February 3, 2020

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  • deborah caldwell

    02/03/2020 05:38 PM

    Yes I want Schiff gone.

  • Mike Grayson

    02/03/2020 05:14 PM

    I don't believe they are establishing any new precedent with regard to impeachment. A precedent is an opinion of the court that establishes a legal rule. I don't see the "trial" establishing any precedent because a legal "opinion" hasn't been rendered. The lawyers are basing their arguments on the Constitution and prior opinions that have adopted by the courts, they are not establishing any new opinions or precedent.

    Another reason, regarding impeachment precedent, is that the Senate is acting as a jury. They are not in the role of offering an opinion. They are voting based on his guilt or innocent, and on the process under which they operate.

    Now regarding precedent with regards to rules and process - there is no doubt that they have the ability to establish precedent in this area, which is clearly under their authority.

  • Roxanne Brooks

    02/03/2020 04:46 PM

    In my opinion YES! The Democratic’s as a Body of politicians has decided they are above the law. It’s unfortunate. I don’t know the future. I think they’ll Pay in the end...