January 2, 2021

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  • Maris K Hodges

    01/07/2021 07:56 PM

    I am sad and sick beyond belief at what happened yesterday. However I have major statements. Looks to me like this was an Antifa riot. And, no, don't tell me that is bogus because anyone with any common sense would know that it is. Will anyone admit that? Second I am sick at the Republicans in Congress and their wimpiness (sp). What cowards they are. They let the riots go on and on this year all over the country and turned their heads like nothing was going on. They are a bunch of Rino's. It's called the swamp and the President could not clean the swamp --one it is so vast he would have been standing with just a very few by his side after the cleanse. Second these politicians are so into grabbing money they were not going to do anything about the swamp. Let's face it corruption is so vast there is no answer. Nothing was ever done to the Dems who's corruption was so great. I am wondering if death threats within the party were responsible for them sacrificing integrity for peace for themselves and their families. Now I stand behind President Trump but I have always been sickened by his attacks on people. That was despicable. I understand where he was coming from but it only brings him down to their level. Not good to wake up knowing that this country is going down under new leadership.