March 11, 2020

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  • Kathy Smith bf

    03/12/2020 10:46 PM

    I still believe in our President & am voting for him.

  • Amelia Little

    03/11/2020 06:36 PM

    A fresh breath of common sense!!! I notice she enumerates what the President is doing, the people he has gathered in the task force. Which, of course, the left one minute says he doesn't have scientists on board--the next minute it's--well, not the RIGHT scientists!! I saw just the other day where pelosi could only say well, he doesn't know what he's doing (explain?) and, their fall-back statement--he's LYING. Now, he very well may be---but how do I know if they can't tell me exactly what they say he's lying about. Specifics--date, time, maybe a video or something. Seems they never come up with specifics. I, for one (and, quite frankly a majority of my fb friends--we're all of the medical field) agree that it's all being crazily blown out of porportion---well before there was any information. And, of course, to date, the numbers of people, especially in the US who have been PROVEN to actually test positive, and the number of deaths is no where near H1N1 was, and no where near the rates of infections and deaths of the various "common" flues every. single. year. Of course, we'd like for all those numbers to be zero, but none of it needs to be dramatized, politicized.

    Dear ocasio, bless her heart. She's among those who scream racist because it's called the Wuhan flu--maybe she hasn't looked at any information about the the names of other diseases that bear the name of people, or a country, etc. Perhaps she might take note that THE MEDIA and that would include msm--are the ones who first extensively called it Wuhan flu. That being said, she had no data to back up her whine about people not eating in Asian cuisine would wonder if she says that because she and her friends don't eat there?

  • Leslie Christians

    03/11/2020 06:19 PM

    We already have a dangerous president in office. He is a draft dodging, narcissistic little boy bully in a mans body. Please tell me who calls themselves a stable genius? Who brags about grabbing a women's private parts. Who says he knows more than all the generals. Who says he understands viral diseases as well as he does and in the process amazing the medical professionals. If Jesus was alive he would condemn him as he did the tax collectors. Sarah, you supported a habitual liar.

  • Teri McCoy

    03/11/2020 05:48 PM

    They don’t expect him to serve! It’s a ruse ! They will place a very strategic VP to step in and voila, they take control of the swamp again! Hillary?Michelle?