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  • Gilbert C SAWYER

    07/26/2019 02:18 AM

    On Democrats! Mr. Kaine and Mr. Warner----IDIOT'S the lot of you! Ray Charles cloud have seen all of this twenty months ago. From his 'BLIND DEAD GRAVE'. Just how much 'MONEY' are 'WE THE PEOPLE' going to spend on this? Washington has a dangerous spending addiction and the largest driver of that spending is 'ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS'. I for 'ONE' believe that we can no longer keep kicking the can down the road hoping the problem goes away. Where is the American Leadership that 'WE' have Voted for? 'WE' must reform and exercise 'OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT' and for once and all 'VOTE' all of these 'SUPPORTERS of all of the ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS' out of office.

  • Gilbert C SAWYER

    07/26/2019 02:17 AM

    "Some people make their own 'HELL'."

  • Pam Onuszkanycz

    07/25/2019 10:16 AM

    The whole hearing was a joke. Dems didn't get anything they wanted.

  • Marlene Kemble

    07/25/2019 08:30 AM

    Thank God we still have men that see through this charade!