March 10, 2020
- March 11, 2020

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  • Mark Johnson

    03/12/2020 09:30 PM

    I am a conservative however listening to her speak of all The candidates that have been in play for so long she is probably the most level headed of all of them

  • joseph vu

    03/11/2020 06:19 PM

    She's a real Democrat (meaning) and THE ONLY ONE I respect. But she doesn't have support from her party because Democrats today are so off track, really want to go to the far (bad) Left. Not good for the country. I consider she the one can compete with president Trump if she got nominated by Democrat.

  • Holly Hammons

    03/11/2020 04:25 PM

    Maybe she should become a republican. I am not a democrat, but she is the only democrat running who makes sense, there probably are issues, I don't agree on. but she was the only sensible one.

  • David West

    03/11/2020 03:17 PM

    Thank you for your service. What do you know about business? Trump is already doing what you suggest

  • Charlotte christensen

    03/11/2020 03:05 PM

    She is saying the same things Trump is doing! They may not exactly match her thought but in generality they are the same! She would have been the one I voted for had I been a democrat. I didn’t like her coming after Trump because I think the man has a great heart but if your approach is one that belittles him he will in turn do the same justice!
    He has America and the people number one and he’s still not done! Ganbard should feel lucky we have him in the Whitehouse instead of Hillary Clinton and Obama playing in the background. What I just said is why your not in the race!. You can’t be the will of the government like they are. trump is the will of the people!????

  • Suzanne Utts

    03/11/2020 02:50 PM

    She's right in every point she made. I believe the Demon rats are afraid of her.