November 19, 2019

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  • Laurie Hardin

    11/23/2019 08:17 AM

    Absolutely love & support our President & Vice President. Continuously work & pray to make sure they are re-elected in 2020

  • Mark A Gentile

    11/22/2019 01:49 AM

    It is amazing, that the democrats are trying to negate the President's powers and obligations under the Constitution and federal statute. They are trying to convince the American people that Pres. Trump is wrong and the democrats are right...….despite the fact they are ignoring their own statutes and the Constitution. A seated president asking another head of state to investigate possible criminality on the part of a U.S. citizen(s) is not unlawful. However, the democrats are desparate to keep their misdealings from the public eye by creating this circus and accusing the President of their corrupt, illegal activities.

  • Shelley Duty

    11/20/2019 08:39 AM

    I think most of Americans realize this. The frustration is nothing happens to the Democrats that are not only trying to debunk our President... but actually debunk the United States of America! They have become rich themselves in the process!
    They are traitors! Nothing happens to them! Praying for God’s intervention!

  • Amelia Little

    11/19/2019 10:36 AM

    Thank you for providing these videos. Newt Gingrich is very astute. What really caught my ears, and I hope comes to fruition is the destruction of the media (msm) which, of course, they and the left (as you say, I repeat myself) will blame it all on President Trump. They are blinded by their hatred. No, people did not quit watching and hanging on every word of the msm because President Trump accused them (rightly so) of being fake news. They are to blame for doing fake news which is shown to be fake when the facts come out.