August 26, 2019

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  • terry davis

    08/27/2019 12:24 PM

    These people should not be given anything but pure necessities the harder the better,then the word would get back and thy would stop coming.a law needs passed to fine and punish them ,remove all children not with real parents,adopt them out.

  • Amelia Little

    08/27/2019 11:02 AM

    I wonder how many of the "leaders" of states actually talk to the citizens (legal citizens) of that state to see how THEY view this? This isn't the only issue where it appears the "leadership" has taken a stand without actually knowing how those they represent feel about the issue.

  • Carrie Driver

    08/26/2019 04:46 PM

    So glad our President is making progress on the immigration problem. I appreciate our Border Patrol members for all they do!