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  • Harrison Bailey

    05/26/2020 10:46 AM


  • Rhonda Atkins

    05/25/2020 04:23 PM

    Video unavailable! Happening lots!

  • Jodie flanders

    05/25/2020 03:18 PM

    No common sense cuomo. Blood is on your hands. You are responsible for more deaths than covid itself from your idiotic decision making processes. How did you ever become a public servant??? Cheating?

  • Marilyn R Grainger

    05/24/2020 09:22 PM

    You are right on Greg. Plus we love your show and watch every week

  • Elaine Yerty

    05/24/2020 06:40 PM

    Cuomo is an evil murderer.

  • Laurie Caruso

    05/24/2020 06:24 PM

    Cuomo should be held accountable. It doesn't take a genius to realize that you don't put sick people in with the feeble and elderly.

  • Rebecca Arvin

    05/24/2020 04:37 PM

    I believe certain people took advantage of the situation so they could eliminate as many elderly as they could..I wish we knew the whole truth about this Corona thing.. Nothing has made sense , since the very beginning. Does our govt. know more than they are saying?

  • Shirley Good

    05/24/2020 04:30 PM

    Juan Williams is a total IDIOT!

  • Nancy Skiba

    05/24/2020 01:00 PM

    Cuomo is disgraceful for trying to shift the blame for ordering COVID-infected patients into those nursing homes. Cuomo's indifference and blame-shifting is outrageous. NY has handled this crisis poorly. Auctioning off emergency supplies which they were later begging for is just one example. Cuomo likes to hear himself talk. Unfortunately, his blaming and excuses don't cut it. He's a blowhard.

  • Marlene McMurtry

    05/24/2020 10:52 AM

    The video is restricted. I bet Cuomo had it took down.

  • Felicia Brown

    05/24/2020 09:53 AM

    I'd sue that pos, so called govenor. ???? Every family ought to sue the crap out of him. Sad excuse for a human being.

  • Tena M Shelton

    05/23/2020 06:49 PM

    My ex BIL had a durable power of attorney for his neighbor (Ty Evans had poa for Ronald Thompson. Parkersburg, WV) All of Mr, Thompson's money was spent. He died in a nursing home alone and penniless! Just not right! Evans should have gone to jail! So sad!!!Mr Evans is fine and living free and easy in Columbus OH.

  • Joanne Hailey

    05/23/2020 03:58 PM

    It is unbelievable that people in public office have difficulty understand written directives to make sensible decisions. Unless......the purpose was to expose the elderly to the virus and empty the nursing homes and lay claim to reimbursement for the death by virus.

  • Carol McNeely

    05/23/2020 03:42 PM

    Cuomo needs to be charged for every death in all the New York nursing homes.

  • Cheryl Mandelman

    05/23/2020 01:58 PM

    This is all on Cuomo. He did this to the elderly and he needs to stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility. This is total negligence and he cannot run or cover up any more. I know firsthand about the nursing homes and deaths and it is disgraceful. These elderly people had families that loved them and only wanted the best care for them but Cuomo gave orders that knew would kill them. We had the resources and he did not use them. Shame on Cuomo for not taking care of the elderly.

  • Michael Giannott

    05/23/2020 01:40 PM

    Cuomo needs to be arrested. Their blood on his hands.

  • Holly Rubino

    05/23/2020 01:10 PM

    Ohhh how Greg is spot on!!! My heart breaks for the elderly who are in care facilities. I lost my Mom in December (thank God). She didn't have to live through this horror. I was at the facility every day, sometimes staying the night, to be sure that she was cared for in a loving and humane way. It was such a stressful time. I don't know how families have stayed out of these facilities. I, for one, likely would have been in jail. A time like this, people at the end of their lives need their loved ones near. Greg is spot on to say that our elderly have put into closets and forgotten. Its heartbreaking.

  • Mary F Knock

    05/23/2020 01:09 PM

    It really think the governors who forced nursing homes to take coved19 patience knew fully well that this would increase the death numbers from coved19. This seems to be their intent. More deaths caused more fear. The more you can feed the fear in the masses the more they can be controlled. This is important when trying to force the US into global socialism.

  • Derek Storck

    05/23/2020 12:55 PM

    Here is the thing I would like to add...at the same EXACT time that Cuomo is telling the world that Trump didn't provide enough resources to New York he is telling nursing homes he isn't responsible to to help them figure out how to deal with his executive order requiring them to intake sick Covid patients...& might I also add that action was delibreate...was it motivated by trying to increase the death toll???...Was it always a plan to see how long "lock down" could be imposed & was this part of that plan??? & why does it appear that only Democrat govenors made these horrible choices???...I mean I am all for hearing about Hydroxycloriquinine or whatever it's called debate both sides...but if these executive orders discriminated against vunerable Americans I'm sorry but Geraldo it is a disgusting thought that so many Americans have either been fed such a rank deit of Fake bullshit that they think the news is that Cuomo should be POTUS...or they are okay with death panels...AG Barr needs to appoint another US attorney to investigate these as potential criminal offenses under federal law...Andrew Cuomo had no authority to do what he did...b/c it is unconstitutional...b/c he's not requiring the same level of commitment from the states own correction centers

  • Julie Wall

    05/23/2020 12:40 PM

    Go Greg!

  • Patty Schardin

    05/23/2020 11:52 AM

    The saddest commentary...so so sickening...Our elderly deserve far better in their last years on earth....

  • Joan Aloisio

    05/23/2020 11:38 AM

    Greg Gutfield is right about Cuomo, those people didn't have to go into nursing homes. The ship Comfort was right there almost empty. We were all watching TV and saw the entire episode unfold, Cuomo is either a very stupid man or he had ulterior motives. If I lived in New York, I would want to move. the other governors who are guilty are Murphy and Wolf. They should all be voted out of office. People from these states should start thinking about moving south.

  • Craig H Koonce

    05/23/2020 11:29 AM

    I own a nursing home in Iowa shut Rivera up. We have a Republican Governor and she would and did not order us to take covid patients. We have had zero cases in my facility. My staff if feeling ill have stated home. We love our residents and will do anything in our power to keep them safe. Don't lump all Nursing Homes into over crowded, just there for the entitlement money. Rivera is miss informed.