September 9, 2019

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  • Bonnie Barton

    09/09/2019 05:04 PM

    I’ll be watching. This young woman has captured the hearts of thousands of people. Sarah is a true example for our young girls to follow. She calls nonsense for what it is while keeping her ladylike composure. Sarah doesn’t need to use ugly language to put an incorrigible in their place. Love her spirit!

  • Amelia Little

    09/09/2019 04:26 PM

    I enjoy these videos you put up. I can see what date it is put up, but it would be quite informative for the actual date of the interview to be shown.

    One thing that stands out--is Sarah Sanders says so much should be done in the home instead of looking to government to solve all our problems. Indeed. Somewhere along the way so many people have been indoctrinated by politicians--of both parties I must say--that they SHOULD depend on government for so many things. So, here we are today. And the wanna-be candidates are really going over the top to try to retain that attitude. So many issues should be dealt with at local, county, and state levels instead of one-size-fits all federal government.

    One thing I have noticed over the years--there are things that have gone on for years with no problem, until some activist decides to roil the pot just because it seems. Take breastfeeding in public. It has gone on for years. Most people didn't even KNOW when a mom was nursing in public. The few who did, might make a snide comment, but just move on. When an activist started, we had women who made a dramatic production of making sure EVERYONE knew she was nursing. Made it more difficult for those who were discrete--because it wasn't necessary to draw attention. The same with transgenders using women's restrooms. Been doing it for years. I don't know of anyone who went into a public restroom and scrutinized every other person in there. We go in for the purpose of using the restroom, maybe checking make up and hair. But, because someone made a big production, it's become a major disruptive issue, and we now have perverts pretending to be transgender to get into women's restrooms for nefarious purposes. So, along comes the open carry issue. Millions of people in open or concealed carry states have been toting guns without incidence for years. For a time after it became an "issue" there were idiots who took it so far as to be packing RIFLES and other large guns in public places strapped to their backs--I guess to make some insane point. THAT screwed it all up for those who had been peacefully carrying for years.