August 11, 2019

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  • Brenda Womble

    09/14/2019 10:44 AM

    How can anyone not see what has been happening in our nation? Perfect commentary about the facts of using racism to undermine our president and those of us who support him.

  • Maria Teresa Rebadulla

    08/20/2019 02:23 PM

    You hit it right on the button. Thanks Mike for clarifying the word racist. Like you I’m sick and tired of that label.

  • Francesca Coppola

    08/14/2019 11:16 PM

    Thank you for your comments. Having been raised in an interracial neighborhood myself, our families all got along and had nothing of this racism we have today. Why go back to when it was very segregated? It seems to me that the Dems want to push their agenda upon us - be it anything that we think differently on, they want us to think, act and bring up our children according to their ways of thinking. That's brain-washing. Racism is part of that brain-washing. We are all equal and when someone tells me I'm a racist because I support DJT for President - it is on their end that they are the racists - against me for my beliefs, choices and way of life.

  • Jay W. Arterberry

    08/14/2019 01:14 PM

    Bravo sir, very well said. I hope the Dems take the time to read this.

  • rodney burke

    08/14/2019 12:33 PM

    very GOOD Mike,

    Libs use the word to separate us. they THINK they are superior but they are the party of DOCUMENTED failure...repeatedly. NYC , CA , NO, Chicago,, Newark, Philly, Detroit, the list is endless. They cannot point to a city past or present where they have succeeded. When Flint has a gross problem, who solved it? I rest my case. This is what communists do. they shut off debate and refuse to accept responsibility for anything. Like children, they think "It's not my fault." When in fact the fault is theirs for the whole WORLD to see.

  • Nellie Williams

    08/14/2019 11:27 AM

    Thank you for these well spoken words.

  • Loraine

    08/14/2019 12:12 AM

    Well said and so true. God bless you and your work

  • Linda Mack

    08/14/2019 12:06 AM

    Love it!!! Keep up the good works. And we miss seeing Sarah ??

  • Patsy Prothro

    08/13/2019 10:21 PM

    Thank you for telling it like it is! I think I can speak for many people just like me. We are sick of hearing about Trump and the rest of us being racist! He is probably less a racist than the people accusing him of being a racist! Racism is not going to retain it's meaning if these people continue to use it in the wrong way!

  • Robert R Engelhardt

    08/13/2019 06:32 PM

    I am not a racist but I honestly do admit to having said racial slurs in the past when really unhappy with lack of job performance with something that I had a deadline to receive.

  • Ronna Weaver

    08/13/2019 03:14 PM

    I always appreciate your comments

  • Kay DeWitt

    08/13/2019 02:55 PM

    After I sent my earlier comment, I kept hearing a replay pf the adjectives Mike used to describe President Trump..
    iile "vulgar" ...and it occurred to me that he confirmed the message I sent to the Trump Team the other I am going to paste it below:
    President Trump needs to get himself another spiritual advisor who can encourage him to proclaim that Christ's love IS the ONLY answer to stopping these mass shootings....BECAUSE...Paula While preaches the prosperity gospel which does nothing more than baptize the American dream....she preaches the world's GOOD life rather than Christ's ABUNDANT life...and rather than HELP president Trump TO die to his SOUL he CAN experience Christ's SUPERNATURAL power....she helps raise him up IN his SOUL power....while, ultimately, works against him!

    Christ's love is able to love the sinner and hate the sin...AND...if President Trump could say to Alec Baldwin...the next time Alec makes fun of him.... "I love YOU, but I hate your SIN against me", he would shut the mouths of his critics real fast!

    While I agree with Stephen Strang that Donald Trump WAS God's choice, I was grieved that he gave credibility to false prophets.....and if Christendom continues TO make a mockery of the REAL gospel of Jesus Christ....with these false prophets and prosperity preachers...., it won't matter WHO wins the political election because we will know God's judgment on America and on all those who claim to know Him!

  • Debra Gerardo

    08/13/2019 01:10 PM

    Totally agree!! Well said!

  • Janet Hale

    08/13/2019 12:20 PM

    Very good! You said exactly I've been thinking. Thank you!

  • James L Todd

    08/13/2019 11:55 AM

    Outstanding commentary, Mike! Really loved it as it hit the nail on the head. Thank you for saying what so many of us think, but can't always put into words. Blessings

  • Virginia Sherk

    08/13/2019 10:38 AM

    The Democrats are digging a huge hole with all their racist remarks and lies, which they will fall into. We true, patriotic American citizens are way too smart to be drug down that hole with them.
    They are driving many of their party to change their political views, some even switching to the Republican party. God Works in mysterious ways and I think He is on the Trump Train.

  • Charles R Morgan Jr

    08/13/2019 09:02 AM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee, for taking the time to comment truthfully on your program, concerned that the left news drive by crowd has tainted the news world of this country and are brain washing methods they employ may be working on the general population, since I've seen no uproar of indiscretion against the hate, lying, manipulation of laws and all Caucasian's are white supremacist.
    Thank you again for getting the truth out.

  • Kay DeWitt

    08/13/2019 03:15 AM


    My message IN the below email to you holds the answer to how he can PROVE this label to be a lie if, in fact, he would become a "born again" Christian (despite the bad name Christians have given TO those words "born again" BECAUSE they have made a mockery of the AGAPE love that is the fruit of one's BEING born again ....however, it was Christ who used those words born again!)

    And the REASON that President Trump's BEING born again IS the answer to his proving his being labeled as a "racist" is a lie because, when one IS truly born again, it is impossible for one to BE a racist..... but his spiritual "advisor", Paula White, will never GIVE President Trump this advice because one cannot give to another what he, himself, does not possess!
    ......................... IN HIS AGAPE LOVE FOR OUR PRESIDENT, Kay DeWitt

  • Patricia Austin

    08/13/2019 12:33 AM

    Common sense has gone out the window! I so wished people would listen to yours! I think all of us are a bit racist, I am for I think it is the height of stupidity to allow the Muslims to infiltrate our country and try and push their ideology on the American People through schools and other means. If we don't stop it soon we will suffer a great loss. They are even allowing time in some schools to share their beliefs, which cannot survive with our Constitution.!

  • robert wells

    08/12/2019 11:36 PM

    BRAVO...I am certainly not stupid as the democrats categorize most Americans.

  • Lance Brown

    08/12/2019 10:26 PM

    CRY HAVOC and let lose the dogs of war. And while your at it drag a few red herrings around the yard. Do not pay any attention to the man behind that curtain. they are always pinning their own shot falls on someone else.

  • Elaine F Soltis

    08/12/2019 07:46 PM

    That is so TRUE Govennor! The Dems can't handle the TRUTH. Because the truth hurts sometimes. There is only one race. The human race. They are constantly chanting "RACIST" and they don't even know what they are talking about! Actually, The way they talk about PRESIDENT TRUMP makes them RACIST! They are the STUPID ones! What I say to the Dems, "GROW UP"

  • Fran F

    08/12/2019 07:43 PM

    New meaning of a Racist is anyone who disagrees with a Democrat! LOL

  • Elizabeth Brody

    08/12/2019 07:35 PM

    Well said. On the mark.

  • Sheryl Barnes

    08/12/2019 07:26 PM

    I wish I could send this to every liberal who thinks our president is racist. I doubt it would sink through their thick skulls. We watch your show every week. Love the show. I guess we will just have to pray for the liberals to eventually see the light.