July 8, 2019

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  • Mary Reed

    07/08/2019 08:16 PM

    Listen to the people! We voted for Trump & we are behind him. Stop denying everything he wants to do! Leave question on census ballot! You need to stay out of everything the people voted for!

  • Heather Peterson

    07/08/2019 02:15 PM

    Yes! I've been concerned about Chief Justice Roberts since Obamacare, and in one of Hillary's emails released by Wikileaks, she was joking about using some sort of tactic to change the position of the Supreme Court "like we did before"!! ("Before" being, presumably, regarding Obamacare!) ?? No one is supposed to be "influencing" the Supreme Court! So how did they get to Roberts?

  • Carol Emden

    07/08/2019 01:28 PM

    Term/age limits should be law.

  • Anita Jordan

    07/08/2019 01:22 PM

    Roberts is infuriating and clearly on the Left LUNATIC'S side! He is McCain, Romney and Ryan in a robe!!!!!! And it is President Trump against the world!

  • Sheila Ann Davis

    07/08/2019 01:04 PM

    It seriously appears to me that Roberts is all in on the socialist view for our country... I still think that Scalia was murdered and I think more people than we realize were involved in his death and just for reasons like this...the globalist are doing their best to turn this world into one big socials program..keep fighting,

  • David L Pannell

    07/08/2019 12:54 PM

    Can we not recall this guy, I hear he is being blackmailed for molesting collies,

  • Rhonda Kessel

    07/08/2019 12:45 PM

    Please vote conservative which those values have made the USA GREAT. Your votes seem to be very liberal. Your votes have been very disappointing to the patriotic