January 25, 2020

The third and blessed final day of the House Democrats’ impeachment case opener is finally over. Today, President Trump’s team will come in and start correcting all the out of context quotes, misstatements of fact, misrepresentations and outright lies that have filled the Senate for the past three days. I don’t envy them their job, which is on the level of having to hose down and scrub a frat house after a drunken toga party. I hope they remember to wear hazmat suits.

Friday was the day in which the Democrats were supposed to make the case that the President exerting his constitutional rights to executive privilege and court review of subpoenas is an impeachable offense known by the made-up name of “obstruction of Congress” (as many of us have pointed out, that’s better known as “separation of powers,” and it’s in the Constitution.)

While both articles of impeachment are groundless nonsense, this one is a baggie full of brain drool. It’s so utterly ludicrous on the very face of it that law Prof. Jonathan Turley (whom they misquoted the day before to make it seem as if he supports their attempted coup) suggested that the best way for them to limit the damage and get Republicans to agree to call witnesses would be to offer to drop it entirely as a bargaining chip.

Lawyers have a saying: If the facts are on your side, argue the facts; if the law is on your side, argue the law; if neither is on your side, pound the table. Being unable to make an actual case for article two, the Dems spent most of Friday pounding away like Keith Moon. (My favorite part was when they wailed in outrage over the horrific consequences of Trump allegedly delaying the vital military aid to Ukraine that about half the Democrat impeachment managers voted against sending them at all.)

Their over-the-top partisan ranting turned the Senate chamber into the intellectual and oratorical equivalent of a Maxine Waters rally with special guest Robert DeNiro. It was hour after hour of Trump Derangement Syndrome on parade, as they railed about how eeeeeevil Trump is, with Jerrold Nadler at one point even calling him a “dictator.”

If Trump is a dictator, then he must be as lousy at that as he is at being a racist and anti-Semite. Trump has put up with everything from a relentlessly negative news media to vicious mockery on late night “comedy shows” to bureaucrats and House Democrats openly trying to undermine him to rouge federal judges usurping presidential powers to thwart his policies. All he’s done in response is to appeal the judges' rulings while obeying them and send mean tweets. As some commentators pointed out, if Trump were actually a dictator, these people would be in unmarked graves, not all over our TV screens.

Not surprisingly, the nadir came courtesy of Adam Schiff, who actually quoted a CBS claim that a Trump ally told Republican Senators, "vote against the President and your head will be on a pike." I guess he thought Nadler hadn’t already angered and offended the jurors enough. That one actually elicited outraged cries of “That’s not true!” (Something you can yell at pretty much any point during an Adam Schiff speech.)

You know a speaker is bad when he actually provokes such notoriously reticent GOP moderates as Susan Collins to heckle him in the Senate. I bet I can guess whose oversized bobble head they wanted to see on a pike.

Since Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler got high-fives from the media for showing the Senate a clip of Lindsay Graham from the Clinton impeachment of the ‘90s suggesting that abuse of power without a high crime might still be impeachable, it's only fair to see what Nadler was saying during that same era. Oops! Turns out he said that some actual felonies might not even be impeachable offenses, because, after all, you’re talking about overturning the will of the people in a presidential election, “and we must not do so without an overwhelming consensus of the American people and of their representatives in Congress of the absolute necessity.”

Again, I won’t recount the entire day (it would be like making you sit through a Stephen Colbert marathon), but as always, the live blog crew at did an excellent job of summarizing the speeches while providing much-needed truthful notations and wickedly funny commentary.

NBC News caught the shrill, unhinged spirit and published an opinion piece by Noah Berlatsky that leaps from one wild conclusion to another, like a frog on a hot griddle. He starts with the false premise that Trump supporters voted for him because they’re racists and long for a time when America was run by white people. Then he declares that racist voting isn’t just immoral but illegal, therefore the government needs to address that illegal racist voting. Apparently, he’s suggesting that it be made illegal to vote for someone he doesn’t like.

