November 9, 2018

Response to CNN claim that Sarah tweeted a "doctored" video of Acosta

A detailed response from Buzzfeed News:

In case you want to read more about Broward County vote system integrity.

Forgotten ballot boxes 

When I wrote a few days ago that we wouldn’t know the final results of close elections until the Democrats had finished pulling all the “forgotten” ballot boxes out of car trunks, did you really think I was joking?  It should be obvious to everyone by now that in any really close race, when the votes are counted and recounted, in defiance of all laws of probability, the Democrats always seem to gain votes and pull ahead. It’s like tossing a coin 100 times and having it land upright on its edge 100 times. 

In Arizona, where the vote count is still going on, liberal Trojan horse Kyrsten Sinema has now inched ahead of heroic military pilot Martha McSally in the Senate race, despite repeated exposes of her badmouthing her own state as a “meth lab of democracy,” deriding the intelligence of Arizonans and her campaign workers admitting she was lying about not being a far-left “progressive” so she could get elected. The big surprise here isn’t that she is edging ahead in the long count but that the vote was close at all.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has taken back his concession speech (I’m getting Al Gore deja vu in multiple ways), as the vote count inexplicably drags on. In liberal Broward County, the number of ballots reported cast keeps changing. There are anecdotal reports of boxes of votes being left unattended for days, illegally transported in rented vans without required supervision, etc. You know, the usual shenanigans (Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes has previously been accused of incompetence and violating laws regarding the handling and counting of ballots.)

Marco Rubio and other top Republicans are concerned that Democrats are trying to pull slow-motion theft of major seats (Rubio notes that Bay County managed to finish its vote count on time despite recently being hit by a category 4 hurricane), and they’re moving quickly to counter it.

Republican Florida Senate candidate Rick Scott filed lawsuits late Thursday against the top election officials in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. GOP leaders assert the Democrats are sending planeloads of lawyers into these states to try to use lawsuits, ballot manipulation and selective “recounts” to pull out reversals for losing Democrats by throwing out Republican votes and creating Democratic votes. My favorite phony-baloney complaint is that Democratic Senate votes were suppressed because the Senate race fell on the bottom of the ballot, making it harder for find. What, are all Florida Democrats still suffering eyestrain from staring at ballots in 2000 and trying to divine whether a pristine chad was slightly bent for Al Gore? Here’s a lot more detail, if you have the stomach for it:

And it’s happening in Georgia, too:

In the meantime, if you feel as if your head is going to explode if you have to deal with any more political chicanery, here’s something completely different: a dig into the mystery of the real source of a famous quote that I have a feeling you’re going to be hearing a lot in the next few weeks:


For the record

CNN seems to be confused as to the difference between being a White House reporter and being one of those nuts who stands on a soapbox in the park, haranguing passersby with his crackpot opinions.  For their edification: the nut on the soapbox has a Constitutional right to say anything he wants in the public square.  The White House reporter is enjoying the privilege of being allowed into the White House to ask questions of the President.  In fact, it’s a highly-privileged position, one that goes (or should) only to the most respected and professional journalists, not to nuts who like to climb up on soap boxes.


Jim Acosta has been ranting from atop a carton of Lifebouy for quite a while now, and refusing to "check his privilege," but he finally piled on the last straw Wednesday when he once again tried to turn a Presidential Press Conference into a hostile debate.  Again, to explain to CNN: as a credentialed member of the White House Press Corps, he is privileged to be able to ask tough questions of the President.  That doesn’t extend to making political speeches, continually interrupting the President and trying to argue with him, asking the same badgering question over and over to try to force the answer he wants, refusing to stop talking after the next person has the floor, and especially, as he learned Wednesday, using his arm to physically block a young female White House intern from taking the microphone.  Here’s that maneuver in slo-mo, for those who keep insisting it didn’t happen.


It’s already earned Acosta the Internet nickname of “Jim Acost-her.”


He may think he’s a hero of journalism because “He persisted,” but to the rest of us, he looked like he just persisted in making a jackass of himself until he finally got what he deserved: he was removed by the Secret Service and made to hand over his “hard pass” credentials to enter the White House while he is indefinitely suspended. 


Naturally, Acosta claims this is “un-American” (show of hands: how many other Americans can come into the White House, argue with the President, physically accost a young female intern, and not get thrown out?  Anybody?  Anybody at all?)  Of course, CNN self-righteously declared that they are “standing behind” Acosta (which is safer than standing in front of him, I guess), and calling on other Press Corps members to boycott Trump pressers in protest.  Good luck!  I’m sure it’ll break Trump’s heart if MSNBC and the New York Times don’t show up. 


Naturally, CNN is painting this as an assault on the public’s right to know and an attempt by Trump to avoid questions.  For the record, in that one press conference alone, Trump stood for an hour and a half and answered 68 questions from 35 reporters (over 100 questions if you count follow-ups.)  Did Obama answer that many questions during his entire eight years?   


In fact, CNN is perfectly welcome to send any other reporters to ask any tough questions they want, as long as they do it with a modicum of professionalism.  Journalism will not die if one grandstanding jerk who doesn’t know how to behave in public gets kicked out.  And for the record, “freedom of the press” doesn’t mean you have the freedom to press female White House interns, no matter what Bill Clinton made you think.


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