September 22, 2019

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  • Nancy D Willprecht

    09/28/2019 04:45 PM

    Thank you for pointing this out. Truth needs to be known.

  • filmore hennis

    09/28/2019 02:51 AM

    I enjoyed your video.

  • Del Vanderbeek

    09/25/2019 04:59 PM

    Great report, the New York Slime should be arrested of a crime for this kind of ignorance in reporting.

  • mark a satsky

    09/25/2019 09:58 AM

    Loved the video and truth.

  • Virginia Alexander

    09/24/2019 07:10 PM

    Thank you soooooo much!!! We would be in so much "hot water" if we didn't have your expertise.
    God Bless you!! Why don't you go for the Presidency ? We would vote for you! But until then, we will be voting for President Trump!!

  • Sue Dillard

    09/24/2019 06:39 PM

    I get so angry at the Dems hostile attempt to get rid of Trump, damage everything he tries to do, ruin reputations, etc.... And feel so helpless to do anything about it. How in the world did we get to the place that we have muslims in Congress? All of this stuff started during and after Obama.

  • Donna Beckstein

    09/24/2019 03:59 AM

    Great video!

  • Carol Suchlicki

    09/23/2019 10:08 PM

    You are always right on the mark. There’s no truth anymore. How sad.
    Every time I hear you speak, I realize where Sarah got her values!!!

  • Danny J and Susan K Allbritton

    09/23/2019 07:10 PM

    Well said.

  • Willard Michael

    09/23/2019 01:40 PM

    People will use any means to put out there message to destroy good people.
    Thanks for your mess and standing up for the truth! We love it, and enjoy your TV show.

  • teresa dickerson

    09/23/2019 09:18 AM

    I wish the dems would hurry up and get into those dug graves. They have gone to far and everyone should be arrested for treason. What they have done is treason, theft,etc They need to be physically removed from congress, the pentagon, the Whitehouse and Trump needs to get George SOROS AND HIS SONS OUT OF THE WAY. WE NEED THE WH CLEAN AND GET RID OF THE GUY OVER THE TREAUSRY DEPARTMENT. ANOTHER OBAMA AKA BARRY SOETORO FAN.

  • Anne Knowlton

    09/23/2019 09:00 AM

    Right on, Governor! Thank you for reporting the truth!

  • Judy Baker

    09/23/2019 08:57 AM

    Liked it! The truth is always found with Mike Huckabee.

  • Raymond Babcock

    09/23/2019 02:56 AM

    Do not disparge slime. Also i think it is incumbent on America to make unbreakable shovels.

  • Marcy Peterson

    09/23/2019 02:40 AM

    Stand forth there for in the liberty wherewith Christ has made you free and be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage. Gal 5:1

  • Shelley Jordan

    09/23/2019 01:41 AM

    Excellent description of reality. You are entertaining and I believe if the other side will listen to you they will understand the truth. So it is a matter of getting more viewers, listeners and readers.

    God Bless You & America!

  • Paysy Frazier

    09/23/2019 12:45 AM

    I knew there was a reason I quit reading the newspaper a few years back. I wasn't gullible enough to swallow this crap. They are all for it until the day (like me 2,) it falls at their own doorstep. THEN, they start wondering how these rags can get away with printing such garbage. Sorry, I pray for the families, but I don't lose any sleep over the People that write this stuff and still sleep at night.

  • Marianne Mulkey

    09/22/2019 10:49 PM

    You always tell it like it is. Thank you.

  • Maureen Parmenter

    09/22/2019 08:45 PM

    Excellent. I don't see a like button, though. Glad this is not on facebook, because I'm unable to watch any videos on facebook.

  • Earl S Parker

    09/22/2019 08:02 PM

    You are right on !

  • Suzanne Scott

    09/22/2019 07:34 PM

    Making these horrid accusations abt Kavanaugh is like saying Mother Teresa is a who

  • Tom Robertson

    09/22/2019 07:12 PM

    As usual governor.............a very good on..................

  • Catherine Zeien

    09/22/2019 06:58 PM

    Thanks Mike -- you know, if the dems and their buddies the msm would just get on with life and start actually working to make this country better, I would be surprised and shocked! Great message again!

  • Casey Eckert

    09/22/2019 06:43 PM

    This story about the media's incredible and unverified bias against Justice K is pure evil, through and through. I want to know what you can do, Governor, to steer us readers/citizens to let our outrage be heard? Just like you did for Chik-Fil-A, when you rallied Christians to support this fine restaurant in its time of a biased and reckless smear campaign, please include some sort of direction (who to call, write, etc.) so that OUR voices can be heard and not just those of the hateful left-leaning folks. Please help us!

  • Jack macdonald

    09/22/2019 05:53 PM

    If the Libs don't like most of our constitution and Obama called it a negative document why would they not want to move to Canada or elsewhere where socialism prevails? They don't believe in free speech or religion, they don't want free people to make a choice to own a gun to protect themselves or family. The reason the founders included those provisions is precisely because they feared that a group like the present day Libs would come along to take away these freedoms and sure enough its happening. These clowns are dangerous and need to be corralled before they do damage that cannot be undone. The constitution was designed to limit govt for God reason . The founders had seen tyrants operate close up. They never go away. The founders would be amazed at the election of people like Obama, Nader, et. Al.