So while claiming they are defending democracy against the fascist Donald Trump, the left wants to impose fascist government powers to make it illegal for Americans to vote for Donald Trump. They show their love of democracy the same way they show their love for “the children”: by killing them.


While Bernie Sanders was stuck in the Senate listening to the equivalent of a tape loop of Maxine Waters ravings, he was unable to attend his own campaign rally in Iowa. So in his stead, he sent two stand-ins who represent exactly what you associate with Iowa heartland values: Hollywood leftist propagandist Michael Moore and New York’s most fashionable socialist Congress member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Not since Professor Harold Hill in “The Music Man” have Iowans been visited by such charismatic con artists promising them a lot but actually knowing nothing other than how to bamboozle them out of all their money.

During her speech, AOC apparently forgot to even mention Bernie’s name, but she did promise to bring to Iowa and America the same kind of socialist policies that have caused employers to flee her New York district in droves. Moore did mention Bernie, declaring, “We have to crush Donald J. Trump with the truth and with a candidate who is the opposite of Donald J. Trump." So if you don’t like reduced government interference in your life, the booming economy and lots of good-paying jobs, vote for Bernie Sanders and get the exact opposite.

Bernie did manage to make an appearance via phone, where he declared, "We are going to win because we are developing an unprecedented multigenerational, multiracial, working-class movement which is prepared to take on the corporate elite and the entire One Percent and put together an administration that stands for justice. Economic justice, social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice." So for the record, socialists have a new con game: If there’s any field that you want to have the government take over completely, just stick the word “justice” after it.

“Yes, you got “justice,” my friends! Right here, I say, ‘Justice’ right here in River City! With a capital ‘J’ and that rhymes with your ‘pay,’ and that’s what we’ll take!...”

PS – Former President Barack Obama is reportedly so concerned that the Dems will nominate an unelectable socialist that he is thinking of speaking out against Bernie Sanders. Question is, will any of Bernie’s base listen to someone as far to the right of them as Barack Obama?


Just since Democrats have been on the latest leg of their “impeach Trump” frenzy, here’s a partial list of what Trump has done: achieved new trade deals with China, Canada and Mexico; presided over new record highs in the stock markets; killed the world’s leading terror strategist and forced Iran to back down; gave a groundbreaking speech defending the American system at the Davos economic conference, became the first President to address the March For Life; and unveiled the logo for the new US Space Force.

Lacking any achievements of their own, Trump’s critics resorted to mocking the logo for looking like the Federation insignia on “Star Trek,” something they would be celebrating as the coolest thing ever if it had been unveiled by Obama.

So let’s play “Spot the Loser”! Trump creates a United States Space Force. His critics stand around jeering at the logo. Who, in this scenario, is pathetic?

Under the circumstances, it should come as no surprise that even as he’s undergoing an “impeachment trial,” Trump is racking up his highest approval numbers ever, with Gallup finding that Americans’ satisfaction “with the way things are going” is at a 15-year high, about four times higher than the lowest points under Obama.

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  • Paul Yoder

    01/30/2020 10:19 AM

    The commen taters that said this "if Trump were actually a dictator, these people would be in unmarked graves, not all over our TV screens" need to remember who President Trump (I love saying that) defeated, and the long list of 'suicides' that plague her/Slick Willie's trail all the way back to Arkansas. PS: Epstein didn't hang himself.

  • Even Lechtenberg

    01/26/2020 05:43 PM

    As usual good commentary Governor. My concern isn’t with impeachment, President Trump will be vindicated, it is with the aftermath. You know the democrats brown shirts will hit the streets. And their”PROTESTING” will continue through the election. Their goal will be to intimidate us President Trump voters to not vote for him. How to contour this is very perplexing. No matter how hard you hit the democrats with facts they will shout louder and louder about a cover up. Re-electing President Trump will be a good start. But what other “DISTRACTIONS” will they come up with. I think they know their time in power is limited and nothing they will come up with will surprise me. Washington DC, the most corrupt city in the world, Needs a good house cleaning. Draining the swamp will not be easy, but it must be done. I don’t care if you have a D or an R by your name the swamp must be drained

