September 11, 2019

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  • Amelia Little

    09/11/2019 04:02 PM

    I said some time ago--no one seemed to make a peep when cabinet members under other Presidents were let go or resigned. ho-hum. But, every single change in President Trump's cabinet is a sign of chaos, of his not knowing how to be a President and the list goes on.

    What I said the other day regarding Bolton is pretty much what Laura said (only she said it better)--EVERY President is allowed to name people to his cabinet who have the same mission as he does--and President Trump is no different. President Trump is doing what he was elected to do, and those who stand in the way should be replaced. Just as has been done since probably George Washington. There are several problems--skunks in the White House who are there to put gum in the works, and the fact that he knows how to run a business (which is what the US has needed and much of why he was elected) and isn't into playing good ol' boy political games. Like kissing the boots of world leaders who would like to see the USA sink, like others have done.

  • Kaye Baird

    09/11/2019 03:00 PM

    Many would say President Trump can't win for losing, truth is he can't lose for WINNING!!!!