February 11, 2020

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  • Alice Smedstad

    02/11/2020 01:02 PM

    MAGA 2020

  • Leah Rugebregt

    02/11/2020 12:59 PM

    I'm writing to you in hopes that you will be able to answer my question about where we can find out information to debunk the lefts narrative about pre-existing conditions specifically. Trump says he is going to not take away the pre existing conditions but the democrats are saying that that isn't true. And I cannot find anything to prove to them that he is doing as he says about this. I just want to be able to give them the correct information. The media has completely destroyed themselves in this respect because they are supposed to give us the facts and they are not. So thank you in advance for answering my question.

  • Shelley Hartmann

    02/11/2020 12:35 PM

    When will the deep state be purged, jailed and dealt with When will the shadow government set up by Obama be purged and when will all of the organizers including Brennan, Clapper, Strozk, Rice, Page, Comey, McCabe et al When will all of these losers be jailed for treason,