  • Michael Garrett

    01/26/2020 05:01 PM

    Shakespeare was right all along in his play, Macbeth. The Demoncrats are full of sound and fury that signifies all, or nothing at all. Or, to quote a famous nursery rhyme, Humpty-Dumbty sat on a wall and Humpty-Dumbty had a great fall. And all the King's men and and all the king's women couldn't scrape up all that egg in their faces from that great fall. The court jester has run out of jokes and now it's time for him to be booed off the stage, exit left.
    Michael Garrett
    Trinidad, Colo. 81082

  • rodney burke

    01/26/2020 04:33 PM

    TDS is on public display with the communists. NO, they are no longer anything CLOSE to democrats. It's time for America to wake up to that fact. They want our demise and the sooner the better. They must be removed, sooner the better and become a party of the past and NOT the future.

  • Mick Smith

    01/26/2020 03:45 PM

    Since one of the "charges" against President Trump in the impeachment circus is "obstruction of Congress", does that mean that a presidential veto of legislation would qualify as an "impeachable offense"? If so, we've got a lot of retroactive impeachment work to be done.

  • judith jakub

    01/26/2020 03:34 PM

    My sincerest "Kudos" to Sen. Graham for his outstanding remarks at taking to task, most of the slanders and lies bestowed on ALL Americans (not socialist/communist left wingers), just "Trump" supporters. I was so encouraged and felt, "Thank God, MY POTUS will finally be vindicated", truly, my prayers. What really bothers me the most of all this slander is one question that no on e seems to have the descriptive answer for, and that is, WHAT OR WHO IS BEHIND ALL THIS HATRED. Everyone answers, "greed", some say they hate him because he's a "business man", these maybe factors, but there seems to be one unspoken answer that is being kept hidden by all people, involved. Is it outside powers, muslim brotherhood desire to rule us and bring "this great country" to it's knees? Or is it someone who feels they are bigger than God????? Or is it OUR punishment because we refused to allow the murderers of Benghazi win? Just wondering.

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/26/2020 02:27 PM

    Mike Huckabee, while I have commented before on how these newsletters force me to look upon the reality of so much darkness....that serves to break my heart and break my heart...I do not want to fail to mention how they, concomitantly, serve to bring comfort to me because your expression of response TO this darkness makes me "feel like" ....if only briefly...that I am not REALLY from another planet because I cannot relate TO what is happening on this planet!

    FOR EXAMPLE....It meant so much to me to hear you state that watching a Stephen Colbert marathon is torturous because it IS tortuous for me to listen to this man be guilty of the kind of hate his Democrat friends are. guilty of say it is this kind of hatred that is killing our kids! And yet his audience gives him a standing ovation!!!!

    Do you have any idea how much it meant to me to hear that someone else SEES that this late show can BE tortuous for some!.....THEN, as I continued to read this newsletter, there were statements you made that offered me that same kind of comfort because you re-echoed what was my "heart's" cry in not only the comment I wrote to you, yesterday, but also in the many comments I have written to you in the past, about how my heart CANNOT separate church from state...politics from religion...when I look upon this impeachment saga!... BECAUSE....

    While listening to the Democrats slam our President for the "letter" of Constitutional law, they are making a mockery of the "spirit" of Constitutional law that AUTHORED the Constitutional laws because the founding fathers based the laws of the Constitution on GOD'S laws so that America could claim to BE "one nation UNDER God"....and HIS laws!

    If this IS true then it is concomitantly true that there is no way the Constitutional law that the founding fathers penned would ever support killing GOD'S babies and saying that God's law about homosexuality being a sin is a lie! So, in GOD'S eyes, Adam Schiff.....and his cohorts...are guilty of a far graver sin than the ones they are accusing President Trump of and because this TRUTH burns like a fire in my bones do I appreciate your voice as "one crying this TRUTH in the wilderness!

