October 4, 2019

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  • Martha Meadows

    10/05/2019 09:02 AM

    Really can not believe that Juan Williams believes what spews out of his mouth. He is under the Fox salary and therefore states what they want him to say. See Pelosi is now having Schiff following her around...where is her other puppet, Chucky?

  • Karen McCumber

    10/04/2019 02:49 PM

    This is all just a planned scheme by democrats !
    nancy’s saw and read the transcript before she ever started this ! She knows there’s no crime ! And sadly she is so insane with hate that she doesn’t realize she’s killing her own party ! that’s a good thing !

  • Betty Brogdon

    10/04/2019 02:26 PM

    Either suspend the inquiry or put it on the floor for a vote. CONGRESS is supposed to hold the president accountable. Not Democrats! CONGRESS!