October 3, 2019

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  • Ruth Holland

    10/03/2019 02:58 PM

    I'm really tired of this I'm really tired and try to forces a coup which is against the law Treasonous act against our seated president Can you put these people who are trying to take over America with socialism and communism Who are trying to enslave the American people What about when the vice president withhold him that they would withhold money if they didn't get rid of that prosecutor that was investigating the criminal and corrupt actions of Biden son

  • Susan Furnish

    10/03/2019 02:36 PM

    Schiff has a bad case of : the spirit of SUSPICION - PARANOIA - VINDICTIVENESS - & possible JEALOUSY. When I watched the hearing that was on Sept. 26, interviewing McGuire, Schiff's 'questions', (if u want to call them that) were extremely leading, very bias with his own view & desire of what The President meant, & he was obviously trying to talk McGuire into believing the angle of what Schiff was saying. Just like they did Mueller, only for a different reason. The dems did that with Mueller, because Mueller didn't know even half of what he was supposed to know, & wasn't even remembering much; they used leading 'questions' so all Mueller had to say was YES or NO........Schiff is very full of himself. He thinks he's smarter than anybody else. Signs of tremendous insecurity.

  • Regena Brown

    10/03/2019 02:13 PM

    Lets go after all the traitor Democrats starting with Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler, than throw in Maxine Waters, AOC, and Tlab . Time to take out the trash.