    I pray that other Christians will also begin to cry out this truth and that President Trump will get a spiritual advisor who can light this same KIND OF Holy Ghost FIRE in HIS bones....Because what you said in these statements I referred to ARE so anounted....and full of spiritual discernment...I am going to copy, and paste, them below:

    "So while claiming they are defending democracy against the fascist Donald Trump, the left wants to impose fascist government powers to make it illegal for Americans to vote for Donald Trump. They show their love of democracy the same way they show their love for “the children”: by killing them."

  • marvin lagle

    01/26/2020 12:28 PM

    anyone who would vote for bernie sanders and his socialist bs is unamerican, and i would like to know where the democrats were when obama was destroying this country to the point the u.s. could have lost its sovereignty and the democrats never had a problem with anything he did. the democrats are a disgrace and i hope people are smart enough to vote all of them out of office amen.

  • ED Flagg

    01/26/2020 11:26 AM

    Joan & I live in Hope AR.
    We get lots of messages to contribute to the Trump train using this or that "text to" location. We are concerned that many of these fraudulent. Can you recommend a text or email site we can have confidence in.


  • james peace

    01/26/2020 08:40 AM

    Three Stooges:
    Nancy Pelosi – Best described as demented, i.e. driven to behave irrationally due to anger, distress, or excitement.
    Adam Schiff – Best described as a sleazeball, i.e. a disreputable, disgusting, and despicable person. Excels in falsehoods.
    Jerry Nadler – Best described as intellectually compromised, i.e. lacks ability to comprehend the essence of what he espouses.
    This is in no way intended as an insult to Moe, Larry, and Curly who gave their listeners many hours of delightful comedy reliving the many drudges faced along the way, not creating them!
    As I reflect on these three untrustworthy characters, I wonder if they are not a product of Pleasure Island. You know, the place of Pinocchio’s ill fate, the place where unrestrained youngsters were reformed as Donkeys.

  • Rev. Dr. William J. Corbin

    01/26/2020 08:10 AM

    Governor, I just wish you had been chosen as one of the Trump defense attorneys. No one else seems to have as good a grasp of the reality of this huge Democrat hoax being perpetrated on the American people with the aid of the main scream media!
    Keep up the great work of sharing the truth with those of who are read your commentaries and watch your TBN program every week.

  • Jerry Chandler

    01/26/2020 02:41 AM

    Once this stupid impeachment trial is over I strongly suggest that all republicans stay united and work harder than ever to unseat all of the far left democrats who have pushed impeachment these past 3 years. Finally as a reward to those senators who will vote soon to exonerate our president to hold the state of the union address in the senate. The balcony chairs and extra chairs can be put on the main floor for the house republicans. House Democrats can stay home and cry in their beer while watching it on TV.

  • Christine Rogers

    01/26/2020 01:55 AM

    I hadn't had any real confrontation with someone until a few days ago. A huge van that was parked next to my car had "hate Trump" stickers and hand written ones all over his van. Funny...he didn't have any candidates name he was wanting to run for President, he just wanted to spew hatred for Trump. So I asked him, after putting my groceries into my car, why he hated Trump? He said, and I quote, "because he's a liar!" He was already yelling at me and we had just started. I then asked, "What did he lie about?" His response was, "Everything!" and he followed that with how he hates people like me and used some choice words about Conservatives and so on. Fortunately, my husband was there and got out of the car...he was bigger than the big guy trying to bully me. The man continued to spew hate. I asked him to give me just one thing Trump has done wrong (he didn't) he just kept yelling expletives. He continued with his expletives and that I didn't listen to one word he said (well THAT was funny in and of itself)....he kept ranting and got into his van and drove away. Sort of resembled what is going on in the Senate and did go on in the House. ARGH! I cannot even imagine the frustration Jay Sekulow has in trying to speak the truth and the other side just ranting!

  • Edward M Barber

    01/26/2020 12:01 AM

    Great show Gov. I wish TBN had a daily news hour to counter the lying media. God Bless our President Trump.

