September 19, 2019

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  • Joy Edvalson

    09/19/2019 07:47 PM

    I must say I am disgusted with these “me too” females. I hold my own with men, raised with 4 brothers and was only granddaughter out of 15! But all that NEVER made me feel inferior and need to downgrade their masculinity! I love ?? having men admire how I look, think, cook, write and behave as a female. I also like them to open the door, pull out the chair and be gentlemen. Please grow up women display your femininity and be strong as a female but stop the bashing!! It makes you weak and certainly undesirable for any leadership position.

  • T Fogle

    09/19/2019 06:04 PM

    Frat Boy culture? Are they serious? Bill and Hillary turned the WHITE HOUSE into a Frat House!!! How embarrassing. Who is judging whom by their skin color and their culture?