GUN control/we were warned by the FOUNDERS. The CONSTITUTION/their desire to make it antiquated. This machine wants to control EVERYTHING. And, the President Donald Trump is a man that loves this Sovereign Nation so a no holes barred battle because 1) they are ALL guilty.. 2) This is Global...WHO is running this?...I want to see them all prosecuted from Obama on down/but I think they are just little puppets...WHO are the puppet masters??? I would not put this to bed even if all the corrupt of this GOVERNMENT are put in GITMO...SOMEBODIES.....are funding and planting the whole plan.

  • Amelia Little

    06/13/2019 01:02 PM

    To comey--you got away with it in the moment--but Karma is coming to bite your keister. You won't continue to get away with it. And, when these criminals are sentences--I think they should get to go to Rikers--since judge vance seems to think that is the appropriate prison for white collar crimes. Seems like crimes committed by high government officials would be even more deserving of going to rikers.