  • Jeannie c

    01/25/2020 11:42 PM

    Am I behind the curve? Knowledge.. trying to understand what Trump did wrong in trying to get wrongful Biden investigation going. He did all this stuff on Obama’s watch, it was illegal. So, why, Trump getting this straightened out, is it wrong, besides it being a circus? I don’t feel, believe MY President did anything wrong...I believe Biden did! and when he became a candidate, all of a sudden it became even worse. But still you want a dirtbag like Biden at the helm..oh, did I say that out loud. Oops...

  • Judi L Duffy

    01/25/2020 11:30 PM

    I personally am honored that the new Space Force logo looks like a Star Trek IDIC -- Roddenberry's creation foretold a whole new world view of the future, and this logo is worthy to be part of President Trump's new branch of the military!

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    01/25/2020 10:37 PM

    I would like dems to take over the "corn fields" and get that vegetable out of my gasoline! But my question is: Do we ever get the monies we give these countries back? why is it that our hard earned $$$ support the world?

  • Anne Amato

    01/25/2020 10:34 PM

    Dear Governor, NOT FOR PUBLICATION --JUST FYI......
    The Space Force--was priviledged to watch a grandchild graduate from USAF officer's training...a speaker was one of the higher echelon officers of the new Space Force. The class definitely had some in it that want to be in that division.

    Thing that people do not understand: the mission of the USAF has been separated into two very different missions now; one being physical defense and the other is primarily cyber/space related. But also....there will be weapons (such as hightech laser--perhaps already in existence) and also extremely high altitude vehicles (already well developed and tested--think one earlier model was called S-37B) unmanned, but able to move in ANY direction or orbit pattern....(unlike satellites in fixed orbit.)

    So....people making fun of the Space Force need to understand that it had to be created due ro the large differences in "mission statement" objectives between the USAF and cyber-space science.
    It is not some "pie in the sky" Star Trek vision of the has very realistic plans and definitive goals.

  • Laura Hoffman

    01/25/2020 10:23 PM

    Obviously Barr and Rudy are getting very close to outing the Dems and their corruption or they wouldn't be so frenzied in their impeachment debacle. I hope that Karma pays a visit to these idiots very, very soon.

  • Jim Hendricks

    01/25/2020 10:19 PM

    The House Democrat
    Impeachment SQUAD, is Showing America just How Partisan and Stupid, They Really Are !

  • Gary Stilwell

    01/25/2020 09:33 PM

    I think after today, my comments on the "House" impeachment "committees" have been vindicated. The President's legal staff advanced just the same thrust--that being "the "House" has the sole power of impeachment--not a committee, not two committees, and not if it's raining in Sidney at 3P.M. on a Saturday.
    The Constitution says "the House will chuse their Speaker and have the sole power of impeachment"-this is a compound statement--the same method used to "chuse" the Speaker is the same method to institute impeachment--that means the FULL House--
    The attorneys rightly stated this did not occur, therefore the executive Branch was under no obligation to provide docs, or participate in the "subcommitee's closed door hearings. That(or those) subcommittees were not "authorized" by the full House.
    My Representative had no vote to either support or object to these committees.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/25/2020 08:14 PM

    Great Letter today It is with much Joy reading it I watched the Trial this morning what relief to be able to listen and follow the script. Everything had written fact behind the findings, something found that the Left just happened to overlook very key elements that make the Left's case a complete sham and a farce and it only took a couple of hours. I am hopeful the RINOS were listening even they have to say case closed. Lets get back to work.

  • Floyd A Unger

    01/25/2020 08:10 PM

    Excellent as always. Thank you

  • Mike Scoggins

    01/25/2020 08:07 PM

    Mike I searched the news today (Saturday) and heard or saw nothing on TV regarding the Republicans rebuttal to all things democrat. It even on Fox. Out of curiosity, why didn’t the republicans give the Dems the weekend slot to ramble on regarding g the impeachment process? If the republicans control the senate why don’t they act like it. Extrememly frustrating !

  • Adrian Rehak

    01/25/2020 07:59 PM

    Who does the math for the Washington Examiner? 41/7 is barely less than 6 times Obama's low rating, not 4 times. That is a BIG difference!