June 29, 2019

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  • Elle Smith Fagan

    06/29/2019 11:37 AM

    This "no borders" is only true in the spiritual sense - it would be suicide in any practical sense.

    MOST IMPORTANT is the premise - it's "off" - it is NOT migration, or Immigration, but INVASION - please step back and LOOK. When that many people storm the borders of a country , in teeming rage against that country, it's called invasion. I am rarely paranoid but it's hard to believe there is not some enemy of America PAYING these people to be so bad, "right AT us".

    But if you will realize that the border thing is INVASION and open the eyes, then: 1. their home country or any other source that is sending them pays bills that these people incur - it is NOT right for America to pay invaders to be invaded!

    EXAMPLE: if someone walks up to you and aims a gun at you with intent to harm you, but trips and hurts himself instead, would you be legally liable for paying his medical costs? NO!

    orrr.....IF your attacker incurs an injury being apprehended after injuring you, is it your bill to pay for his care, incarceration or what follows? NO! Of course not!

    In fact it's almost become an accomplice in a weird sado-masochistic scenario. IF you go that far, you both lose the supports of God and the Law! And that is the truth and common law since the Creation.

    Even when the Pope was shot - he forgave his attacker, but he did NOT pay for the attacker's apprehension, or incarceration, or any health costs that the attacker incurred.

    IF that issue had arisen, even then, even the Pope would NOT have been legally liable, although he might be spiritually moved to care for him, from holy compassion. But that's his

    I am redcross for over 40 years and more than once, my own life was at risk in responding to the well-being of others....but in this scenario I say NO NO NO.

    WHEN we admin emergency care to one who announces as an enemy, the bill goes to his sources. NOT our bill! And ONLY emergency care and return to his sources can be done, and the expense for that return is NOT NOT our bill either but the bill of those who sent him.

    These home countries must get , at least for the time being...LOUD AND CLEAR IN PREVENTING, AND EDUCATING these invaders. They need to know that such evil action makes them an enemy in both countries.

    One more thing: even Red Cross BILLS. If I , working for Red Cross, paid or volunteer, respond to you because you house just burned down this is what happens: I gather your ID, I issue vouchers for purchase of immediate needs for housing and goods if you have need.....HOWEVER you are conscience-bound to pay back ARC later on, when your money is accessible or your insurance pays you for your loss. ARC lets that slide at times, "Depending" but still even pro compassion workers MUST hold on to basic esteem rules or soon they'd be done.

    Think people and do not let the noise cloud the truth.